After an Infinite Flow Player Retires Chapter 56

   The sharp edge of the blade pierced the sky, and the soft insects fell down like a heavy rain.

    The giant worm fell apart, and the whole world seemed to wriggle and collapse with it.

    BLAST’s expression still freezes on the previous stunned mouth. He stupidly watched the young youth leaping from the air in front of him, standing firmly in front of his eyes, as if he hadn’t been relieved from such a huge amount of information.

    The slender Qingyoung patted the broken corpse of the insect on his cuff lightly, and the huge crescent-like sickle in his hand turned into light and disappeared.

    Ye Jia walked to the sluggish BLAST, and kindly stretched out his hand and shook in front of the opponent’s eyes:

    “Hey, I ‘m back.”

    BLAST’s eyes moved stiffly, focusing on the young man in front of him one by one. On his body, he seemed to suddenly pull away from the empty state of his brain, stepped back a few steps, tremblingly, pointing at Ye Jia: “You, you, you”! ! ! ! ! ! “

    Ye Jia: “…”

    He was startled by the opponent’s violent movements, and then stretched out his hand with a headache and squeezed the bridge of his nose: “No way, haven’t you accepted the facts for so long?” “

    BLAST as if burned to the tail of the cat jumped up and shouted in disbelief:

    ” – you think you have just spent a long time yet? “

    That horrible bug just didn’t have the power to fight back at all, okay!

    Just after the words were spoken, BLAST realized that he had praised the opponent unconsciously. He shook his head vigorously, as if he wanted to take something out of his mind. As if dangling out:

    “No! “

    He took a deep breath, then asked in a tone of disbelief:” So …… you, ACE? “

    Ye Jia had no expression on his face: “…Are you just reacting now?”

    BLAST: “…”

    I feel like you despise my IQ.

    “Of course not!” He jumped like a pain point: “I, I just can’t believe it!”

    Suddenly, BLAST took a breath: “So, you’ve been acting us from the beginning?”

    From the supernatural The bureau put out the yin fire, to the set of lies made up in the conference room, and then to the hostage performance when he first entered the ghost mythical creature, which deceived everyone, and no one doubted him. ! ! !

    BLAST’s eyes widened, and he looked at Ye Jia with horror and thought:

    “You, you fucking…”

    ——The harmless look on his face was actually performed? ! !

    What a fucking horrible man! ! ! !

    The red-haired young man in front of him seemed to be aware of something. He stared at him, his handsome face was pale and pale, and he looked full of horror, as if he had seen some scourge.

    Ye Jia: “…”

    He didn’t really want to know what weird things were thinking in the other party’s mind.

    “Cough cough, yes,” BLAST took a slow and deep breath, and then said with some lack of momentum:

    “I, I want you to rematch!”

    Ye Jia calmly pointed behind him: “Here? “

    Since the huge bug began to shatter, the whole world began to fall apart, buildings fell, the ground collapsed, and everything turned into crazily squirming small swarms of insects, mixed together colorfully, like a giant Whirlpool slough.

    BLAST seemed to notice the swarms of insects around him, his face turned white, and the arrogance that had been arrogant just extinguished:

    “…You can go out.”

    Ye Jia glanced at him with a smile.

    He raised the omniscient eye to his eyes, and somewhere not far away there was a door in the shape of a light.

    Leaf Buddha will put away small stones, pointed in that direction: “Go.”

    Stature youth vigorous light, it suddenly jumped out of a few meters, do not throw in the rear of the BLAST shake down, rushed to keep up with:

    “Hey Wait for me!”

    Soon, two people came near the door.

    BLAST looked unlovable. Along the way, I didn’t know how many small bugs were trampled on under his feet. The sticky and soft touch can still be felt even when wearing shoes. It gave him 100,000 points of soul for this bug-fearing person. Crit.

    There is no harm without comparison.

    Looking at it this way, the Gu worms raised by Chen Qingye are not so disgusting…

    Ye Jia suddenly stopped, turned his head to look at BLAST, and said casually:

    “Oh, by the way, don’t say anything after you go out.”

    BLAST : “!”

    This bad man is still ready to lie!

    He bluffed and said: “Why, why should I promise you! What can you do with me!”

    Ye Jia said blankly: “Then I will leave you here.”

    BLAST: “…”

    He turned his head and looked at it. The world of bugs behind his eyes, his expression was slightly distorted.

    you are vicious!

    He gritted his teeth and said: “…If you don’t tell, don’t tell.”

    Ye Jia curled up his lips, raising a sincere and harmless smile: “What about our former enemies?”

    BLAST slowly took a deep breath and held back. Submissively:

    “You, you can be regarded as saving my life this time, so it was written off.”

    Ye Jia smiled slightly: “Good.”

    BLAST wanted to cry without tears.

    That Chen Qingye is definitely lying, ACE is a good person? ! How could he be a good person? !

    The standard villain of evil taste is right! ! !

    Ye Jia stretched out his hand to open the door and walked out with BLAST.

    The door slammed shut behind him, and he found himself standing in the dark green hall again.

    Ye Jia turned his head and found that the door frame and BLAST had disappeared.

    He raised the omniscient eye and quickly scanned the hall-one of the places in front of the banquet table was empty, the shadowy black shadow had disappeared, and the black hair that was connected afterwards became dry. When I got up, it seemed to be stuck dry on the floor and wall like straws, and the other places were the same as before.

    It seems that BLAST should have already left.

    After confirming that this was effective, Ye Jia hooked his lips and walked towards the door behind the second chair.

    As soon as he opened the door, he suddenly thought he was back in the game.

    This is obviously a copy of punishment in the game.

    Broken limbs, blood, monsters.

    The sky was stained with blood to an unknown red, and the ground was piled up like a mountain of corpses. The original appearance was almost invisible. The distorted and pale face, and the gray and turbid eyes fixedly looked towards the sky.

    The sound of fighting came from a distance.

    The roar of monsters, the clang of weapons, the deafening gunfire, all mixed together, it is really a nauseating familiarity.

    Ye Jia narrowed his eyes slightly and walked in the direction where the sound came from.

    I saw that in the center of the blood-stained world, a whole team launched a frantic attack on one person. Each of them had pale faces and terrible expressions, and they were all accompanied by terrible fatal injuries: “It’s all you! If not you How are we going to die!”

    Wu Su resisted their attack with difficulty, but was clearly at a disadvantage and retreated steadily under their offensive.

    Although he was bruised and bruised, he still cursed in full anger:

    “Fart! You are inferior to others! Why do you blame Laozi!”

    At this moment, a lazy, clear voice came from the depths of the battlefield:

    “Really? “

    Ye Buddha:”? …… “

    and so on, feel how the sound so familiar?

    Everyone on the field stopped the offensive in an instant, and then slowly stepped aside, and a figure walked out of the darkness.

    Wu Su gasped, and when he saw the incoming person, his eyes widened in astonishment: “!”

    Ye Jia also widened his eyes: “??!!!” The

    hooded young man walked away unhurriedly. Coming behind the group of corpses, the facial features are hidden under the shadow, only a smile on the lips is clearly visible, mocking and thin:

    “Then let me see what level you are, waste.”

    Ye Jia: “… “

    This is slander! I have never said such a thing!

    The phantom of a huge sickle appeared in the young man’s hand, and then he attacked Wu Su mercilessly. Wu Su was obviously powerless and retreated. He gritted his teeth: “…I am not a waste!”

    His eyes flashed. After an almost crazy look, he stretched out his hand and took out a bullet with a bloody mark from his pocket, and pressed it into the barrel with a “click” during the evasion interval.

    Just as Wu Su was about to raise his gun–

    He felt a heavy blow in the back of his head, precise and merciless.

    The man’s eyes went dark and fell softly.

    A pair of pale and slender hands held him firmly behind him.

    Wearing a hood and holding a scythe, the ACE stopped the momentum of the attack, fixedly watching the youth who suddenly appeared in front of him, as if thinking about something.

    Ye Jia lowered his eyes and flattened Wu Su who had passed out on the ground.

    Then, he straightened up, raised his eyes and looked at the opposite “self”.

    The two young men stood face to face on the wasteland full of severed limbs and blood. They were similar in shape and dressed differently. One was holding a sickle and the other was bare-handed.

    A phantom of a weapon appeared in Ye Jia’s palm, and then, a crescent sickle identical to the opponent appeared in his hand.

    He got about the neck, a pair of light-colored eyes lit with bits and pieces of ice-cold smile, a touch of the same cynical Chunpan raised arc:

    . “Let me see to what extent you can imitate it,”

    Weaponry intersection The sonorous sound reverberated on the blood-colored plain, the sharp blade cut through the air, and the cold light intertwined into a fine, dense net.

    Ye Jia’s eyes reflected the cold glow of the blade, and the corners of her lips rose slightly, with a heart-palpitating cruel killing intent, and her eyebrows were full of blood accustomed to killing.

    The next second, the blades collided.

    Hearing a crisp sound, the crescent sickle in his hand drew a perfect arc-shaped cutting line, splitting the sickle and body in the hands of the opposite youth at the same time.

    “ACE” let out a miserable scream, his body distorted, making a “sizzling” sound, disappearing in front of his eyes like a flower in a moon mirror in the water.

    Ye Jia lowered his eyes faintly, staring at the place where the opponent disappeared, with a calm and indifferent expression:

    “…clumsy counterfeit.”

    After clearing the monsters and players in the entire wasteland, he picked up Wu Su, who was still unconscious, and walked in the direction of the gate.

    As last time, as soon as he stepped out of the door, Wu Su on his shoulder and the door behind him disappeared at the same time.

    Another chair became vacant.

    Ye Jia looked at the female ghost sitting in the first place through the omniscient eye.

    She seemed to feel that someone was interfering with her plan. Although she still kept her head down and her pale limbs relaxed and drooping, the skin on her body was agitating, as if something was struggling to come out. .

    Ye Jia rubbed her fingertips lightly.

    Although it really seemed to be hands-on, but…

    he sighed, with some regret, retracted the Eye of All-Knowing, and walked towards the next door.

    Ye Jia hadn’t thought of the things in the third door.

    To be precise, there is nothing inside.

    The darkness of silence is like an eternal night that can never break. There is no sky, no earth, but nothingness without light.

    It was too quiet, so quiet that Ye Jia could almost hear the sound of his own breathing and heartbeat.

    He looked out along the hole of the All-Knowing Eye, and saw a small spot of light shining somewhere in the distance.

    It should be there.

    After not knowing how long he walked, Ye Jia suddenly realized that the darkness around him was gradually taking shape, slowly changing into the shape of streets and buildings.

    Post office, restaurant, school…

    An empty town is gradually taking shape.

    The streets are full of traces of destruction, like an architectural model being destroyed and destroyed from the outside.

    Although there is still no light and sound, with Ye Jia’s ability to see things in the dark that he has trained in games for so many years, it is completely possible to find a way.

    Following the signs of destruction, he turned left and right along the street, and finally stopped in front of one of the buildings.

    This is a residential building.

    All the colors are drawn away from the building, and the darkness and gray-white freeze the school on a nearly two-dimensional plane, like an abstract painting stripped of life and time.

    Ye Jia raised his head and looked into the window on one of the floors.

    Behind every door is what someone fears most, and what is behind this door seems to be self-evident.


    Ye Jia retracted his gaze and walked inward.

    In a dark room.

    The little boy curled up in the corner, with a big black-framed glasses hanging on his face. The thick lenses covered half of his pale face. There was nothing on his thin, palm-sized face. The extra expression seemed to be malnourished, wearing old clothes that didn’t fit, and his head hanging slightly.

    A centipede lay quietly beside him, and was held tightly in his arms by the little boy.

    It also seems to be many times smaller than the outside world, and it is not as terrifying as it was at the beginning. From its tail, an almost petrified gray spread upwards, seeming to be taking its life and color.

    Chen Qingye quietly put Ah Chang’s head on his knees, kissing its shell with his lips from time to time, touching its head over and over again.

    Ah Chang raised his tentacles weakly in response.

    However, nothing can change the fact that it is becoming weak.

    He didn’t cry or talk, just hugged his centipede quietly, curled up in the corner, waiting for it to die.

    At this moment, Chen Qingye suddenly caught a voice different from silence.

    It seems that the sound of footsteps from far and near is walking in this direction.

    Step by step, the knock on the ground was very light, but the sound seemed to be stomping heavily in his heart.

    Chen Qingye raised his head vigilantly, looking in the direction from which the sound came, and clenched the knife that he had taken from the kitchen for self-defense in his small hand.

    A Chang moved his body and wanted to fight, but Chen Qingye pushed him back into his arms again:

    “Hush.” ​​In the

    darkness, the young slender figure appeared.

    Ye Jia opened the door and watched with some surprise as the small figure attacked the moment he walked in, with a sharp knife in his hand, shining with cold light in the dark.

    He grabbed the opponent’s wrist quickly and lifted the little boy from the ground.

    “Dang Cang”, the knife fell from his hand to the ground.

    Chen Qingye pressed his pale lips tightly, and his expression was blocked by thick spectacles. He didn’t say a word, but attacked the opponent extremely fiercely. Although his fists were small, he was full of strength.

    Ye Jia had to squeeze the opponent’s body tightly and said, “Hey! It’s me!”

    Chen Qingye couldn’t make a move, so he had to give up.

    He squinted his eyes and looked at the youth before him cautiously and hostilely.

    Ye Jia sighed: “What’s the matter with you?”

    He said: “I let you go, you don’t want to do it anymore, how about it?”

    Chen Qingye glanced at him fixedly and nodded.

    Ye Jia slowly loosened his shackles on Chen Qingye.

    But at the moment of releasing, the opponent immediately bent over and picked up the knife on the ground, and attacked him again.

    Ye Jia: “…”

    It’s pretty good.

    This is indeed the mentality that senior players should have. They will never give any trust. They would rather kill by mistake than let it go. Everything is based on their own safety.

    But… at least the opponent is a child, and his strength is greatly weakened.

    This is good for him.

    If the soft one doesn’t work, come the hard one.

    With a thought, Ye Jia stretched out his hand to pull the sheet on the side of the bed, tore it into strips, and tied up the child in front of him firmly. By the way, he also sealed his mouth, and then skillfully carried him on his shoulders, ready to carry He walked out.

    The little boy on his shoulders struggled and let out a miserable whimper. The voice was particularly tragic, and it sounded like howling.

    Ye Jia was taken aback.

    He paused slightly and sighed slowly.


    Ye Jia tore off the cloth strip tied to Chen Qingye’s mouth and asked, “What’s the matter?”

    Big tears rolled down from his little face, dampening Ye Jia’s shoulders. His glasses were full of mist. He stared at the dying centipede in the corner with his wet eyes, and said, “Ah, Ah Chang.”

    ——He was not protecting himself from the beginning, but protecting him . His baby centipede.

    Ye Jia sighed again.

    He wiped Chen Qingye’s face with his sleeve, and said, “This ghost can let you experience your deepest and heaviest fear.”

    Ye Jia pointed to the petrified Chang behind and asked:

    “It looks like this now. , Are you afraid?”

    Chen Qingye is also an experienced player after all, so he immediately understood the meaning of the other party’s words.

    With a dumb throat, he slowly said, “You mean, it’s fake?”

    Ye Jia: “Yes.”

    Chen Qingye glanced at Ah Chang and then at Ye Jia, as if he was hesitating to believe him.

    Ye Jia rubbed his hair vigorously and said, “You can’t believe me, what about…ACE?”

    Chen Qingye was taken aback, and looked at Ye Jia with those black eyes washed with tears: “…You are What do you mean?”

    Ye Jia curled his lips slightly, and asked with a chuckle:

    “You forgot how your little white came from?” In

    this world, apart from him, there is only one person who knows about Xiao Xiaobai. Origin and name.

    Chen Qingye stared at him blankly, and then, as if he realized something, then slowly rounded his eyes and opened his mouth slightly, looking at him in shock:

    “Wait, you, you…!”

    “… “

    Ye Buddha silently sighed.

    Since BLAST started, he really has to look at this expression.

    Chen Qingye was shocked and stammered: “So, that’s why, Ah Chang has a reaction from the first time he saw you!!”

    Ye Jia shrugged, “Gu worms are really very sensitive. “The creature.”

    Chen Qingye blinked and leaned his head on Ye Jia’s shoulder:

    “I believe you now, let’s go.” Now

    it was Ye Jia’s turn to be curious: “Why?”

    Chen Qingye borrowed Ye Jia supported her glasses on her shoulder, and said solemnly: “Because Li Gui can’t think of such a wonderful twists and turns, and completely reasonable plot, even I don’t know that you are ACE, it is even more impossible for her to do this. It’s an illusion, and what you’re scared of the most is indeed in line with common sense—this is indeed a situation that I fear very much.”

    He pursed his lips, a little embarrassed: “You, at least put me down first.”

    Ye Jia said “Oh” and removed Chen Qingye’s bondage, and then put him on the ground.

    “Go?” Ye Jia asked.

    Chen Qingye turned his head to look at Ah Cheng who was already petrified, and then cautiously grabbed Ye Jia’s hand and nodded heavily: “Yeah!” The

    two walked out of the residential building and walked into the darkness when they came.

    Chen Qingye’s face was a little red. He turned his head to look at Ye Jia and asked, “Then…what will I call you later?”

    Ye Jia: “It’s all right.”

    Chen Qingye pushed the big glasses on his face and asked hesitantly: “Can I call you Brother Ye?”

    Ye Jia: ” Okay .”

    He paused and said, “However, the honorific title is unnecessary.”

    Suddenly, Ye Jia seemed to think of something suddenly, and he lowered his head to look at Chen Qingye. With a sincere

    expression on his face, he said without changing his face: “Oh, by the way, only you know my current identity. Are you willing to keep it secret for me?”

    Wh, what?

    Is he the only one who knows the true identity of ACE? !

    What an honor it is! !

    Chen Qingye’s eyes widened flattered, his cheekbones flushed with excitement, and he nodded heavily:

    “When, of course, it’s okay! I won’t tell you who you are when I die!”

    Ye Jia: “Don’t Use honorifics.”

    Chen Qingye’s eyes were tearful: “Ye, Brother Ye.”

    “Yeah.” Ye Jia curled up the corners of his lips without feeling guilty and rubbed his hair: “Good.”

    After leaving the third door, Ye Jia stood in the dark green room again, he took a long sigh of relief, habitually picked up the All-Knowing Eye, and looked at the

    first place again-the first place was empty.

    Ye Jia was taken aback.

    In the next second, a strong wind came from a certain direction beside his ear, and Ye Jia instinctively flashed to the side.

    The cool breeze brushed his cheeks, and immediately there were several deep scratches on the wallpaper.

    Ye Jia used the omniscient eye to look at the place where she had stood before, and saw that the pale female ghost had stepped down to the first position somehow, her face was covered by long hair, but there were a few grunts on her skin. Lu’s huge rolling eyes are staring at him, her hair is still attached to the ground and the wall, but her fingertips extend out of long, sharp fingernails.

    She attacked Ye Jia again.

    The sickle appeared in Ye Jia’s hand, and only heard the sound of metal collision, and the sharp nails were blocked by Ye Jia’s sickle a few inches away.

    The female ghost’s fingers and arms were cut by the sharp cold of the sickle, and the dark red blood dripped down, and was instantly absorbed by the blade of the sickle.

    Ye Jia’s Adam’s apple moved.

    Deep in the light-colored eyes, a dark dark color flashed by.

    He can smell the seductive smell of the huge energy in the opponent’s body, and he can also feel it very clearly…Although the process may be more difficult, if he wants to, the opponent must be in his own bag— —As long as he pierced the opponent’s body with a blade, he could…

    —”Don’t.” The

    man’s voice was particularly clear in the whirring wind, and it reached his ears again.

    Ye Jia gritted her teeth, slammed hard to block the female ghost, and then avoided the next wave of attacks from the other side.

    He was gradually forced away from the fourth door.

    The female ghost pressed on every step, but Ye Jia only defended.

    This will not last long.

    In Yu Guangli, the fifth door was not far behind—that door Ye Jia was going to be the last one to go, but…

    now there seems to be no other way.

    Ye Jiaya bit his heart, he opened the last door, and the whole person fell inward.

    A familiar bloody air surrounded him.

    In a daze, he seemed to hear a man’s low laugh:


    The author has something to say: Ye Jia, a bad man who bullies adults and deceives children.

    Too bad, prepare to be even worse. jpg


    Click on the next chapter to see how to punish bad men.

After an Infinite Flow Player Retires

After an Infinite Flow Player Retires

Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Chinese
As a renowned fierce god in the infinite flow world, Ye Jia deliberately hid his strength after clearing it and found an idle job in the Logistics Department of the Paranormal Investigation and Management Bureau. He originally thought that he would be able to return to his salted fish life and live comfortably. But what Ye Jia didn’t expect was…… One day, he opened the fridge and was met with an evil spirit’s vicious head, “Boss, boss. Did you miss me…..” Ye Jia: “………” He slammed the door shut and fell into deep thought. Wasn’t there something wrong with this world? The TV behind him was broadcasting news: Recently there has been a surge in paranormal events and the number of missing persons has sharply increased. It is currently under investigation….. * With the infinite flow escape game unexpectedly collapsing, countless demons and ghosts trapped in it were released, bringing disaster to the world. Only Ye Jia who cleared the game knew the truth. All of these……..were old acquaintances……… Ye Jia: My life is too difficult. #I clearly just want to be an ordinary corporate s*ave# Finally, one day, he saw an unexpected monster. After two seconds of silence, Ye Jia greeted dryly: “…….You came out too. What a coincidence.” The man before him smiled and slowly approached him, “My boyfriend ran away from home. Of course, I should come out to catch him and bring him back.” Ye Jia: “……..” Who would have thought that, along with the global sensation of ghost doors opening in the mortal world, there was also….. His peach blossom debt. It can’t be, sir. This is also okay?


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