After an Infinite Flow Player Retires Chapter 46


    don’t know why, at the moment when the other party’s voice was spoken, Ye Jia felt a chill in his back.

    He lowered his head and glanced at Ji Xuan who was standing beside him.

    The boy raised his head and looked back at him.

    He leaned back with a pale little face, the corners of his lips were slightly curled, and a pair of scarlet eyes flashed with smiles, his expression was calm and well-behaved, as if he was just asking an ordinary question casually.

    Ye Jia: “??”

    Could it be that his intuition was wrong?

    . “Well, people used to know” Ye Buddha thought, continued: “it was only a few surface of the edge.”

    Then, he seemed to think of something, bowed his head and asked: “? How do you come”

    teenager with The cold fingers caught Ye Jia’s hand hanging beside him, and his voice was soft and dumb, and seemed a little aggrieved: “Can’t I come?”

    Ye Jia: “???”

    What’s the situation?

    Why does the topic develop in this weird direction?

    He even forgot to pull out his hand and made a single tone blankly: “…Huh?”

    Ji Xuan moved closer again without a trace, and inserted his fingers between the opponent’s fingers to make their palms fit. , Fingers interlocked:

    “Or… Brother, don’t you want to see me come?”

    Ye Jia: “…”

    What the hell?

    After successfully holding Ye Jia’s hand, the tumbling killing intent in Ji Xuan’s heart finally faded.

    Ji Xuan slowly squinted his eyes, and the dark and cold light gleamed deep in the scarlet eyes, as if the dark sky is about to come, and a warm smile passed over his lips.

    He raised his eyes and looked into the distance.

    …Is it a fate?

    The empty abandoned factory building was shrouded in a dark night.

    The heavy yin has not yet dissipated, making the empty and dark doors and windows look terrifying.

    There was a young girl standing in front of the factory building. She was petite, slender, with a sweet face. In contrast to the gloomy buildings that looked like huge monsters behind, there was an almost weird impact.

    She pursed her lips shyly, her cheeks were flushed, and her eyes were shining, as if she was pregnant with a spring girl, and she did not seem to be threatening at all.

    However, Wu Su who stood in front of her couldn’t help but his back was tight and his forehead was sweating.

    Of course he knows which big Buddha this is.

    ——MAID, fifteenth on the standings.

    Her fighting style is extremely brutal, and her favorite weapon is the chainsaw. The chainsaw requires high redemption points in the game mall, and the durability is also exceptionally low. It can be said that it is the most cost-effective weapon, but MAID But she is extremely enthusiastic about it. In her words: “A horror film without chainsaw and plasma is not a good horror film.” Many people speculate that the reason why she has been hovering around the 20th place in the standings is because she has put A large part of the points I earned was used to redeem weapons.

    Moreover, although MAID’s body is frozen in the girlhood by the game, her qualifications are even older than ACE.

    Although Wu Su knew that as soon as the ACE signature was released, there would be big players on the standings hearing the news.

    But the first person who appeared was actually MAID, which Wu Su really didn’t expect.

    Like ACE, she is also a very unique player, rarely teaming up with others, even if she is assigned to other teammates by the system in the dungeon, she will throw them away at the fastest speed and do it alone.

    Therefore, it is really difficult for Wu Su to associate her with ACE.

    Especially for this reason.

    “…Confession?” Wu Su slowly repeated it with a complicated expression.

    The girl nodded naturally: “Yes.”

    She nodded the ground again with her toes, with a bright and lovely smile on her lips: “Is there any problem?”

    Wu Su was taken aback , and shook his head quickly: “No no!”

    He struggled. Swallowing a bit of saliva, and said: “Um…I will contact ACE to tell him about your arrival, but the next thing is beyond my control…” The

    girl squinted her eyes and looked up and down. Take a look at Wu Su: “What is your code name?”

    Wu Su: “…I don’t have one.”

    Only the top 50 in the standings will have the code name gifted by the game, and Wu Su is just on the edge of fifty or sixty. , Have never been up.

    The girl retracted her eyes in disappointment: “No wonder it’s so weak.”

    Wu Su: “…”

    That’s really embarrassing!

    Wu Su couldn’t help gossiping: “How did you meet ACE?”

    MAID kicked the pebble under his feet: “A copy of the team.”

    Wu Su suddenly realized: “Oh, are you teammates?”

    Some girls She pursed her lips shyly: “No.”

    Wu Su: “???”

    Listening to the conversation between two people not far away, Ye Jia was a little stunned for a while.

    ——Of course he remembers each other.

    MAID, even in the game, can be regarded as a difficult character.

    At that time, Ye Jia had just received the code name ACE, and MAID was already a fierce player.

    It was a competition-type dungeon. The players who participated were all ranked high on the scoreboard. They were divided into three teams and explored freely in the huge deserted village dungeon. After the dungeon was over, the two teams with the lowest scores Will participate in the cruel elimination dungeon, and the single player with the highest points can directly pass the level no matter which team is in.

    Ye Jia and MAID happened to belong to two different teams.

    At that time, there was a black sheep in Ye Jia’s team. The player didn’t just want to clear this dungeon. He was more eager for the points of other players, even his teammates. However, in this type of dungeon, players cannot directly hurt themselves. Of his teammates.

    So, he used props to summon the evil god in the deserted village and led everyone over.

    Ye Jia habitually acts alone, and when he finds out, the other party has already accomplished his purpose.

    There were five people in their team, and only Ye Jia and him survived.

    However, MAID can be regarded as an experienced veteran player after all. After the Cthulhu appeared, he was able to fight hard and fight for a bloody path. In the end, only MAID and that player were left in the Cthulhu’s temple, although all The monsters are all dead, but only one person can walk out of the temple alive. If neither of them can kill anyone, and there are still two people left in the temple at the last moment, then the person who summoned the evil god will die as a sacrifice.

    However, MAID can’t afford to wait.

    Her team is behind, so she must kill the opponent, otherwise even if the instance is over and the opponent is killed by backlash, she still has to enter the elimination instance to fight.

    When Ye Jia arrived, both of them were already covered in blood.

    The player’s body was covered in pitch-black viscous slime, and the table holding the sacrifice was panting heavily.

    As the person who initiated the summoning, although he would be protected from monsters, he was also unable to participate in the battle, so he could only flee while stumbled in the MAID offensive.

    And MAID has already experienced a bloody battle. One of her legs has been broken, and the dense white bones stunned out from under the bloody flesh, dragged several fatal wounds on her body, half of her face was peeled off, and one eye socket. Flesh and blood inside, but the other dark eyeball burns with raging hatred and anger, shining like a cold star in the dark temple.

    The chainsaw in her hand has lost its durability, the gears are broken, and the clothes on her body can no longer see the original color, living like a ghost crawling out of hell.

    Cthulhu’s low voice echoed in the dark sky:

    “You can save one person.” The

    player’s eyes lit up, his throat was dumb, and he stammered and shouted: “ACE! We are teammates! Save me quickly. !”

    He gritted his teeth and continued: “You let me out, I will give you half of the points I got in this copy!”

    Outside the ancient temple, the slender young man raised his head and looked at the distance. Skyrim.

    There is a huge scoreboard floating in the void.

    There are three minutes left before the end of the copy.

    Of the three teams, one has been destroyed, and the remaining two teams have similar points, but Ye Jia’s team is slightly better.

    If MAID is left in the Temple of the Cthulhu, her points will be counted on the player who released the Cthulhu, and Ye Jia’s team will also directly win, without participating in the cruel and bloody elimination dungeon.

    ——That is a purely hell-level copy. All players who are thrown in will face each other and fight against each other. Only the strongest can leave.

    No one wants to participate in the elimination copy.

    Outside the temple gate, the youth withdrew his sight.

    He didn’t wear a hood, his light-colored hair was blown by the bloody wind, and his glass-like eyes were cold and peaceful

    inside the door.

    The girl who could no longer see her face gritted her teeth, her hatred was burning coldly in her eyes, and she seemed to be able to swallow the two people in front of her with her eyes.

    She spit a mouthful of blood and sneered, her voice full of irony that could not be covered.

    The young man lowered his eyes, and thoughtfully scanned the blood-soaked ground in front of him. The corpses were already stacked and could not be seen at all.

    At this moment, there is only one minute left before the end of the copy.

    The young man raised his eyes and said calmly: “I will save my teammate.”

    Not surprisingly.

    MAID threw away the broken chainsaw, dragged his weak body, slowly leaned against the wall, and sat down.

    At the moment when Ye Jia’s voice fell, the points she had accumulated in this instance were transferred to that player.

    In the standings, the noun of Ye Jia team became the first.

    ——Now, as long as the game is over, the girl who stays in the temple will become the sacrifice of the evil god and die directly.

    MAID snorted and closed his eyes.

    She thought happily-at least not to enter the elimination dungeon, and death directly is not bad.

    The player who was covered with slime stumbled out of the evil god’s temple. He wiped his face and slapped Ye Jia’s shoulder with a smile: “Thank you, brother.”

    However, the moment the opponent’s palm fell, from just now As soon as he was silent, the young man suddenly stepped forward, avoiding the opponent’s movements.

    The player was taken aback for a moment.

    Immediately afterwards, the light-haired young man lowered his eyes and tapped his finger on his watch a few times.

    There are 30 seconds left until the end of the game.

    On the points table in the distant sky, a message slowly scrolled past-“The player ACE transfers all the points of this copy to the player’s MAID account”.

    In the temple, Maid opened his eyes in astonishment.

    She looked down at her watch-she became the player with the most points in the entire dungeon, and her team became the top of the three teams.

    Since she has the highest points, even the Cthulhu Temple can’t resist the game’s mechanics, and she will be sent directly to the copy.

    The girl looked out of the temple in amazement.

    “You…you…you you you you!!!” The player’s face was distorted with shock, horror, and viciousness into a particularly ugly look: “You fucking let the opposite team win!!! You know us What will I face next…”

    Before he could finish his words, he was interrupted by the youth’s unchanging voice: “Weed out the dungeon, right?” The

    player choked suddenly and looked at him in disbelief, as if Looking at a lunatic.

    The youth chuckled shortly: “We are teammates in this dungeon. We can’t fight each other directly.”

    He narrowed his eyes slightly, a cold smile passed across his lips, and his voice was still calm and indifferent:

    “But just in the eliminated dungeon. It’s different.” The

    game counted down overhead—”…5

    , 4, 3, 2, 1. ” At the moment when the time was cleared, the copy officially closed, and a gate slowly emerged from the entrance of the deserted village in the distance.

    The girl stood up blankly and looked at the place where the previous two players had stood-it was already empty.

    As the defeated squad, those two people were teleported to the elimination dungeon.

    Fight with fate, never die.

    The MAID ghost godly refused to be sent from the game and waited for five days.

    On the sixth day, a bloody figure appeared in the place where it had disappeared.

    The young man looked particularly embarrassed. From head to toe, he was stained red with blood. Sticky blood clots and pieces of meat slipped from his clothes. His face became pale due to the loss of strength, but his light-colored eyes seemed to be bright. The perpetual fire light flashed with a fascinating chill under the bleak sky. The sharp killing intent brought about by long-term fighting overflowed from the corners of his eyebrows and eyes. It was like a god soldier who saw blood. Dare to look hard.

    His gaze swept across the MAID who was waiting, seeming a little surprised.

    The girl

    who had repaired her body with the points stepped forward and slowly said: “You can save no one.”

    If the opponent doesn’t save anyone, the sacrifice will backlash, the player will die, and MAID, as a member of the backward team, will be killed. Delivered to the obsolete copy.

    At that time, no matter which path he chose, he would be the only winner.

    Will not enter the elimination copy.

    But he chose the most difficult path-to enter the elimination with that player.

    The young

    man raised his eyebrows, his voice hoarse, and said softly: “That’s too cheap for him.”

    MAID was startled slightly.

    Why did the opponent choose to save the player who played the black hand?

    Because if no one is saved, the player who stays in the evil temple will die as a sacrifice.

    And that way of death was too easy for him, too simple…

    too cheap for him.

    “But, don’t you worry about not being able to get out?” MAID asked the question that had haunted him for a long time.

    The eliminated dungeon is too cruel, and you will die in it if you are careless.

    The young man laughed, his eyes were deep and cold, as if the sky covered by clouds, but the arc of his lips slightly softened the sharp lines of his face, his voice was even and soft, but there was a kind of almost arrogant confidence:

    “No.” The

    girl was stunned and stood there blankly, watching the other side slowly walking away from the gate of the deserted village.

    The bloody figure of the young man was straight and straight, like a sharp blade breaking through the dark sky, lonely and arrogant.

    …Really, so handsome.


    Abandoned factory entrance.

    The petite girl withdrew her thoughts from the long-lasting memories.

    She glanced at the beard-faced man in front of her, and muttered a little jealously: “Why are you his contact person…”

    Wu Su: “…is there any problem?”

    MAID flattened his mouth. , You said bitterly: “Why are you worthy of such an important position!”

    Wu Su: “…”

    Although he knew he was not too strong, it would be too much to say so!

    He doesn’t even care that the opponent is a powerful player. He hugs his arms and deliberately stimulates: “That’s really sorry, I’m the person who specifically liaises with him. We have met many times now. How about you? How many times have you seen each other in the game?”

    MAID fell silent as if being stabbed in his feet, “…”

    Wu Su added his jealousy: “And the first time I met was he took the initiative to look for me. , How about you? Have you ever?”

    MAID gritted his teeth and stared at the man half his head in front of him, his jealous eyes were red: “…you!”

    far away.

    In an unattended corner.

    The young boy’s slender figure was hidden in the darkness, and his cold and gloomy blood-colored eyes reflected cold light in the dark. His voice became calmer and softer, and there was no extra emotion in his soft voice. It sounded like a baby:

    “Brother is really welcome.”

    Ye Jia: “…”

    Only then did he notice that his hand was being held tightly by the other party, and

    he broke away uncomfortably. He raised his eyes and glanced not far away. The two people who were quarreling like elementary school students flashed a complication

    in their eyes: “No, their filter is too deep.”

    Ji Xuan , who was freed from it, was not annoyed.

    He stretched out his fingers, pinched the corner of Ye Jia’s clothes, and raised his head with a smile: “No, my brother is really good, just…”

    -if only he could see it.

    Ye Jia didn’t hear clearly: “What?”

    Ji Xuan shook his head, smiling harmlessly: “Nothing.”

    “So why are you here?” Ye Jia hasn’t forgotten the question just now.

    “I received a report from my subordinates. There is an abnormal trend here.” As a collaborator, Ji Xuan naturally understood Ye Jia’s current plan, so after the recruitment brief was sent out, he sent more subordinates. Under surveillance in the vicinity of the Supernatural Administration, paying attention to every movement here.

    Ye Jia raised his eyebrows: “This ghost is only Grade B, so it deserves your attention?”

    “It shouldn’t be because of it.” Ji Xuan shook his head, his eyes sinking slightly: “This time the abnormality is impossible for a Grade B ghost.

    Yes. ” Ye Jia was slightly startled.


    He and this ghost have only met in the dungeon of the campus escape. At that time, he was still a newcomer. Although he cleared the dungeon at the end, he took away the ghost’s den by the way, but compared to other people seeking revenge on him. For Li Gui, this matter is simply not worth mentioning. No matter from which point of view, it will not hate itself so much. It can actually come to M City immediately after getting its own clues. he.

    Ye Jia narrowed his eyes slightly and asked, “What do you suspect?”

    Ji Xuan said, “I have sent my subordinates to chase after him. After catching it, everything should be clear.”

    Ye Jia nodded.

    He raised his eyes again and looked at the factory in the distance.

    Now that the dust has basically settled, MAID and the Administration have successfully handed over, Cheng Cezhi is no longer in danger of life, only some follow-up finishing work is left, there is nothing for him.

    He turned around to leave, but suddenly thought of something when he was halfway there, and turned     his head to look at Ji Xuan:

    ” Has my apartment been repaired?”

Ji Xuan shook his head unchanged, “There are too many things to deal with. I will tell you as soon as the repair is completed.”

    Ye Jia glanced at him suspiciously:

    “…All right.”

    “If you get tired of staying in the hotel, brother, you can actually…”

    Ji Xuan hadn’t finished. Ye Jia interrupted vigilantly:

    “No, I like hotels.” The


    man smiled and sighed regretfully: “Okay.” He looked behind the young man’s disappearance and suddenly said:

    “Blood Guyu

    Miss you very much.” Ye Jia paused without answering, pulling away the ghost and left.

    · The

    next day.

    Ye Jia stared at the familiar factory in front of him and sighed slowly.

    I just said last night that there is nothing for him, and he was sent here today.

    He briefly explained how to deal with follow-up matters to the newcomers behind him.

    Seeing the busy backs of the few newcomers, Ye Jia breathed a sigh of relief.

    Now I can finally fish with peace of mind.

    At this

    moment, a voice came from behind: “Ah, are you also an employee here?” Ye Jia was taken aback, turned his head and looked behind him.

    The girl was wearing a pink and white dress, tilted her head and looked at him, a thoughtful gleam flashing from the depths of her big eyes.


    Ye Jia tightened his back instinctively and replied: “…Yes.”

    Did she find anything? It shouldn’t.

    The girl suddenly laughed: “That’s great. I thought you were all employees with the same big beard from last night. It seems that there are handsome guys.”

    Ye Jia: “…”

    He loosened Sighed.

    The girl stretched out her hand and said with a smile: “Hello, my name is Wei Yuechu.”

    “Ye Jia.”

    “So, what are you doing?” Wei Yuechu curiously looked at the few newcomers who were busy in the factory. Asked.

    Ye Jia said: “Collect the remaining Yin

    Qi , and then send it to be tested and destroyed.” Wei Yuechu nodded: “This way…”

    She wrinkled her nose: “Your work is so boring.”

    Ye Jia: “Oh.”

    Wei Yuechu was a little lost and said: “But I’m bored too…”

    She sighed and said, “I came to M City to find someone, but I haven’t contacted him until now, so I can only wait. “

    Ye Jia: “Oh.”

    Wei Yuechu frowned: “Don’t you ask me who I’m looking for?”

    Ye Jia Congshan asked, “…who are you looking for?”

    Wei Yuechu curled his lips in frustration: “You are so boring.”

    “However, since you asked, I will tell you,” she said grinningly: ” I’m here to find my future boyfriend!” The

    girl akimbo her hips, glanced up and down Ye Jia, and sighed: “If I don’t already belong to me, you actually look good to my appetite…”

    Ye Jia He twitched the corners of his mouth: “Thank you for the compliment.”

    “No thanks, no thanks.” Wei Yuechu nodded seriously.

    She seemed to be ready to say something.

    Suddenly, a soft and charming female voice came from the door on the side:

    “That…Is Ye Jia here?”

    Ye Jia was taken aback when he heard his name, and turned to look.

    I saw a woman with a hot body and a tall stature standing at the door. She had wavy black curly hair, shimmering in the sun like a waterfall, and she wore a close-fitting red dress that cleverly outlined the exquisiteness. She has a beautiful figure, her face is very beautiful, her dark eyes are deep and gloomy, and her facial features are deep, deep to the degree of coldness, but a glance is breathtaking and beautiful enough to make people ignore her facial features. Neutral.

    The moment she saw Ye Jia, her eyes lit up:

    “My dear!”

    She rushed towards him briskly: “I miss you so much!”

    Ye Jia’s hair straightened up instantly, and she almost turned her head away in fright.

    Damn it! !

    Ji Xuan, what the fuck are you doing? ! ! ! !

    The author has something to say: I can’t bear to let my child

    wear a wolf


After an Infinite Flow Player Retires

After an Infinite Flow Player Retires

Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Chinese
As a renowned fierce god in the infinite flow world, Ye Jia deliberately hid his strength after clearing it and found an idle job in the Logistics Department of the Paranormal Investigation and Management Bureau. He originally thought that he would be able to return to his salted fish life and live comfortably. But what Ye Jia didn’t expect was…… One day, he opened the fridge and was met with an evil spirit’s vicious head, “Boss, boss. Did you miss me…..” Ye Jia: “………” He slammed the door shut and fell into deep thought. Wasn’t there something wrong with this world? The TV behind him was broadcasting news: Recently there has been a surge in paranormal events and the number of missing persons has sharply increased. It is currently under investigation….. * With the infinite flow escape game unexpectedly collapsing, countless demons and ghosts trapped in it were released, bringing disaster to the world. Only Ye Jia who cleared the game knew the truth. All of these……..were old acquaintances……… Ye Jia: My life is too difficult. #I clearly just want to be an ordinary corporate s*ave# Finally, one day, he saw an unexpected monster. After two seconds of silence, Ye Jia greeted dryly: “…….You came out too. What a coincidence.” The man before him smiled and slowly approached him, “My boyfriend ran away from home. Of course, I should come out to catch him and bring him back.” Ye Jia: “……..” Who would have thought that, along with the global sensation of ghost doors opening in the mortal world, there was also….. His peach blossom debt. It can’t be, sir. This is also okay?


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