After an Infinite Flow Player Retires Chapter 21


    The sound of footsteps behind gradually approached, amplified by the surrounding stone walls, and echoed in the narrow cave. Every step seemed to be stepping on a person’s heart.

    A man’s overly strong sense of presence is like a magnet, even if he doesn’t need to turn around, he can feel the other person’s approach.

    Ye Jia’s back was stiff.

    Countless thoughts flashed across his mind quickly, entangled into a mess.

    The shadow ghost bowed deeply towards the incoming person:


    Ye Jia gritted his teeth, turned around abruptly, and bends down deeply behind his back:

    ” –Wang .”

    It seemed that he was a little surprised by his reaction, the sound of footsteps. Stopped.

    But the distance is still too close.

    Ye Jia could almost smell the scent coming from the opponent’s body-that was the thick bloody aura that passed through the sea of ​​blood on the corpse mountain after the massacre.

    After so many years of playing in the game, he was already very familiar with this taste, but at this moment Ye Jia couldn’t help but feel nervous.

    “Huh?” The man’s low voice came from above his head, with a hint of interest: “What do you call me?”


    Ye Jia almost didn’t catch his breath.

    He felt his unrested heart beating again violently, bumping into his chest, making his ribs hurt.

    The shadow ghost’s gloomy voice came from behind:

    “Oh, now you know who your allegiance is?”

    Ye Jia waited nervously, but the man standing in front of him didn’t seem to refute the shadow ghost.

    The heart he mentioned finally fell back a little bit.

    ——It seems that I may not have been recognized by the other party.

    The shadow ghost’s voice contained a murderous intent that could not be concealed: “Since you will come to participate in this rally of rebels, you have already chosen your own position, and you should know the consequences of the betrayal.” The

    most worrying thing, Ye Jia’s lips are much more flexible.

    He bent his waist lower and said in a horrified tone:

    “No, no, you misunderstood me! I came this time because I got some gossip. It is said that someone is conspiring in the dark. That’s why I sneaked in today to spy on the situation here for you… If you don’t believe me, you can go to the Spider Soldier and see if the insect mother has invited me…”

    Ye Jia hasn’t finished yet. Interrupted by a sneer from the Shadow Ghost, it asked in a cold tone,

    “You are so kind?”

    Ye Jia nodded heavily so that his actions could penetrate the layer of yin covered outside and be seen by the person in front of him.

    He racked his brains and explained:

    “This, this is because I admired you very much from the beginning, but I didn’t have the opportunity to approach you, so as long as the sword goes slanting and taking risks, so as to…”

    “You don’t want to be rhetorical!” The shadow ghost’s voice sharpened: “Betrayal is absolutely forbidden…” Before the

    words were finished, they were interrupted.

    “Oh?” Ji Xuan, who hadn’t said a word since just now, suddenly said:

    “Do you admire me?”

    There is not much emotion in his voice, but the ending sound is slightly elongated with a smile but a smile, revealing a hint of inexplicable depth. The meaning.


    The shadow ghost choked.

    It looked at the ghost king who was standing not far away in disbelief, seeming to wonder if he had been dropped.

    “…Yes, yes.” Ye Jia bit his scalp and continued: “After all, your powerful forces can shock all the ghosts. I felt from the beginning that no one except you is qualified to be the only leader of the ghosts. Wang, give me eight hundred courage and I don’t dare to betray you.”

    “Really.” Ji Xuan dropped the two words lightly, the emotions in the slightly drooping scarlet eyes.

    He stepped forward again, and walked out of the cave: “Then follow.” The     “So I will give you a chance to prove your loyalty.”     Ye Jia: “…”     Wait, why does he suddenly have an ominous premonition.

    The sound of footsteps echoing in the cave gradually faded away.

    When Ye Jia raised his head, Ji Xuan and the giant blood gu fish had disappeared.

    Only he and the shadow ghost looked at each other:

    “…” The

    shadow ghost stared at the direction of Ji Xuan’s disappearance stupidly, and his vague facial features became more tranced, as if he was deeply suspicious of Guisheng.

    Ye Jia couldn’t hold back, and asked,

    “Your king… was this all the way before?”

    It seemed a little…too easy to talk.

    It always feels weird.

    The shadow ghost was pulled back from the trance by his voice. Although it is also not clear what is going on, it is not good to show its timidity in front of the traitor. It has a stern expression and said viciously, “Wang said to keep up. , Didn’t you hear?”

    Ye Jia: “…” Okay


    Shadow Ghost and Ye Jia jumped out of the cave one after another.

    However, what greeted them was not a dilapidated and desolate construction site, but a brightly-lit gorgeous hall, with a clean and clean floor, luxurious decorations, and a smell of money everywhere.

    Ye Jia was shocked and turned to look behind.

    The ghost face spider’s hole is gone.

    Ye Jia’s heart sank slightly.

    It should be at that moment that Ji Xuan unfolded his ghost mythical creature, and precisely controlled the ghost mythical creature at the location of the ghost spider hole, even entering and leaving before people even noticed it.

    It’s like a portal.

    This kind of control… Ye Jia could not tell whether it was because of the opponent’s strength, or the privilege of a certain game to the king he chose.

    No matter what it is, it is impossible to underestimate.

    Ji Xuan raised his hand and unbuttoned the two buttons under his neck, revealing a pale collarbone with distinct lines, and then sat down.

    ——Perhaps because the light in the cave is too dark and the man’s aura is too strong, Ye Jia only noticed now that, unlike other ghosts, he wears human clothes.

    Simple white shirt and black trousers.

    It looks very casual, and it seems to have been perfectly integrated into human society.

    Ji Xuan thoughtfully examined the two ghosts in front of him.

    A pair of blood-colored eyes were slightly narrowed, and the cold light flowing in the deep pupils, under the bright light of the room, was like blood flowing slowly.

    Under his gaze, everything seemed invisible.

    Ye Jia forcibly restrained his urge to add a few more layers of Yin Qi to his body.

    Based on experience, his disguise is arguably foolproof.


    he was already regretting his impulse just now.

    Before Ye Jia couldn’t bear it, Ji Xuan withdrew his gaze.

    He said unhurriedly: “I believe you.”

    Before Ye Jia could breathe a sigh of relief, he just listened to the other party’s continued words:

    Ji Xuan tapped the handle of the sofa lightly with his pale fingers, and asked slowly: “Have you heard of the Supernatural Authority?”

    …I can’t get more familiar.

    Ye Jia reluctantly squeezed out a sentence from the gap between his teeth: “It seems, I have heard of it.”

    “Very good.” Ji Xuan laughed, “Find a way to get in.”

    Ye Jia’s eyes went black: “…… …”

    Is this the retribution that he lied to say that he was a double agent? ! !

    He took a deep breath and said dryly: “This, this kind of department should be managed very strictly, right? I don’t know how to pretend to be human, I am afraid it will be difficult…”

    “If you need it,” Ji Xuan said: ” I can help you.”

    Ye Jia: “…”

    He said sternly: “But! In order to show the capital that can be trusted by the king, I believe I will be able to handle such trivial matters by myself. Yes! It is guaranteed to complete the task perfectly!”

    Ji Xuan looked at him with a faint smile: “Okay.”

    He stood up and walked slowly in front of Ye Jia.

    Ye Jia was a little stunned.

    The pictures buried deep in the memory suddenly flooded into my mind.

    [The little boy who only reached his waist stood alone in front of him, with a pale face upturned, a pair of dark and gloomy big eyes fixedly looking at him, a certain kind of morbid paranoia was deeply affected Hidden deep in his eyes, he raised the corners of his lips and said in a slightly hoarse childish voice: “Brother, I believe you.”]

    After a second of trance, Ji Xuan had already walked up to him.

    Ye Jia realized that the other party was already half a head taller than himself, with broad shoulders and a sharp back. Just standing there can give people a terrible sense of oppression.

    “I will report on work once a week from now on.” Ji Xuan’s voice calmly: “If you need anything, I will let the Shadow Ghost find you.

    He has a pair of blood-red eyes, and the corners of his pale lips are slowly raised. He said lowly and unhurriedly:

    “I believe you won’t live up to my expectations. “


    shadow ghost sent Ye Jia out.

    Perhaps because they are now colleagues, the attitude of the shadow ghost towards Ye Jia is obviously better than before: “Since the king has taken a fancy to you, it means you may be genuine. There is something special, don’t worry, just work hard and don’t anger the king. I believe you can get what you want and find a place by the king. “

    Ye Jia: “Haha, thank you.” “

    No, I don’t want to find a place by his side. Thank you, I just want to

    stay away from him. How far away. In the

    next second, the shadow ghost took out a mobile phone from his back like a trick:

    ” Let’s add WeChat? “

    Ye Jia: “…”


    Are the current Li ghosts so advancing with the times?

    Ye Jia took out his mobile phone from his pocket with a dazed expression, and followed the method taught by Xiao Hei Shou to sweep the shadow ghost. QR code.

    Soon, the two joined friends.

    Ye Jia glanced at the screen on the phone and fell silent again. The

    other person’s head was a fluffy milk cat, and his nickname was: Cats love to eat fish.

    Ah . This. The

    shadow ghost stuffed the phone back: “Contact me if you have something. “

    Ye Jia: “…Okay. “

    He has received too much shock this day.

    Before the shadow ghost left, Ye Jia still couldn’t hold back, and shouted to him: “Wait a minute…”

    “Huh?” Asked the shadow ghost.

    “You king, are you good to the employees?” “The

    Shadow Ghost thought deeply. After a long time, it raised its head and looked at Ye Jia: “It’s getting better recently. “

    Ye Jia: “? “

    Shadow Ghost said: “He hasn’t killed us followers much recently. “

    Ye Jia: “…This way.”

    “In fact, the king is still good to us. Following other S-level ghosts, not only has to worry about being eaten all the time, but it is also difficult to get any soup. Drink.” The shadow ghost has a very good mentality: “The king is the only Li ghost who is not stingy. Following him, we only need to worry about the first point.”

    Ye Jia: “…Okay.” From

    this point of view, Li Gui The employment environment is much more severe than that of human beings.

    After a few brief conversations, Shadow Ghost and Ye Jia seemed to have gotten acquainted with each other.

    It raised that light and fuzzy hand, and patted Ye Jia on the shoulder: “Don’t worry, our lives will be better when the king catches that wicked and cunning human by himself.”

    Some wicked and cunning human : “…”

    Well, I really don’t need to worry at all.

    The author has something to say: When you go out, there is an extra boss.


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After an Infinite Flow Player Retires

After an Infinite Flow Player Retires

Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Chinese
As a renowned fierce god in the infinite flow world, Ye Jia deliberately hid his strength after clearing it and found an idle job in the Logistics Department of the Paranormal Investigation and Management Bureau. He originally thought that he would be able to return to his salted fish life and live comfortably. But what Ye Jia didn’t expect was…… One day, he opened the fridge and was met with an evil spirit’s vicious head, “Boss, boss. Did you miss me…..” Ye Jia: “………” He slammed the door shut and fell into deep thought. Wasn’t there something wrong with this world? The TV behind him was broadcasting news: Recently there has been a surge in paranormal events and the number of missing persons has sharply increased. It is currently under investigation….. * With the infinite flow escape game unexpectedly collapsing, countless demons and ghosts trapped in it were released, bringing disaster to the world. Only Ye Jia who cleared the game knew the truth. All of these……..were old acquaintances……… Ye Jia: My life is too difficult. #I clearly just want to be an ordinary corporate s*ave# Finally, one day, he saw an unexpected monster. After two seconds of silence, Ye Jia greeted dryly: “…….You came out too. What a coincidence.” The man before him smiled and slowly approached him, “My boyfriend ran away from home. Of course, I should come out to catch him and bring him back.” Ye Jia: “……..” Who would have thought that, along with the global sensation of ghost doors opening in the mortal world, there was also….. His peach blossom debt. It can’t be, sir. This is also okay?


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