After an Infinite Flow Player Retires Chapter 40

young man’s hand hangs in the air, and the meridians on the back of his hand become clear due to the force. The pale fingertips are like the dying tentacles of a butterfly, trembling slightly in the dark, but they can’t move forward half a minute.

    Ji Xuan pulled his wrist and pulled his hand away from the sarcoma little by little.

    The farther you pull, the greater the struggle of the young man in his arms.

    He instinctively resisted and struggled, but he couldn’t get rid of the other’s arms, his chest clinging to his back was like an indestructible rock, confining him tightly one step away from his mother.

    “Shhh…” The man soothed with a low and soft voice.

    He leaned to Ye Jia’s ear and whispered, his voice was gentle and pampering that he didn’t even realize: “That can’t be touched.”

    That is part of the mother.

    Even the pieces of meat removed from her body can survive on their own in a short period of time, with pure malice constantly pouring out, polluting, bewitching, and permeating.

    She is the mother of all monsters and ghosts, and the source of all dark and evil thoughts in the world.

    She generously handed a part of her body to Ye Jia’s lips and tempted: Eat it.

    ——If you eat it, you can become her child, her subject, and her favorite pet.

    You can go home after eating, return to her dark and dead embrace, feel her love, and become a part of her.

    Ji Xuan lowered his eyes, and his cold lips fell on the young man’s warm shoulders and neck.

    The skin of the opponent’s neck is delicate and cool, like a jade covered with heat, with a thin and tight skin covering the bones. When you get close, you can almost smell the fragrance of blood flowing under the skin, which is uncontrollable. Want to bite a small piece and grind finely between the teeth.

    He thought so, and he did so.

    Ji Xuan indulgedly kissed the small piece of soft skin at the junction of his neck and shoulders, and deeply inhaled the bloody breath of the young man into his lungs, licking him, chewing, and swallowing. To fill my empty, cold, dead chest.

    Under the palm of his hand, he could feel the long, soft eyelashes of the other party trembling slightly, like the fluffy hair of some small animal, slowly and gently brushing his palm.

    I want to tighten my fingers, hold the itchy feeling firmly in his hand, and worry about holding it too tightly, crushing it.

    The impulse to destroy and the pitiful sex fight in his chest.

    Ji Xuan put his chin on the opponent’s shoulder and sighed silently.

    ——If only he could always be so good.

    But on the contrary, Ji Xuan knew very well that as soon as the opponent woke up, he would return to that sharp, cruel, and invincible ACE, and would cut his chest with his weapon mercilessly.

    What a pity.

    Ji Xuan stretched out his ghost.

    There was a scarlet gap in the air, and it opened slowly, and then carefully included the sarcoma that was still flowing outwards.

    In the end, the last breath of the sarcoma was also isolated.

    The mother’s breath disappeared, and the alienation of the city also ceased.

    The blood color of the sky receded slowly like a tide, gradually revealing the original color.

    On the ground, ghosts and monsters were no longer frenzied, and the limbs that grew out of the living corpses naturally fell off. They stumbled on a messy street, planted into the cracks of the ground from time to time, and then lay in there and stopped moving. .

    The creatures that had loved to hide in the darkness slid back into the darkness with a piercing sound.

    Except for the evil spirits who are extremely malicious and attack people indiscriminately, most of the other monsters and ghosts no longer have such terrible and manic aggressiveness.

    The monster army collapsed at a touch.

    The people who fought to this moment stared at each other blankly. Everyone’s face was pale and tired, and their clothes were wrinkled and stained with blood and blood of various colors. They looked particularly embarrassed, and their hands were weakened. Shaking slightly, standing on the street where the original appearance is almost invisible, staring blankly into the distance.

    The blood faded.

    On the horizon, the brilliant sunlight penetrates the clouds like a golden thread.

    ——Dawn broke.

    In the building.

    The gleam of dawn came in through the glass, printed on the smooth floor, dispelling a little darkness.

    But the depths of the building are still as dark as eternal night, as if there is no light in it.

    After the bright red sarcoma disappeared, the scarlet gleam disappeared, and the whole hall became cold and dark again.

    Ji Xuan’s expression didn’t change much, but his face turned paler, and he looked as bleak as a ghost in the suddenly darkened room.

    The young man in his arms softened like a puppet whose thread had been cut off.

    Ji Xuan put his arm around Ye Jia’s waist in time, and then slowly leaned down and put him down gently.

    However, before he could withdraw and leave, the young man in his arms opened his eyes without warning.

    Ji Xuan’s movements were stagnant.

    “…” Ye Jia whispered something in a low voice, her throat was vague, and she couldn’t hear what she was saying.

    His long eyelashes trembled gently, and slowly lifted them up, revealing the pitch-black eyeballs under them: “…hungry.”

    Without warning, Ye Jia slammed Ji Xuan to the ground:


    His voice was low and soft, with a clear nasal sound, as if he was acting like a baby, but his actions were strong and fierce, very aggressive, like a predator, gracefully taking his own The prey pressed under him.

    Ji Xuan was slightly startled.

    He raised his eyes, and his scarlet blood pupils stared at the young man who was pressing on him, his silent chest suddenly rose up and down quickly, but he didn’t struggle at all.

    Ye Jia leaned down and sniffed the opponent’s lower lip.

    The tip of his nose was cold, slowly sliding down from the man’s neck, gently touching the opponent’s skin.

    The muscles on Ji Xuan’s body were tightened, and the dark red eyes became dark and deep, like a pool of blood flowing slowly in the darkness.

    He raised his hand and pressed Ye Jia’s shoulder without applying any force under his palm, which seemed to be encouraging.

    Ye Jia thought blankly for a few seconds, then opened his mouth and bit the opponent’s apple.

    Ji Xuan “his” inhaling a cold breath.

    ——But it’s not painful.

    His Adam’s apple trembled, and it took a long time to squeeze out a hoarse voice from his throat, as if he was scorched by an open flame, so dry that he could hardly hear the original tone:

    “…Ancestor, you…”

    You This is forcing me to commit a crime.

    Ye Jia lowered his head, his brain was chaotic, like a ball of thread stuffed into countless messy things, but reason was pressed in the deepest part of the darkness, and he couldn’t turn it up from below no matter what.


    He whispered.

    The existence that made him feel at ease and temptation did not know why it disappeared. At that moment, all the energy that had been eaten before seemed to be out of control, colliding in his body, looking for an exit. The bones and blood of the body were all gone. It hurts fiercely, but the hunger overwhelmed all other feelings. It was numb and itchy, screaming crazy and sharp in his mind.

    Immediately afterwards, he noticed that a particularly attractive smell appeared beside him.

    Even if he does not open his eyes, he can still feel the presence of the other person, like the only light source that lights up in the dark, continuously radiating light and heat outward, the sweet smell spreading out, seduce his mouth and tongue. .

    Ye Jiasong spoke, and then gnawed on Ji Xuan’s collarbone again.

    He bit hard this time.

    The sharp teeth cracked the skin, and the sweet and cold liquid gushed from the wound, and was greedily swept away by the warm tongue.

    Ji Xuan’s pupils shrank.

    ** Just about to move, he hovered on the edge of the limit of self-control.

    ——If this continues, he may really have to do something irreparable without any control.

    In fact, Ji Xuan didn’t mind the other party eating him.

    But the problem is that the more Ye Jia eats, the closer he is to the monster, and the closer the blurry boundary is, the easier it is for his mother to push him from one side to the other.

    If it was the former Ji Xuan, he wouldn’t mind at all.

    Wouldn’t the two monsters match up better?

    But… in the game last time, the fact that he was almost stabbed to death was a wake-up call for Ji Xuan. If he was rushed again and used any means, the other party would never forgive himself again.

    And there is a more selfish and stronger reason that haunts Ji Xuan’s heart.

    Although the previous three days in the Jingling Fantasy Realm were short, they left him with an indelible impression.

    He found that what he missed so much now was the scene when he got along with Ye Jia as a child before everything else happened.

    During the fight, the opponent would lower his eyes and gently call him: “A Xuan.”

    Unfortunately, for Ji Xuan at the time, that was not enough.

    He wants more.

    ——His never-ending ** pushed the two people to the brink of inability to bridge.

    But even now, Ji Xuan still hasn’t changed.

    The only difference is that he once was more easily satisfied.

    Whether it is by unscrupulously locking Ye Jia by his side, or by eating Ye Jia, or even letting himself be eaten, these Ji Xuan can accept it, and will be satisfied, and have nothing to ask for.

    However, those three days made him more greedy and more unsatisfied.

    The wish once was no longer enough to fill his appetite.

    Compared with those cruel and tough methods, Ji Xuan hoped to… let the other party willingly and forever stay by his side.

    Like a butterfly falling into a spider web, before it notices it, its gorgeous and light wings have been firmly stuck by the web, and even if it struggles, it can’t leave it.

    Ji Xuan closed his eyes vigorously, and slowly pulled the opponent away from his collarbone.

    Ye Jia looked at him silently with a pair of black eyes open.

    His lips are very thin and sharp, which is quite inhumane, but at the moment they are half open. His pale lips are dyed deep crimson with thick and cold blood, and the lip line looks gentle and fuzzy. Look. Going up as if…inviting.

    Ji Xuan’s Adam’s apple rolled slowly.

    To a certain extent, there are always times when you can’t bear it.

    He raised his hand, pressed his cold broad palm on the back of the opponent’s neck, and then kissed it.

    The kiss was fierce and ferocious. The sharp teeth pierced the other’s mouth, and the cold blood and warm blood entangled on the tip of the tongue. Monsters and humans were not separated from each other.

    The yin qi gathered in the young man’s body as a result of the killing was licked and sucked little by little by the other party, and quickly flowed from his body.

    The fingers that hung strongly on his side gradually became human-like heat, and his heartbeat slowed down because of being close to inhumans, but at this moment, he gradually returned to his normal beating frequency.

    Ji Xuan could hear, from the other side’s chest that was close to him, there was a louder than one heartbeat—

    “Bang Huo”-“Bang Huo”-“Bang Huo”-after

    a long time, he Finally willing to let go of the other party.

    The youth’s breathing became chaotic and rapid because of suffocation. His eyes were half drooping, but those eyes that were hidden under the eyelashes had receded from the abnormal ink color, and returned to the original pale color like glass, his pupils. A little loose, it seems that he still hasn’t been relieved from that kind of muddled state.

    There is a layer of physiological water vapor in his eyes, and he looks at the other side misty, his bright red lips are half open, and he seems to be at a loss and doubt about the current situation.

    Ji Xuan couldn’t help it, lowered his head and licked the opponent’s lower lip that was swollen by himself.

    It’s just that he just tasted it this time.

    There are many ways to transform the opponent from a monster-like state into a human form. However, out of selfishness, Ji Xuan chose the most advantageous way.

    He bends his lips and gently lays the opponent flat on the ground.

    Suddenly, Ji Xuan seemed to realize something and turned to look into the dark corner in the distance.

    He hooked his fingers.

    “Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!” A black shadow flew into his hand screamingly.

    Xiao Hei Shou closed his eyes tightly and screamed: “Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah!”

    Ji Xuan frowned: “Shut up.”

    Now Ye Jia has recovered his human state. If this ghost continues to scream like this, he might really wake him up.

    The little black hand suddenly stopped.

    It can feel the breath on the opponent’s body, and the overwhelming power makes it impossible to move at all-as long as the opponent wants to pinch itself to death, it has no power to fight back at all.

    The little black hand trembled, and he was about to cry in a panic: “Wang…Wang.”

    It was shivering about to appear afterimages: “I, I, I, I didn’t see anything just now…”

    This is true.

    The moment Ji Xuan appeared, the little black hand ran away at the speed of light with his tail sandwiched between them, but it was a pity that his spirit body was tied around Ye Jia, so he could only shrink as far as he could run, and then pray that the other party would not find it. Yourself.

    However, even though he was far away, the little black hand still knew what had happened just now.

    king! ! ! Forget it if you save the boss! ! !

    It actually takes advantage of the boss! ! ! !

    This, this, what is this unfolding? !

    Only then did the little black hand really realize that what is meant by rumors is not credible.

    How the hell could it be that after the beginning of chaos and the end of abandonment, because of love and hatred? It is clearly intended to rekindle the old feelings and greedy his body! ! !

    The style of painting suddenly changed from a revengeful essay to an insatiable little yellow essay! ! !

    The little black hand burst into tears.

    I feel that not only my life is unsafe, but I may also be frustrated.

    My life is over! !

    Ji Hyun pick eyebrow, but added with interest and asked: “? Ah you did not see anything?”

    Little black hand: “……”

    give something away.

    Finish the ball.

    It stiffened and almost passed out.

    “I haven’t seen you before.” Ji Xuan played with the black hand’s spirit body slowly, squeezing it round, watching it deform in his palm: “It seems that he must hide you very well. “

    It seems that you are afraid that the ghost is the closest to him.”

    His bite is getting colder and colder.

    By the last word, the little black hand could clearly feel the opponent’s surging killing intent… and jealousy.

    ——If it has legs, it can now pass out with one kick on both legs.

    More terrible than the king is the jealous king.

    Ji Xuan knotted Xiao Hei’s hand and watched calmly at the opponent struggling in his palm. The corners of his lips made an arc of no smile:

    “It’s a pity.”

    If you kill it, Ye Jia will find out. of.

    And he remembered that before he arrived in a hurry, it was this weak ghost who tried to pull Ye Jiajiang into the distance, which was a little bit of credit.

    Ji Xuanman thought casually.

    Just when Xiao Hei Shou had no hope, thinking that he was about to die on the spot, the other party released his hand.

    It was dumbfounded, maintaining the weird posture with its body tied up, looking at Ji Xuan.

    Ji Xuan’s eyes were cold, and the smile

    on his lips deepened: “If I smell you on his body next time, I won’t let you off so easily, understand?”

    Xiao Heishou nodded frantically.

    Ji Xuan lowered his eyes and looked at Ye Jia.

    I saw the young man lying silently on the ground, his expression was calm, his breathing was steady, he seemed to fall into a deep sleep, his forehead was blocked by the light color divergence, and the morning light climbed into the dark hall little by little, and landed on the smooth ground. , Illuminating the lower half of his face, like an oil painting.

    The coldness of Ji Xuan’s eyes melted unconsciously.

    He leaned down and rubbed his fingertips on Ye Jia’s lower lip, and the wound on the opponent’s lips healed instantly.

    Although it is a pity, there is no other way to cover up his whereabouts.

    Finally, Ji Xuan gave him a deep, nostalgic look.

    Brother, good dreams.

    He retracted his gaze, turned and walked out.

    The blood gu fish was lying outside the building, with a pair of dark eyes staring at the door tightly. The moment Ji Xuan appeared, it immediately floated up, as if a cannonball came out of its chamber, and rushed to Ji. In front of Xuan, it anxiously placed its tail, while circling Ji Xuan in circles, while pressing Sen Bai’s skull against each other.

    “Don’t worry.” Ji Xuan patted its hand: “He’s okay.”

    Blood Guyu seemed to be relieved now.

    It waved its tail in peace, and began to rub its head against Ji Xuan’s palm habitually.

    However, Ji Xuan avoided it.

    He said: “You have followed him these few days.” The

    blood gu fish raised his head blankly and looked at his master.

    I don’t know why, its owner looks…seems much paler.

    Ji Xuan retracted his gaze.

    ——What he did just now is tantamount to directly rebelling against his mother. During the next period of time, he must be surrounded by blood and blood.

    Ji Xuan doesn’t care about this. His status has never been derived from the so-called “professional family.” His ability is obtained by himself step by step, step by step, flattening the corpse mountain and blood. However, he must be lack of skills these days, I am afraid it will be difficult. Pay attention to Ye Jia’s movement.

    He was even more worried that his mother would attack Ye Jia during this time.

    And… that sarcoma.

    He just collected it into his own ghost, but did not try to touch and digest it. The power of his mother was more difficult than he thought, and he needed to find a separate way to deal with it.

    Ji Xuan glanced at the blood gu fish: “Protect him.”

    After he finished speaking, he turned around, and the scarlet ghosts split open and swallowed his body.

    There was no one at the entrance of the building.

    ·In the


    Ye Jia slowly woke up.

    He blinked blankly and raised his hand to block the sunlight shining into his eyes.

    He didn’t know where he was for a while.

    The memories of last night flooded his mind quickly.

    The ghost gate opened wide, Hyakki Ye walked, and then, in order to prevent the evolution of the ghosts, he came to the city center…

    and then?

    Ye Jia sat up slowly, his bones all creaking and painful as if being run over by a cart, he frowned, turned his head and looked at the environment around him.

    A clean hall without the slightest trace of battle, the sunlight coming in through the glass door-

    everything looks so normal, normal to a little weird.

    Yes, the sun came out, and there was no yin and blood in the air, everything should be over.

    But Ye Jia didn’t have the slightest impression of last night.

    He frowned and turned his head to look beside him.

    I saw a trace of bright red dripping on the ground beside it, messy like oil paint, which had dried up, but the color was still strong.

    Ye Jia was startled.


    At that moment, many blurry and broken images flashed through his mind, a scarlet point in the dark, thick graffiti on the ground, and a dark and strong… kiss?

    But before he had time to capture those images, they seemed to disappear without a trace.

    Ye Jia touched his lower lip.

    Smooth, cold, no wounds.


    He then remembered the little black hand. I don’t know why, but the little black hand who used to like to stay on his shoulder avoided this time.

    “Yesterday…what happened?”

    After hearing Ye Jia’s question, the little black hand stammered and replied: “I, I don’t know, I fainted as soon as I entered the building last night.”

    ——Of course, it was. I hope I fainted.

    Ye Jia frowned suspiciously, but before he could continue to ask, he felt something touching his forearm.

    He turned his head to look, and saw the blood gu fish tilting its big head and its tail behind him.

    Seeing that he attracted Ye Jia’s attention, he leaned forward and opened his mouth.

    Just listened to a crisp sound of “Dang Cang”.

    A special test tube fell out of its mouth and rolled to Ye Jia’s hand.

    Ye Jia was startled and picked up the test tube.

    At this time, the core of the counterfeit blood gu fish was sealed with a drop of green blood inside the special test tube, which was gleaming with a faint and weird color in the sun.

    Although the blood inside is ghostly, the test tube outside must be human.

    As long as you follow this clue, you will be able to find the clue.

    Ye Jia curled his lips:

    “You are too smart.”

    Blood Guyu seemed to understand his compliment, and hurriedly waved his tail at him.

    It grumbled and turned over and happily exposed its belly to Ye Jia, as if acting like a baby.

    “Fine.” Ye Jia sighed helplessly and smiled.

    He stretched out his hand, gently but not very skillfully, stroking the blood gu fish’s belly wrapped under the white ribs of the forest, and the other party happily waved his tail and kept rubbing against Ye Jia’s side.

    It seems that the sun is too strong.

    Ye Jia’s eyes flashed by the reflection next to him.

    He looked in the direction of the light-the test tube was lying quietly on the side, the metal tip shining in the sun.

    Ignoring the green drop of blood in the test tube, a sudden thought flashed through Ye Jia’s mind.

    The core of the blood gu fish is Li Gui’s blood.

    His gaze fell on the blood gu fish under his palm, thinking thoughtfully –

    then, which ghost’s blood was at its core?

    The answer is ready to come.

    However, another conjecture also emerged.

    The belly of the blood gu fish was semi-liquid, viscous blood, slowly undulating up and down, and the touch was like…putting your palm into a bowl of jelly that would still squirm.

    Ye Jia’s palm applied force and slowly sank into the depths of its stomach.

    The blood gu fish noticed that something was wrong, turned his head, and looked at Ye Jia suspiciously with dark eye sockets, but it did not fight back, as if he believed that this human being would not harm itself.

    Ye Jia’s wrist sank into it.

    He frowned, groping in the blood gu fish’s chest-

    finally, Ye Jia touched a warm, round core, and stayed upright in the blood gu fish’s ribs, continuously. The earth scatters energy outward.

    He mobilized a little power to his fingertips and felt it.

    In the next second, Ye Jia widened his eyes sharply and suffocated his breath, seeming to be shocked by some unexpected situation.

    The core of the blood gu fish is not one drop, but… two drops of liquid.

    A drop of Ligui’s blood.

    And the other drop is human…


    After being aware of this fact, Ye Jia suddenly withdrew his hand and fell back.

    His pupils shrank and his chest undulated violently.

    The picture in the memory resurfaced clearly again.

    The pale and thin boy stood in a sea of ​​blood, with dark hair and scarlet eyes.

    A huge hole pierced through his chest, as if he had been pierced by some kind of sharp weapon.

    The youth was close at hand, his face was pale, his breathing was fluctuating, his thin lips pressed tightly into a straight and cold line, but he still trembled uncontrollably, holding a sharp blade that shone with cold light in his hand. , Pierced straight through the thin body of the boy in front of him.

    The gurgling blood poured out from the boy’s chest.

    He looked down curiously at the wound on his chest, his pale fingers wet with the gushing blood.

    The boy raised his head and looked at the youth in front of him.

    His originally calm expression shook suddenly, and his scarlet eyes shrank slightly.

    The boy was slightly startled, and reached out his hand towards the other party.

    A drop of transparent tears meandered down the young man’s cheeks, and fell on his small, blood-stained palm. The blood-stained palm prints were smudged and blurred.

    At that moment, the boy’s eyes were cold, paranoid, and crazy, like melting ice and snow, disappearing, and no trace.

    He lifted his pale lips, and smiled happily and innocently:

    “… that’s great.”

    Then, the boy closed his eyes and fell back lightly.

    The blood gu fish turned over and swam over again, rubbing his head against the opponent’s palm.

    ——It turns out that this is why you are so smart.

    ——It turns out that this is why you get close to me.

    Ye Jia smiled reluctantly.

    However, the next shocking thought emerged without warning.

    Blood Gu Yu, never, only got close to two people-Ji Xuan, and him.

    So, as the owner, Ji Xuan, would he not know what the core of his pet is? How can it be.

    The man’s low voice sounded in his ear: “It likes you.”

    “You can touch it.”

    A sudden thought hit his head, causing Ye Jia’s brain to stop turning immediately, and there was nothing in the blank mind. There is one sentence left:

    ——Ji Xuan knows.

    The author has something to say: Ji Xuan did not expect that the vest he had hidden for so long was exposed by the pet.

    The blood gu fish tilted his head: “?”


After an Infinite Flow Player Retires

After an Infinite Flow Player Retires

Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Chinese
As a renowned fierce god in the infinite flow world, Ye Jia deliberately hid his strength after clearing it and found an idle job in the Logistics Department of the Paranormal Investigation and Management Bureau. He originally thought that he would be able to return to his salted fish life and live comfortably. But what Ye Jia didn’t expect was…… One day, he opened the fridge and was met with an evil spirit’s vicious head, “Boss, boss. Did you miss me…..” Ye Jia: “………” He slammed the door shut and fell into deep thought. Wasn’t there something wrong with this world? The TV behind him was broadcasting news: Recently there has been a surge in paranormal events and the number of missing persons has sharply increased. It is currently under investigation….. * With the infinite flow escape game unexpectedly collapsing, countless demons and ghosts trapped in it were released, bringing disaster to the world. Only Ye Jia who cleared the game knew the truth. All of these……..were old acquaintances……… Ye Jia: My life is too difficult. #I clearly just want to be an ordinary corporate s*ave# Finally, one day, he saw an unexpected monster. After two seconds of silence, Ye Jia greeted dryly: “…….You came out too. What a coincidence.” The man before him smiled and slowly approached him, “My boyfriend ran away from home. Of course, I should come out to catch him and bring him back.” Ye Jia: “……..” Who would have thought that, along with the global sensation of ghost doors opening in the mortal world, there was also….. His peach blossom debt. It can’t be, sir. This is also okay?


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