After an Infinite Flow Player Retires Chapter 23

    Early Morning.

    A group of people in the dust broke into the M City Branch of the Supernatural Administration.

    The head was a tall man with a big beard.

    He rushed in violently, caught the receptionist who was approaching him, and asked eagerly:

    “Where is the person?” The

    receptionist stammered and asked, “What, who?”

    “That’s your victim .” Employees with unidentified biological parasites, where are the people!” With a fierce face on his cheeks, he shook the receptionist in his hand: “Hurry up! If it is too late, it will be too late!”

    A voice came from a distance: “Oh oh “Yeah, Zhao Dong.”

    Luhu let go of the receptionist, and his eyes

    lit up : “You know?” “Yes.” The employee nodded: “There is news from the hospital today that he is in stable condition and should be discharged this week. . a “

    turn now that the beard look ignorant force:”? …… ah “

    after half an hour.

    On the eighth floor of the hospital, at the entrance of the special isolation ward.

    Liu Zhaocheng pointed to Zhao Dong who was sleeping in the ward, and said, “Look.” Luo Yanghu

    cautiously walked into the ward, and carefully lifted the quilt covering Zhao Dong’s body.

    There were still traces of swelling in the patient’s limbs, but it was obviously disappearing slowly, and the normal color of the skin underneath could be seen.

    The members of that team looked at each other suspiciously.


    this has never happened…

    is it a misjudgment?

    Only the bearded man standing at the foot of the bed suddenly bent down and looked at Zhao Dong’s knee carefully for a while.

    He stretched out his hand, rubbed his finger on the opponent’s skin, sniffed, then stretched out his tongue and licked it.

    Liu Zhaocheng, who had witnessed everything, said: “…?”

    But the surrounding team members were obviously quite commonplace. One of them came up and asked: “How is it? Did Brother Wu find something?” The

    man named Brother Wu     His face was solemn:

    “It’s a ghost spider.”


    Wu Ge looked thoughtful, slowly shook his head, and nodded again: “Someone came before us.”

    One of the people in the team. shock.

    “Moreover, very knowledgeable.” Wu Ge let out a sigh of relief slowly.

    “!” The members of the team looked at each other, and then lowered their voice: “Could it be…”

    “Ring!” A

    string of crisp telephone rings rang, interrupting the solemn atmosphere in the ward.

    Brother Wu answered the phone: “…Well, um, okay, okay.”

    After answering briefly, he hung up the phone and said:

    “The news from the police station came, and there was someone in the early hours of this morning. Twenty-eight missing persons were found on Fourth Avenue. When they were found, they were all shuddering and huddled together. They were not life-threatening, but they couldn’t remember what happened during the missing days.”

    All Everyone was shocked.

    “This too,” Brother Wu bit a cigarette in his mouth in a daze, and said vaguely: “…too knowledgeable.”

    Liu Zhaocheng on the side listened with anxiety:

    “What dumb riddles are you playing? What do you know?”

    Wu Ge and his team looked at each other, and several people nodded.

    “Are you the head of the logistics department?” He took the unlit cigarette out of his mouth, held it in his hand, and looked thoughtfully at Liu Zhaocheng in front of him: “Next, we should stay in M ​​City for a while. , Maybe you still need your cooperation.”

    “Will you sign a non-disclosure agreement?”

    Liu Zhaocheng: “Okay!”

    Ten minutes later.

    Liu Zhaocheng was silent for a few seconds, and then said with difficulty: “This…this is your confidentiality agreement?” It

    was a black-red long worm with a thick wrist, like a huge mutant leech. It had only a disc-like mouth and mouth. It was full of sharp fangs, which made people shudder.


    I didn’t want to know that…

    as if I did n’t see Liu Zhaocheng’s resistance, Wu Ge couldn’t refuse Liu Zhaocheng, who had already begun to retreat, and put the leech directly on the back of his hand.

    Liu Zhaocheng’s eyes were black.

    The black-red body of the leech was squirming slowly. Before it could suck a lot of blood, it was torn off by Brother Wu expertly, and then he threw it back into the previous container with ease: “Alright. “

    …” Liu Zhaocheng grinned dryly: “Haha, that’s great.”

    Wu Ge handed the container to the team members behind him, and then began to talk about the matter with a serious face.

    The more I listened, Liu Zhaocheng’s expression became more solemn.

    After a long time, he slowly asked: “So, what is that…game?”

    “We don’t know,” Wu Ge lit up a cigarette: “Humans have so little information about it so far. No one knows where it came from, why it appeared, and how it works. How did it give birth to so many appalling monsters and ghosts?” The

    green smoke curled up and hovered upward.

    “We only know that its system collapsed for unknown reasons.” Wu Ge bit his cigarette butt: “So, those monsters that were originally locked in the game broke free and began to invade our world, although the two worlds are not yet there. Fully integrated, but it is only a matter of time.”

    Liu Zhaocheng felt a chill rise from his bones, and he shivered involuntarily.

    The unknown darkness spread before his eyes, making him instinctively afraid.

    He settled down: “Then what about you? Why do you know so much?”

    Wu Ge laughed shortly, but there was no smile in his voice.

    His dark eye pupil reflecting the cigarette burning Mars, like the bloom of fireworks in the dark:

    “- because, I was crawling out from the inside”


    leaf Buddha himself tightly to the seven paste Eight layers of Yin Qi didn’t stop until she was absolutely sure that she couldn’t reveal a trace of humanity anymore.

    He pulled the ghost mythical creature away, and arrived at the place agreed with the ghost ghost in just a few seconds.

    The setting sun above the head has gradually fallen, and the gloomy twilight enveloped the deserted open space.

    The shadow ghost was already waiting there.

    Its body presents a semi-transparent fuzzy texture in the sun, swaying with the evening breeze.

    Ye Jia looked around the wasteland cautiously.

    The familiar figure did not appear.

    As soon as he saw Ye Jia, the Shadow Ghost greeted him enthusiastically:

    “Here, here.”

    Ye Jia walked over and asked tentatively: “Ji Xuan didn’t come this time?”

    “!” The Shadow Ghost uttered a choke. It made a living voice, lowered its voice, and hurriedly said: “What’s the matter with you! How can you call the king’s name directly! Fortunately, he didn’t come this time, you don’t want to die?”

    ——Not here this time.

    After accurately capturing the key words in Shadow Ghost’s words, Ye Jia secretly breathed a sigh of relief.


    He asked: “What are we going to do this time?” The

    shadow ghost’s voice instantly fell cold: “Clean the door.”

    “Although most of the ghosts who participated in the rally yesterday were destroyed by the king, they were also There are still some slippery fish that escaped by chance,” it sneered cruelly: “Since you have the courage to betray, you must have the courage to bear the consequences.”

    Ye Jia glanced at it quickly.

    -Obviously, this is a warning.

    The shadow ghost took out a pitch-black compass. There were no pointers on the compass, only thick or light ink, which was slowly changing and flowing.

    It looked down, and then looked in a certain direction ahead: “There.”

    Ye Jia followed the erratic figure of the shadow ghost in front of him, and the scenery around him flew by, blurring into a phantom under high speed.

    They swiftly shuttled in the shadow of the building, and finally stopped at the entrance of a dark alley.

    The sound of the roaring traffic in the distance seemed distant and vague, and the alley in front of me was shrouded in a gloomy silence. When I listened carefully, I could hear the faint sound of chewing and swallowing from the dark depths.

    The shadow ghost slowly melted into the dark shadow.

    In the depths of the alley, two hungry ghosts were chewing on the stump of a human being. They tore the meat in their mouths with bones and swallowed them. They were not satisfied after eating, and opened the blood basin on their stomachs and licked greedily. While eating the remaining minced meat and blood on the ground, he murmured: “…hungry, hungry, hungry…”

    “You will soon be full forever.” A cold voice came from the darkness. Passed it out.

    The two hungry ghosts suddenly became alert, slowly leaning in the opposite direction from the sound, and hissed bitterly:

    “Ji Xuan’s lackey…”

    “Yes.” Ying Ghost smiled miserably. I got up: “The king’s running dog sends his greetings to you.”

    The voice that was still in front of you suddenly sounded behind the head of the hungry ghost, whispering maliciously: “Good luck.” The

    dark shadow suddenly swelled up. As if opening a big mouth, he suddenly wrapped one of the hungry ghosts in it.

    In the next second, the hoarse and miserable roar of the hungry ghost sounded in the darkness.

    The other hungry ghost saw that it was not good, and hurried to the alleyway. Deep in the shadow, several shadowy hands gripped its thin and thin lower limbs tightly, and pulled it into the darkness.

    The hungry ghost suddenly opened his big mouth, lowered his head and bit his calf, and then slid out quickly.

    At the moment of leaving the body, a mouth was split on that pale calf, and the shadow ghost’s hand was bitten firmly.

    “Damn!” The Shadow Ghost was taken aback.

    The hungry ghost wrapped in the shadow ghost ghost took the opportunity to break free and slammed into it.

    The shadow ghost had to dispose of the hungry ghost first, before he could finally get out and turned to look for the hungry ghost that had just escaped.

    It hurriedly chased out of the alley.

    Just when I walked out of the darkness, I just heard a “puff” sound.

    The heavy body of the hungry ghost fell under its feet.

    The slender limbs like dead branches stretched out, the pale face was on its back, the mouth at the chest cavity was wide open, and a huge hole split from the depths of the mouth, as if it was cut neatly by some sharp weapon, almost cutting Its whole body was torn in half.

    Its body gradually faded.

    ——It is actually dead.

    The shadow ghost raised his head and looked at the new ghost standing at the entrance of the alley in disbelief.

    Layers of dark yin air completely enveloped the other party, and under the shining of the street lamp at the entrance of the alley, one could faintly see the tall and straight figure hidden under the thick ash-like shadow.

    A cold light gleamed on the other’s fingertips for a moment, and then disappeared.

    The shadow ghost couldn’t help but secretly startled.

    Hungry ghosts are extremely difficult to deal with. Although the attack power is not high, the defense power can be regarded as abnormal.

    The escaped hungry ghost can alienate and severed its limbs, indicating that it is at least level b or above.

    And the one it just dealt with was only C+ level.

    Even so, it must pull the hungry ghost into its own ghost mythical creature in order to barely break through the other’s hard and abnormal skin.

    And this new ghost actually… can accurately kill a b-level hungry ghost in a single shot directly in the real world without any ghost bonuses. In its impression, even if it is a ghost of its own level, There is very little that can be done.

    ——Technology, experience and strength are indispensable.

    The shadow ghost looked at the other party’s eyes directly changed:

    “Brother, awesome.”

    It used the shadow to recover the hungry ghost’s body, and then approached Ye Jia: “What was that just now?”

    “You used it yesterday. Does it hurt me?” The shadow ghost looked at Ye Jia curiously: “You know I can be regarded as fast, I haven’t seen how you did it!”

    Even if the sound of the meeting on the narrow road yesterday at the entrance of the cave is heard, the shadow ghost is still a bit sore.

    It’s been a long, long time since the terrible pain that was directly hurt to the body was felt:

    “Is it your weapon?”

    Ye Jia: “…Almost.”

    “What does it look like? Let me see?” Asked the shadow ghost.

    If you look at me, my true identity will be lost.

    Ye Jia: “It’s a claw. It usually doesn’t stick out.”

    “But didn’t it stick out when you were fighting?” The Shadow Ghost is not forgiving.

    “That’s passive.” Ye Jia was troubled by its noisy headache, so she lied casually:

    “Yes , only when you mate/mate will you take the initiative to reach out.” “Oh!” The shadow ghost suddenly realized: “It turns out that you need to have sex Matching race! Sorry, sorry, our shadow ghosts are all divided by ourselves, so it is easy to ignore the feelings of your races. “

    This is a matter of **.

    After confirming the opponent’s strength, the shadow ghost looked up and down at the new ghost in front of him, the more he looked at it, the more comfortable it became.

    Worthy of being a king!

    Too discerning!

    The previous barrier and ice melted instantly, and the shadow ghost asked: “Eh, by the way, what is your name?”

    In the game, ghosts and monsters are usually distinguished by race, such as hungry ghosts, shadow ghosts, suckers, and ghost faces. Spiders and so on, but within the ghosts that have evolved higher intelligence, they will also have their own names. These names are very **, and they are rarely revealed to ghosts outside of the race.

    However, as employees working under the same boss, they should have exchanged names.

    The reason why it has been delayed to the present is because it was not recognized enough before.

    The shadow ghost said: “You can call me Ami.”

    Ye Jia: “…”

    What the hell is this name?

    He slowly asked: “Did you… do it yourself?”

    Ami nodded, and Ye Jia could actually see a hint of shyness from its vague facial features: “Yes, does it sound good?”

    “…………… …” Ye Jia returned dryly: “…very unique.”

    “What about you?”

    Ye Jia said casually: “Aye.”

    After exchanging names with each other, the relationship between them became more familiar. , And then the work of dealing with other traitors has become smoother.

    One person and one ghost cooperated in tacit understanding, and soon all the fish that slipped through the net were caught.

    Ami looked down at the time on the phone somewhat unexpectedly: “Much faster than I thought.”

    Ye Jia’s eyes lit up: “It’s over?”

    “There is one last item left.” Ami put away the compass: “There should be a lot of spider soldiers and spider eggs left in the spider’s nest. If you leave them alone, they might be able to raise another insect mother.”

    -However, last night, Ye Jia had already personally Ensure that this will not happen.

    But it doesn’t know this matter.

    Ye Jia nodded calmly: “Okay,

    let ‘s go.” Soon, they came to the construction site last night again.

    A waning moon hung above the thin clouds, and the desolate construction site below looked cold and terrifying.

    It is obviously summer, but the moment I set foot on this land, I can instantly feel a icy cold air that penetrates my bone marrow, which makes people cringe subconsciously.

    Even if he hadn’t come to the entrance of the cave, he could feel the soaring evil aura and blood from far away, condensed into a thick forest of cold smoke, faintly enveloped the ruins of the broken wall below.

    “Hey.” The little black hand secretly said in Ye Jia’s ear: “There seems to be someone here.”

    Obviously, Ami had also noticed this. He turned his head, and fixedly stared at a certain face with the blurred facial features. In this direction, he hissed: “I can smell the smell of human beings.”

    At the moment its voice fell, only a few figures slowly appeared in the ruins not far away.

    “It’s here.” You

    don’t even need to look down at the map in his hand, Wu Su knows that he has found the right place. Feeling creepy.

    The other members of the team also had the same serious expressions.

    Although they are still far away, they can still feel the evil breath coming from ahead.

    Even though they have already experienced many battles, the fear of danger instinct still exists, climbing slowly along the spine like a cold snake.

    There is no need to take a step forward, they can already realize how dangerous the front is.

    “Brother Wu,” one of the team members hesitated, turned his head to look at Wu Su, and asked: “Are we…really going in?”

    Wu Su took out a cigarette and bit it in his mouth.

    He looked into the distance thoughtfully, as if he was struggling with something, even the smoke in his mouth was forgotten.

    After a long time, he finally made up his mind, gritted his teeth, and said:

    “Let’s go.”

    On the other side, Ami coldly watched the team that was advancing towards the spider’s lair. The shadow behind it slowly expanded and elongated, as if Just about to move.

    Ye Jia grabbed it quickly with his

    eyes and hands: “Wait.” “What’s the matter?” Ami glanced at Ye Jia suspiciously.

    Ye Jia said, “Do you still remember the job the king gave me?”

    “Of course.”

    Ye Jia pointed to the team: “They are wearing the uniforms of the bureau.”

    “We don’t need to mix up this matter, in case it leaves any traces and destroys the king’s. The plan is not good.” He lied without changing his face: “Anyway, there are spider soldiers waiting for them in the lair, maybe he can help us alleviate the burden of work.”

    “Oh!” Ami suddenly said, “You still want to. It’s comprehensive.”

    “However, I think it’s better for one of us to sneak in and watch it,” Ye Jia patted it on the shoulder: “Tonight has always been your contribution, my queen, this time you will rest and rest. Okay, I’ll do it.”

    Ami was very moved: “Brother, you are so kind.”

    Ye Jia was very humble: “No, no. I should do it.”

    So, one person and one ghost happily bid farewell.

    Ami watched the wind at the entrance of the cave, but Ye Jia secretly followed behind under the cover of night.

    The little black hand who had been clinging to Ye Jia’s shoulder faintly said, “If you are such a deceitful ghost, your conscience will not hurt?”

    Ye Jia asked back, “Which sentence I said is not the truth?” The

    little black hand: “… …” It

    seems to be true.

    This human being scornful, really is the old sow wearing a bra, one set of set.

    ——You are dirty in playing tactics!

    Inside the cave.

    Wu Su walked at the forefront of the team. He walked forward slowly, moving his sharp eyes across the pitch-black cave inch by inch, vigilant for everything that might happen.

    There was a strong stench in the passage, and the ground and walls were wet, flashing a dark red light under the light of the flashlight.

    It’s like a massacre just happened here.

    Wu Su bent down and carefully examined the corpse of a spider soldier who was half a human in front of him.

    He stretched out his hand and moved the dark, bristly hairy legs of the dead spider, observing a huge wound on its belly that almost cut it in half.

    The yellow-green liquid poured out slowly with his movements, and fell on the ground gurglingly, making the air in the cave even more filthy.

    Wu Su let go: “We are a step late.”

    “…haha” A team member gave a dry smile: “That’s also pretty good.”

    According to the current signs, if they came really early, they might die. .

    Wu Su bit his cigarette butt and didn’t reply.

    He led the team to continue groping forward.

    After passing through the tortuous and complicated passage, they finally came to the center of the spider’s nest.

    The ghost will dissipate into Yin Qi, but the monster will not.

    In the huge and empty cave, the horrible corpse of the insect mother lay horizontally.

    Her human face was frozen by death, distorted into a hideous look in anger, pain, viciousness and hatred, her turbid eyes stared into the distance, and there were countless blood guts left on her huge body. wound.

    The egg sac on the back of the belly has been broken, the liquid has already penetrated into the soil, and the spider eggs that have lost their nutrient supply appear a stiff grayish white.

    The ground was covered with broken limbs and dried blood.

    The team members were stunned, stunned by the almost purgatory scene in front of them.

    “These… did you say that the knowledgeable person did it?”

    One of them asked slowly in a very soft voice, as if he was afraid of disturbing something.

    “…I’m afraid it is.” Wu Su took a deep breath and took the cigarette butt in his hand: “This ghost face spider is probably at least level A up. Apart from him, I don’t think anyone can do it. At this point.” The

    team member was taken aback: “Who?”

    Wu Su’s eyes were far-reaching and solemn, and said slowly: “ace.”

    Ye Jia who was cueed inexplicably: “…”

    ? ? ?

    Actually, it wasn’t me

    this time… the name was very strange, and the team members repeated questioningly: “ace?”

    “He is a myth in the game.” Wu Su twisted his beard, his eyes flashed slightly. It seems to be stuck in memory: “The game is a points system. One hundred million points can be exchanged for the qualification to leave the game. Aces is the first place on the scoreboard, and it is also the only player in the game who has cleared the game.”

    What? !

    The players all took a breath.

    No one in this team didn’t know Wu Su’s experience.

    He stayed in the game for three full years, struggling and struggling to survive. He thought that his life might be ruined here, but suddenly one day, the game’s system failed.

    The standings hanging over the head were darkened for the first time.

    The game’s store is inaccessible, the program no longer responds to the player’s call, and it no longer forces the players one by one into the nine deadly copies.

    After a brief confusion, experienced players realized a fact.

    The game crashed.

    ——The door to the real world is opened.

    All the players were ecstatic, as if they were left behind.

    But they forget that this door is not only opened for them, the ghosts in the game also lose their restraints and invade reality.

    As one of them, after returning to reality, Wu Su entered the Supernatural Administration and used his experience in the game to try to contain the rapidly increasing number of ghosts in society.

    ——It is precisely because he knows Wu Su’s experience that he has also fought side by side with him, contacted and even fought those terrifying ghosts at close range.

    Therefore, the other team members are so clear about the meaning of the title “first in the standings, the only player to pass the game”.

    “My God…” one of them asked in a daze,

    “This…Is this… a fairy or a monster?”

    “Perhaps it is both.” Wu Su raised his head and looked at the spider’s body not far away. The line of sight slowly passed through the scar on the ugly corpse.

    He said: “I used to form a team with him shortly after I just entered the game.” The

    team members eagerly asked: “What then? What does he look like?”

    Wu Su took a deep breath, retracted his gaze, solemnly Said the matter: “Very strong, very strong.”

    -He still remembers every scene that happened in that copy.

    Under the dark sky, a hooded young man walked silently at the end of the line, shadows covering his face.

    He did not speak, but followed silently.

    No one knows his identity.

    -Until the beginning of the copy.

    The sickle, as bright as the moon, shone with cruel and sharp light, and cut into the monster’s abdomen with ease. The stumps and pieces of meat flew, dyeing the sky a scarlet color.

    When they came back to their senses, the other party had already slaughtered the entire group of ghosts.

    In fact, this time Wu Su was the task of City M who took the initiative to take over.

    In fact, when he was sorting out the files, he saw the name of ace appeared on one of the files.

    And now, all the evidence points to the same conclusion-the

    rumors are true, and ace has indeed cleared the customs.


    a fanatical light flashed through Wu Su’s eyes, and he murmured: “——He is in M ​​City now.” In

    a hidden passage not far away.

    “My God,” Xiao Hei grabbed Ye Jia’s shoulder, listened with relish to the conversation in the distance, and exclaimed: “So you are so popular? You have been cleared for so long, and still have diehard fans?

    ” ……” Ye Jia said expressionlessly: “Shut up, you.” In

    this world, is there anything more shameful than listening to others blowing their rainbow farts in person?


    “So, are there any forces in this world that don’t want to find you?” Xiao Hei Shou asked quietly.

    Ye Jia: “…”


After an Infinite Flow Player Retires

After an Infinite Flow Player Retires

Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Chinese
As a renowned fierce god in the infinite flow world, Ye Jia deliberately hid his strength after clearing it and found an idle job in the Logistics Department of the Paranormal Investigation and Management Bureau. He originally thought that he would be able to return to his salted fish life and live comfortably. But what Ye Jia didn’t expect was…… One day, he opened the fridge and was met with an evil spirit’s vicious head, “Boss, boss. Did you miss me…..” Ye Jia: “………” He slammed the door shut and fell into deep thought. Wasn’t there something wrong with this world? The TV behind him was broadcasting news: Recently there has been a surge in paranormal events and the number of missing persons has sharply increased. It is currently under investigation….. * With the infinite flow escape game unexpectedly collapsing, countless demons and ghosts trapped in it were released, bringing disaster to the world. Only Ye Jia who cleared the game knew the truth. All of these……..were old acquaintances……… Ye Jia: My life is too difficult. #I clearly just want to be an ordinary corporate s*ave# Finally, one day, he saw an unexpected monster. After two seconds of silence, Ye Jia greeted dryly: “…….You came out too. What a coincidence.” The man before him smiled and slowly approached him, “My boyfriend ran away from home. Of course, I should come out to catch him and bring him back.” Ye Jia: “……..” Who would have thought that, along with the global sensation of ghost doors opening in the mortal world, there was also….. His peach blossom debt. It can’t be, sir. This is also okay?


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