A Fake Holy Mother in the Zombie Apocalypse Chapter 72

  The jeep headed all the way south, towards the hinterland of country M.

    The red soil remains the same, but the terrain is undulating. There are gentle hillsides on the roadside. The large tea gardens above are no one to care about, but they are still like a thick green carpet, full of vitality.

    Being accustomed to the late-driving car, Bei Nuan felt that Captain Zheng was driving very slowly, as if he was climbing, making people sleepy.

    Captain Zheng picked up the old map placed under the windshield and looked at the location marked on it.

    “It’s almost here,” he said.

    You can see in the distance, at the end of the large tea garden, is a huge manor.

    Bei Nuan glanced at it and came to a conclusion: Really rich.

    No matter who entrusted them to fetch things, they are definitely a big local tyrant in Country M.

    The manor occupies a large area. It is a complex of buildings. The sky bridge and the cloister are connected with each other. The decoration is complicated. The marble cherubs lying on the eaves and the big stone lions at the door are facing each other, and they are doing multicultural friendly exchanges.

    Then Bei Nuan understood why the owner of the manor offered a reward for people to fetch things.

    Because there are zombies everywhere.

    Outside this local tyrant manor is a large tea plantation and tea farm. There are a lot of workers in the tea farm. Now all of them are turned into zombies, walking around the ground.

    Even if they were to be cleaned up, the zombies would still be visible everywhere in the manor.

    There are too many zombies inside and outside the manor, and if you want to get in, you really need to go through five levels and cut six generals.

    For ordinary people, taking such a trip is a catastrophe of life and death.

    However, Lu Xingchi is no ordinary person, and this zombie is nothing to him.

    Everyone found a shelter near the tea plantation and got off the car.

    Captain Zheng went around to the car, opened the trunk, took out a bow, and carried the quiver on his back, looking like a hunter about to go hunting.

    He explained: “There are too many zombies here. It is not easy to use guns. It is quieter to use bows and arrows.”

    Da Hei did not enter the search team yesterday and did not take Lu Xing too seriously.

    He took out the knife and glanced at the exquisite black crossbow in Lu Xingchi’s hand, “Killing zombies is useless to fix those bells and whistles.”

    Bei Nuan thought: Haha.

    Lu Xingchi only smiled, not paying attention.

    Da Hei took the knife in his hand and said to Captain Zheng: “Brother, don’t shoot me.”

    Captain Zheng nodded, “I know.” The

    two looked solemnly.

    Da Hei took the knife and walked in the forefront, and the two long-range players followed behind.

    Bei Nuan pretended to be carrying a crowbar, and the two of them seemed to be professional cheerleaders, and they came to shout for cheer.

    Bei Nuan soon discovered that Da Hei’s method of using a knife was completely different from that of Jiang Fei.

    He didn’t take the agile route, relying solely on fierce strength and strength, a zombie came and chopped one, with murderous aura.

    Lu Xing shot the zombies late but was very conservative.

    Bei Nuan watched carefully for a while and found that he was counting.

    Captain Zheng kills one, and he kills one too, one is not too many, and one is not too many.

    It seems that the world champion is coming to participate in the school sports meeting, squeezing the pace, and running forward with the rhythm of the school’s number one.

    Captain Zheng and Da Hei are both paying attention to Lu Xingchi.

    Da Hei is not as deep as Captain Zheng. After watching for a while, he said to the little thin man, “It’s not as wicked as you said.” The

    little thin man was anxiously pale, “Brother Lu didn’t perform well today.”

    Bei Nuan thought. It’s not that he didn’t play “good”, he didn’t play at all.

    They walked through the tea garden to the door of the manor, entered the yard from the door, and slowly reached the door of the mansion inside.

    Captain Zheng whispered: “It is said that there are more than two hundred servants here, and they must be all zombies.”

    Then he took out a piece of paper from his pocket.

    It turned out to be a map of this house, with two small circles on it.

    Captain Zheng pointed to the small circle and planned the itinerary, “We are going to find these two circled rooms.”

    Bei Nuan thought to herself, it was terrible. The house was so big that we needed to look at the map to find a room.

    So why not just build a bus line at home, leave regularly, and get on the bus directly wherever you want to go. How convenient is it?

    As soon as you entered the door of the mansion, there was an anteroom comparable to the lobby of the opera house. Unfortunately, there was no electricity and the crystal lights were dim, otherwise it would be magnificent.

    There are more servants, there are more zombies, and uniformed zombies are wandering everywhere in the mansion.

    Even if the big boss deliberately retained his strength, he still seemed not weak. Bei Nuan discovered that Captain Zheng really started to compete with Lu Xing in secret.

    He shoots arrows faster and faster, and the arrows fly out like meteors, and he can hardly feel the time to aim.

    Bei Nuan secretly observed that, in all fairness, the strength of Captain Zheng is already outstanding among the people who fought in the apocalypse.

    The problem is that Lu Xingchi is not a human being at all.

    Captain Zheng got up quickly, and Lu Xingchi also got up quickly. He didn’t fall down at all, but he did not steadily overwhelm him.

    Captain Zheng seemed to finally realize the terrible Lu Xingchi.

    It’s like taking the exam together. You get 70 points for the exam, and Xueba gets 70 points, and you get 90 points, and Xueba gets 90 points. This can only show one thing-Xueba is far more than 90 points.

    One is doing his best, the other is calm and comfortable.

    Standing on top of each other.

    Captain Zheng couldn’t hold it for a while, and his archery slowed down.

    He was slow, and Lu Xingchi followed, and the pressure returned to Da Hei.

    Dahei cut after another, panting.

    Bei Nuan understood why Captain Zheng wanted to pull Lu Xing late. Although he and Dahei are both good at hand, they still can’t pass the level with them alone.

    Therefore, as soon as he heard the little skinny man talk about Lu Xingchi’s superb skills, he immediately came to Lu Xingchi.

    I don’t know why Captain Zheng has to come here.

    After hacking for a while, Da Hei was a little irritable. In the gap where the zombies rushed up, he glanced back at the thin monkey and Bei Nuan.

    “You two also come up to help? Even if you can’t kill it, make two gestures.”

    Bei Nuan was a little embarrassed for a moment, and took two steps forward.

    A few more zombies rushed up together, and Bei Nuan symbolically raised the crowbar, intending to make two real gestures.

    Unexpectedly, the crowbar in his hand suddenly let go and flew out.

    The crowbar was spinning at high speed like a propeller, brushing the top of Da Hei’s head and whizzing past, rolling into the zombies rushing over.

    The crowbar was so fierce that it knocked down a piece of zombies in an instant, and then clanged to the ground.

    Everyone is stupid.

    I have never seen anyone use a crowbar like this.

    Bei Nuan glanced at Lu Xingchi and thought: Brother, the effect you got is too exaggerated. Are you making a martial arts movie?

    Da Hei looked at Bei Nuan’s thin arms in horror, and couldn’t believe that she threw the crowbar so powerful.

    Lu Xingchi just smiled. He picked up the crowbar and handed it back to Bei Nuan, and said faintly: “This is just a zombie, you don’t need to do it, I’ll do it.”

    Bei Nuan seemed to sweep the floor invisible. monk.

    Da Hei was shocked by Bei Nuan’s propeller crowbar, and he no longer dared to talk nonsense.

    After this, Lu Xing slowed down so much and easily took control, almost without the need for others to do it.

    The place where I finally reached the first circle was a bedroom on the west wing connected to the main building.

    The size of the bedroom is so huge that you can’t wait to pave the floor with gold tiles, and the decoration is extravagant.

    Captain Zheng took off the big backpack on his back, took out a list, and put things in the backpack the same way.

    Bei Nuan pays attention to what he is putting.

    Then it was a bit speechless.

    What a gold-plated ashtray, a diamond-encrusted cigar case, a few silk ties, a few famous watches.

    Bei Nuan didn’t say it, but he heard Da Hei’s bluntness, and she was the first to say what she felt like.

    “We took such a big risk, killed so many zombies, and finally came in, just to get this?” The

    little thin man interrupted, “Those big people want things, people don’t have these in the base, so I’m not used to it.”

    Captain Zheng carried a bow and arrow on his back, squatted on the ground, and meticulously filled his backpack according to the list.

    His expression and tone were very indifferent, “As long as you pay the money in one hand, deliver the goods in one hand, and do not delay or owe you, even if they ask me to fetch the dog food bowl, I have no objection.”

    Bei Nuan looked at him and wondered, but it was. It’s just a 30-day meal ticket. With his strength, he shouldn’t care.

    So he won’t do it for those meal tickets.

    That is for the “fire exit”.

    Bei Nuan asked, “So where

    is the fire exit ?” At the same time, I heard Lu Xingchi asking: “Where is the

    fire exit ?” The two people were thinking about the same thing, they ran into each other, and they looked at each other and smiled.

    Before Captain Zheng had time to speak, Da Hei answered first.

    “We all live in these broken buildings in the mining area. Their wealthy and powerful people don’t live here. They all live in a resort by the lake. There is a club inside, called the Taipingmen, which is said to be a fun place. “

    Bei Nuan thought about it carefully. In the original book, the team didn’t seem to go deeper into the base than the dormitory of the mining area, and then left.

    Deeper in the base, I don’t know what is hiding.

    Captain Zheng interrupted Da Hei, “No matter how fun it is, it has nothing to do with us.”

    Bei Nuan asked Captain Zheng, “Who is it that entrusted us to fetch things?”

    Captain Zheng silently put the things in his bag for a long time. Then he said, “I am a wealthy businessman with the surname Yin, who is in the tea business in country M.”

    He meant it very clearly . He actually did not know what he was doing in the tea business.

    The little thin man put in a slot next to him, “Boss Yin, everyone knows that he opened the

    fire exit .” Captain Zheng took a few more silk pajamas, folded them carefully, and put them in the backpack, as if they were afraid of breaking them, and then took them. Out of the map.

    “We have to go to another place.” He glanced at the map, “It’s a study.”

    This treasure study is in the east wing of the mansion.

    Bei Nuan thought to herself, the study is so far away from the bedroom, it’s not bad, get up in the morning and go to the study, you can also exercise by the way.

    With Lu Xing’s late control field, Bei Nuan followed behind.

    The countdown to “One Thousand Compliance” was still running, Bei Nuan thought to himself that this ability seemed to have a big bug.

    If the order given to someone is “from now on in this life you will listen to me”, will the other person really be a puppet for a lifetime?

    It feels unrealistic.

    It’s a pity that the task description is too brief, and Bei Nuan opened the panel and tried to dig out some useful information.

    Sure enough, in the lower right corner of the task name, there is an inconspicuous little triangle.

    Bei Nuan clicked on it with thoughts, and found that there was actually a line of fine prints in it that explained: the effective time is five minutes, and the memory time is five minutes.

    Famous words are listed below.

    There are only two names, one is Lu Xingchi and the other is Zheng Yin, which seems to be the name of Captain Zheng.

    These two are people who have used abilities in Bei Nuan.

    Bei Nuan understood, and thought, as expected.

    This ability can only be used once to make people obedient within five minutes, and after the end, the memory of the opponent within five minutes will be erased.

    It turned out that it would be fine to use it every five minutes, and there was no need to order a spell next time as Lu Xingchi did just now.

    After walking for a long time, we finally arrived at the target study. Everyone was obviously relieved. As long as they finished the study, they could return.

    The door of the study opened with a twist.

    The study is very large, half of which is equipped with sofa sets and coffee tables for meeting guests.

    On the inside is a huge and luxurious boss table with a teacup on the table and a book held upside down. The owner seems to be leaving in a hurry.

    The four walls are full of bookshelves, and they are full of books.

    Bei Nuan took a closer look and found that the types of books are very diverse, and there is no classification at all. There are languages ​​in all countries.

    But all books have one thing in common-beautifully bound, complete sets, placed on the shelf, very beautiful.

    Bei Nuan took out a copy with his finger and opened it for a glance.

    The book has reached a new stage, Bei Nuan turned it by hand, and many of the pages of the book were still glued together, as if they were brand new and undivided.

    Bei Nuan bet that many books have never been touched.

    These books are used purely as decorations.

    Lu Xingchi was also reading a book, and smiled slightly, obviously thinking the same as Bei Nuan.

    Captain Zheng is very dedicated and ignores these books at all. He goes straight to a wall when he enters the door and takes down the books that are lined up outside.

    A safe was exposed inside.

    Captain Zheng took out a note, opened the lock according to the code above, and took out all the contents of the safe.

    Bei Nuan probed his head and saw a familiar thing in a stack of files and boxes.

    A satellite phone.

    It looks similar to that of Huo Ren and Yawen.

    Bei Nuan immediately stabbed Lu Xingtai.

    Lu Xingchi’s attention didn’t seem to be on it. He nodded, indicating that he had seen it, and then went to the book on the table.

    Bei Nuan approached Captain Zheng, picked up the phone and checked and confirmed that they were exactly the same as Huo Cheng and the others, of the same type and style.

    The owner of this manor, whose surname is Yin, does it have anything to do with Huo Ren?

    Jia Han said last time that Huo Ren was in charge of affairs in this area before, and he had a lot of contacts, which seemed like this possibility.

    Lu Xingchi was still standing over the table, and asked Captain Zheng casually: “Take it away? Let’s go.”

    Captain Zheng zipped up his backpack and stood up, “Okay.”

    Bei Nuan also picked up the crowbar leaning on the table. , Ready to go, glanced at the things on the boss’s desk.

    Suddenly realized that something was wrong.

    The boss chair was not placed directly behind the boss table, but was dragged to the other side of the table.

    That place is different from other places.

    This study room is luxuriously decorated. The interiors are all dull mahogany, and there are bookcases on all sides. There are no windows, and it looks like there is no plan to rely on natural lighting.

    Only a small skylight on the roof can see the blue sky.

    And the place where the boss chair was dragged over is at this time, the only place with bright sunlight coming in through the skylight, suitable for reading.

    Bei Nuan compared it in his heart.

    If you are sitting on a chair and reading through the light from the skylight, when you suddenly leave, you just buckle the book on the table.

    The problem is that when the zombie erupts, there should be electricity here.

    Spotlights are installed everywhere, and with the luxury of the owner of this house, I will never be reluctant to turn on the lights, and I want to borrow the sunshine.

    So there is a great possibility.

    After the zombie broke out, there were still people sitting here reading books.

    And the sunlight just fell on the chair now, maybe it was because someone was sitting in this chair and reading just now, and they left after hearing Bei Nuan’s voice.

    This is why even the satellite phone cannot attract Lu Xingchi’s attention.

    He also saw the problem.

    Bei Nuan pretended to pace over without incident, and glanced at the title of the book first.

    It’s a psychology book. The name seems very obscure, unlike the taste of this local boss.

    Bei Nuan’s hand holding the book was slightly deflected and touched the tea cup next to it.

    Sure enough, there is still a faint temperature in the teacup.

    Bei Nuan glanced around and thought, this person who was drinking tea and reading just was still there, this is just leaving.

    Where did he hide?

    Lu Xingchi saw Bei Nuan touch the teacup, knowing that she had also found something abnormal, and smiled knowingly at her.

    Lu Xingchi said to Captain Zheng and the others again, “Since we have everything ready, shall we go?”

    Bei Nuan thought to herself, he wanted to fish out the hidden person.

    Several other people agreed, and they all walked out of the study with their weapons.

    The study is on the third floor, and a few people walked through the long corridor and down the stairs to the first floor.

    Lu Xingchi suddenly asked Captain Zheng: “I just saw a book in the study. Can I borrow it to read it? Return it to the owner after reading it.”

    Captain Zheng did not speak, the little thin man laughed first, “Brother Lu, you What are you afraid of? No one knows if you move all the books away.”

    Captain Zheng looked up down the stairs and frowned, “Do you have to go back and get it? It’s too dangerous here. We’d better go quickly.”

    Da Hei said: “You go up and get it, we’re waiting here.”

    He didn’t bother to climb the third floor again.

    Captain Zheng hesitated for a moment, and said to Lu Xingchi: “Then you go up and get it, we are waiting for you, go and come back quickly.”

    Lu Xingchi reached out and took Bei Nuan’s hand and asked her to go upstairs with him.

    Bei Nuan went up the stairs, turned into the corridor, and said, “I don’t know who is hiding in the study.”

    Lu Xingchi couldn’t help rubbing her head, “Just look at it.” The

    corridor was covered with a thick layer. The thick carpet walks silently.

    The two returned quietly to the entrance of the study.

    It was Lu Xingchi who was the last to leave the study, deliberately leaving a gap in the door.

    Sure enough, a slight voice came from inside.

    Bei Nuan quietly looked inside along the crack of the door.

    Lu Xingchi’s timing was just right. The person who hid him waited for a while, feeling that there was really no one, and was planning to come out.

    I saw that the bookshelf behind the boss’s desk was sliding open quietly like a door, revealing a secret room hidden behind.

    A young man tiptoed out from inside.

    He is very tall and looks similar to Lu Xingchi’s visual inspection.

    The most special thing is that the black hair of a crow makes the skin extremely white, and it seems that he hasn’t seen the sun for a long time.

    A pair of eyes are the same as hair, astonishingly black, as heavy as bottomless, like a black abyss.

    This person Bei Nuan knows.

    I saw his photos so many times, and I saw a real person for the first time.

    This is the mysterious person who was injected with zombie virus inhibitors to Du Ruo at Shui University, and Huo Ren followed all the way and turned the world upside down.

A Fake Holy Mother in the Zombie Apocalypse

A Fake Holy Mother in the Zombie Apocalypse

Score 9.4
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Chinese
Bei Nuan found herself in an apocalypse novel that didn’t have a romantic pairing and became the holy mother female supporting character that specialized in being a drag to the team. In the end, she sacrificed the team to save a city of people and was cursed out by the readers. Bei Nuan: I know the male protagonist and the plot. I’ll definitely be good at playing the female support character’s second chance. There was a ding in her head. The task of the Holy Mother has begun. Play the role of a holy mother in front of the male protagonist. You can leave this world when you get to 100%. Bei Nuan: “…” [Although I do good things every day, I’m really not a good person.] *** The male protagonist, Lu Xingchi, had a bug-level existence and easily crushed everything, but one small detail left his team being wiped out. The first thing he did after he was reborn was to plan on throwing that holy mother white lotus into a pile of zombies. But, as the days dragged on, he found it harder and harder to do so. *** System: New task unlocked: Within the next 24 hours, acting like a holy mother in front of the male lead will not give you any Holy Mother points. Acting like a holy mother in front of Male B, Male C, and Male D will get you double Holy Mother points. Bei Nuan: There was such a good thing? Lu Xingchi discovered that that girl, who had solemnly vowed yesterday, “I’ll follow you every step of the way. Every second that I’m separated from you is a waste of my life,” had disappeared.


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