After an Infinite Flow Player Retires Chapter 102

Fanwai Si

    Jixuan forced himself to calm down.

    No, at least not now.

    The anger of my brother last time has not disappeared yet.

    He bent down and took off Ye Jia’s shoes. His cold hands grasped the youth’s slender and white ankles. The temperature was far lower than ordinary people’s, causing the other party to shrink back subconsciously, and was dragged back by Ji Xuan’s ankles.

    “Cold.” The young man’s voice came from above his head.

    His tone is flat and a bit sluggish.

    Ji Xuan raised his head and looked at the other party.

    Ye Jia lowered her head, her hair was a little messy, the top of her hair showed a shaggy light brown under the bright light, her eyes were half-squinted, and she looked at him steadily.

    Ji Xuan moved his hand up and held the opponent’s calf through his pants:

    “What about now?”

    Ye Jia thought for a while, and made a low “Um” cry.

    Being honest is a bit too much.

    Ji Xuan tentatively asked: “Brother, who am I?”

    “Ji Xuan.” Ye Jia replied slowly.

    “What else?” Ji Xuan leaned forward, the light above his head cast down the shadow of the tall body, as if he had consciousness and life, slowly trapping the youth in it, and his voice was full of coaxing. The meaning of: “What else do you call me?”

    If the situation is the same, Ye Jia might have already started to open him.

    But at this moment, he thought for a while, and said slowly: “A Xuan.”

    Ji Xuan’s Adam’s apple rolled, a pair of scarlet eyes were backed by light, and his eyes flashed with a certain dark and deep emotion, sharp and sharp aggression. The sensation can almost be transformed into substance, as the line of sight licks the opponent’s skin heavily.

    Ye Jia seemed to be aware of the strangeness. He raised his eyes and looked at the man on his sides, frowning involuntarily.

    Ji Xuan closed his eyes vigorously, his teeth clenched.

    No, hold back.

    After a long time, he breathed out slowly and opened his eyes.

    The deep lust rolling in the scarlet eyes was suppressed.

    Ji Xuan raised his eyes, fixedly looking at the frowning young man in front of him, raised his hand, his cold fingertips touched the other’s brows, and gently rubbed them:

    “Don’t frown.”

    Ye Jia blinked. He turned his head and chased Ji Xuan’s hand with his cheek.

    Ji Xuan was stunned.

    The hot and delicate skin rubbed against the back of his hand, and the trembling sensation instantly rose, and the fire spread scorchingly.

    “…Cool.” Ye Jia half leaned against Ji Xuan’s hand, thought for a few seconds, and said slowly.

    With that, he put his forehead up.

    Although his complexion didn’t change, his skin had the heat of drunkenness. To Ji Xuan, it was as hot as a charcoal fire.

    Ye Jia felt that the cold thing he was resting on was suddenly taken away.

    He turned his head and looked towards the bed.

    Ji Xuan stood still on the spot, his expression was uncertain, staring at Ye Jia.

    After a long time, he gritted his teeth and said: “…Go to sleep.”

    Ye Jia whispered “Oh”, but didn’t move.

    After sitting for a few seconds, he raised his head to look at Ji Xuan and said, “I didn’t brush his teeth.”


    Ji Xuan resignedly stepped forward and helped Ye Jia up.

    The young man’s waist is slender and his flexible muscles tighten and relax as he walks. The curve of the waist line is very suitable for being held and held in the palm of his hand, or taken into his arms.

    Ji Xuan’s complexion was touched several times.

    Although you can’t eat it in your mouth seriously, it’s okay to take the opportunity to touch it.

    He helped Ye Jia into the bathroom.

    Ye Jia sat on the edge of the bathtub, his scattered hair being swept behind his head, revealing a pale and clean forehead. He lowered his eyes, and his long straight eyelashes cast deep shadows.

    Ji Xuan squatted down in front of Ye Jia, holding the toothbrush with his slender fingers with distinct joints.

    He squeezed toothpaste on the toothbrush: “

    Open your mouth.” Ye Jia opened his mouth.

    His lips are thin, pale and colorless, but at the moment they are stained with a light crimson because of drunkenness, the mucous membrane under the lips is bright red, and the teeth that line the teeth are white and tidy, and the tip of the tongue is obediently against the tooth surface, looking moist and soft. .

    Ji Xuan felt that his endurance had reached its limit.

    He hurriedly stuffed the toothbrush into Ye Jia’s mouth: “Come on.”

    Ye Jia blinked, ignoring the other party’s sudden stiff attitude, raised his hand to hold the handle of the toothbrush, and slowly brushed it up.

    Ji Xuan stood on the side, keeping a certain distance deliberately.

    He raised his eyes.

    In the mirror, the man’s scarlet eyes burned fiercely in the depths, his lips were tight and his shoulders were tight, as if he was enduring something.

    Ji Xuan’s heart was at war between heaven and man.

    He could hear the buzzing in his ears, as if it was not Ye Jia who was drunk, but himself. The restless scorching heat burned him from the depths of his soul and tortured him, making him almost It’s hard to settle down and think about something.

    The voice persuading oneself to be patient is getting smaller and smaller, and it is almost impossible to hear it now.

    Suddenly, I only heard the sound of “Swipe–“.

    The sound of running water broke the freezing silence in the narrow space. Ji Xuan was startled and turned his head to look.

    I saw that Ye Jia didn’t know when he had finished brushing his teeth.

    He leaned half of his body into the bathtub, pulling the open sprinkler in his hand, and steaming water gushing out, instantly dampening his upper body clothes halfway.

    Ye Jia seemed to notice Ji Xuan’s gaze.

    He looked over slowly and said:

    “Take a bath.” The

    thin shirt clung to his body, drawing tight and smooth muscle lines, and the pale and delicate texture of the skin was faintly visible.

    Ji Xuan felt that a string in his brain was broken.


    Between the sky and the earth, Ye Jia felt that he was being pushed hard against the wall, and there was a cold and hard touch on his back. Through the wet clothes, it pierced into the nerves like a needle, which instantly changed his mind. Got to wake up.

    ……what happened?

    There seemed to be the sound of water in my ears, and the light above my head was bright and dazzling.

    where is this?

    However, before Ye Jia could think about it, the whole person was firmly suppressed.

    His lips were licked hard, and a heavy pressure came from his chest, making him almost unable to breathe.

    The temperature next to him rose rapidly along with the water vapor. Ye Jia felt that his cheeks were astonishingly hot. Only the body in front of him brought a comfortable coolness, pulling him in this dizzy, sticky mud. Get deeper and deeper.

    But there is something struggling in my head yelling.

    Instinctively foreseeing the sense of danger, he overwhelmed in the depths of his subconscious mind.

    Ye Jia hard

    Lift up heavy eyelids.

    The familiar face of the man drew very close, the tall bridge of nose and brow peaks with water vapor, the eye sockets became more and more sunken, and his eyes were burning.

    “Let go…” Ye Jia was startled by his own voice.

    The dumb could hardly hear the original tone, and his voice trembled slightly, almost engulfed by the sound of splashing water.

    Ji Xuan seemed to have noticed Ye Jia’s soberness, and chuckled: “Brother, you are awake.”

    He leaned down, rubbed the tip of the opponent’s nose affectionately with the bridge of his nose, and murmured:

    “It’s late.”

    Ye Jia chaotically Against the other’s chest.

    He felt some irregular touch under his palm.

    In the swaying sight, Ye Jia saw that on Ji Xuan’s chest, huge scars were undulating ferociously, appearing more and more dazzling on the pale skin-after Ji Xuan’s pretense was dismantled, the magic technique was withdrawn. When it fell, his scars went up and down side by side.

    The first one was left when Ye Jia personally tore his chest open, and the second one was left after forcibly transferring his wound to his body.

    Ye Jia asked in a mysterious way:

    “…Does it hurt?” The

    man’s movements suddenly stopped.

    After a long time, he whispered: “You touch it.”

    Ji Xuan lowered his head and rubbed Ye Jia’s lips: “If you touch it, I won’t hurt anymore.”

    Ye Jia’s throat choked.

    Ji Xuan asked dumbly: “Brother, do you want to do it?”

    Ye Jia didn’t answer.

    He retracted his hand against the opponent’s chest, and his arms crossed his face, covering the upper half of his face.

    The young man buried his hands in his arms, his exposed ears and neck were red, wet, and flashing under the lamp.

    He pursed his lips and nodded casually.


    Ye Jia didn’t come to work for two days.

    The leader of the combat section was a little worried and wanted to make a call, but was stopped by Wei Yuechu.

    She said: “Don’t worry, Brother Ye will be fine.”


    The third day.

    The shadow ghost received a secret order from the king.

    Find out which wines were ordered during the Occult Administration meeting that night.

    ——Then get them all

After an Infinite Flow Player Retires

After an Infinite Flow Player Retires

Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Chinese
As a renowned fierce god in the infinite flow world, Ye Jia deliberately hid his strength after clearing it and found an idle job in the Logistics Department of the Paranormal Investigation and Management Bureau. He originally thought that he would be able to return to his salted fish life and live comfortably. But what Ye Jia didn’t expect was…… One day, he opened the fridge and was met with an evil spirit’s vicious head, “Boss, boss. Did you miss me…..” Ye Jia: “………” He slammed the door shut and fell into deep thought. Wasn’t there something wrong with this world? The TV behind him was broadcasting news: Recently there has been a surge in paranormal events and the number of missing persons has sharply increased. It is currently under investigation….. * With the infinite flow escape game unexpectedly collapsing, countless demons and ghosts trapped in it were released, bringing disaster to the world. Only Ye Jia who cleared the game knew the truth. All of these……..were old acquaintances……… Ye Jia: My life is too difficult. #I clearly just want to be an ordinary corporate s*ave# Finally, one day, he saw an unexpected monster. After two seconds of silence, Ye Jia greeted dryly: “…….You came out too. What a coincidence.” The man before him smiled and slowly approached him, “My boyfriend ran away from home. Of course, I should come out to catch him and bring him back.” Ye Jia: “……..” Who would have thought that, along with the global sensation of ghost doors opening in the mortal world, there was also….. His peach blossom debt. It can’t be, sir. This is also okay?


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