A Fake Holy Mother in the Zombie Apocalypse Chapter 52

 Du Ruo heard Lu Xingchi’s words and turned her head and asked, “Bei Nuan, how does that Qiu Ji look like? Who is more handsome than Lu Xingchi?”

    Bei Nuan answered objectively, “Of course Lu Xingchi is more handsome.”

    She answered without hesitation. Adding a “of course”, Lu Xingchi was delighted.

    Du Ruo then asked: “Then how am I going to compare with Lu Xing?”

    Bei Nuan answered more quickly than before, without hesitation, and with a more affirmative tone, “It must be you, the king of zombies.”

    Lu Xingchi: “…”

    The source of the sign has been found, and there is no need to stay on the island.

    Early the next morning, a few people got up, discussed it, and decided to copy the method of Brother Huayi and others, and slipped over the wall while the guard was changing in the morning.

    Before leaving, I have to look at Xiaochao again.

    Several people had breakfast, faced the morning sun, walked through the deserted market, and went to Xiao Shao’s house together.

    Xiao Shao was still lying on the bed, but the fever had subsided.

    She ate the porridge made by Jiang Fei, sat up, and looked good.

    Du Ruo directly told Xiao Shao what she was going to leave and asked her if she wanted to go with them.

    There may be better places ahead.

    Xiao Shao thought about it, but refused.

    “This island is on the lake. It has better anti-zombie effects than the fortress. I have stayed here. I have saved a lot of money and have a house to live in. If I go to other places, it may not be better than here.”

    Du Ruo also Wanting to insist, Lu Xing glanced at him late, “She doesn’t want to leave, you don’t have to force people to leave, right?”

    Du Ruo gave up.

    As soon as he left the island, the money earned by Bei Nuan’s cage was useless. Bei Nuan wanted to give the money to Xiao Shao, and by the way, increase the value of the Virgin.

    But Xiao Shao is determined not to.

    She said: “I have saved enough money, and I can’t count on others for everything.”

    She was young but very ambitious.

    When I left Xiao Shao’s house, there were already a lot of people in the market, who were setting up stalls, chatting, and shopping, and it became lively.

    It turns out that Bei Nuan was right last night.

    The gossip that had just been released was spreading frantically in the market—the

    new “Little Qiu Ye” has spoken, saying that everyone on the island no longer needs to hang iron cards.

    Those who are new to the island will no longer be issued iron medals, and all old iron medals have to be returned to Lao Hu.

    This new regulation caused a strong backlash among the crowd.

    Because no one wants to return the iron medal.

    Many people are panicked.

    “If you don’t have a sign, how do you know what the other person’s card is?”

    “What if I am in danger by accidentally staying with an A?”

    “People who hate those F-pits, don’t have a sign? , Who knows who is F?”

    Instead of eager to hand back the iron plate, they launched a spontaneous campaign to force everyone to hang the iron plate on the outside of their clothes.

    At the market, many people, like pickets, caught a person who didn’t have an iron sign and forced them to take out the iron sign.

    Those who do not hang out will be beaten.

    The Bei Nuan brand was thrown away by Lu Xing late last night, but he didn’t encounter any trouble.

    Because her face is her brand.

    Everyone who meets her will be stunned for a while, and then exclaimed like a star, “That’s the F!” “Yes, that’s the F who has won many cage fights!” It

    made Bei Nuan. so awkward.

    Lu Xingchi also had no sign.

    He walked through the bazaar in a magnificent manner without any trouble.

    His broad shoulders and narrow waist, cold eyes, and every muscle line that reveals under his shirt are his brand.

    No one dared to let him show the sign without having a long eye, otherwise he would not know who beat whom.

    Bei Nuan didn’t bother to take care of their trivial matters. He was always worried, walking absent-mindedly, which caused Lu Xing to pull her from time to time for fear that she would hit the wall.

    She is worrying about her money.

    The money earned from killing zombies in cages will become waste paper once they leave the island.

    Bei Nuan couldn’t bear it.

    Lu Xingchi saw through her thoughts at a glance, “Why do you care about your money?”

    Bei Nuan nodded and wondered, “Otherwise, just find someone to give it away?” You

    can also increase the value of the Virgin.

    Lu Xingchi denied her this idea, “I’m leaving soon, don’t get out of trouble. Besides, you don’t want to buy something for yourself?” The

    problem is that there is nothing on the island.

    Du Ruo saw the uncle selling baked cassava chips at a glance, and gave her an idea, “Otherwise you can buy cassava? Anyway, you can fit it in your space.”

    Bei Nuan imagined the cassava piled up like a hill, “So much money. , How many cassava can you buy? Besides, it’s not delicious. Why should I do so much?”

    Tang Yuan hesitated to suggest next to him, “Keep it for smashing people?”

    They have all heard of Bei Nuan’s glorious deeds. Up.

    For the first time in his life, Bei Nuan felt the pain of too much money to spend.

    Jiang Fei offered a good suggestion, “If you don’t like cassava, isn’t there a ruby ​​mine on the island? I guess more than you have picked up ruby

    rough , maybe you can buy it.” At this time, probably. There are people who are willing to exchange rubies for food.

    Although rubies are useless, they are beautifully placed in the space, which makes people happier than a lot of cassava.

    I just don’t know who has rubies in his hands.

    “It’s simple,” Tang Yuan said, “I’ll know if I go to inquire.”

    Tang Yuan is lively and clever, with a pleasing face in the sky, everyone is willing to chat with him, and will be back soon.

    “A big brother who sells groceries has a small rough stone in his hand. He has always wanted to sell it for money. Unfortunately, at this time, no one wants to buy it. Do you want to see

    Bei Nuan ?” Bei Nuan happily followed him. ,A little disappointed.

    Grocery brother mysteriously took out a piece, smaller than the one Bei Nuan gave to Du Ruo, only the size of Bei Nuan’s fingernails, and the color was not so bright.

    But the grocery elder brother is not greedy, and the asking price is only two thousand five hundred yuan.

    Two thousand five hundred yuan is enough to buy countless cassava.

    Although it is not ideal, it is better than nothing. A few people go to the “bank” on the island-the casino to withdraw money.

    It is convenient and safe for the casino people to transfer the money directly from Bei Nuan’s account to the groceries account.

    As soon as he turned the money, someone behind him asked, “Are you here?” When

    Bei Nuan heard this lazy tone, she knew who it was.

    Qiu Ji led two people behind him.

    His current position is different from the past, but it doesn’t seem to have changed at all. The buttons on his chest are still not fastened, and he stands loosely.

    But it looked more pleasing to the eye than his brother.

    “What are you up to?” He raised his eyes and glanced at the little red stone in Bei Nuan’s hand.

    Bei Nuan quickly weighed it and decided to tell the truth.

    “I want to exchange the money from the cage for some rough ruby ​​stones.”

    Qiu Ji understood, but persuaded her, “If you have money, save it, maybe you will need it urgently in the future.”

    “I don’t really want to keep this money,” Bei Nuan said nonsense. “My grandma said that the money won by gambling is unlucky.”

    Qiu Ji smiled , “I’m not old, and I’m quite superstitious. But it’s right. , There is a rare opportunity to buy rubies at such a cheap price. If you sell them when there are no zombies in the future, you may be able to make a lot of money.”

    This sounded a little fresh.

    Since the eruption of zombies, Bei Nuan has walked so far these days. Everyone he saw was struggling desperately, struggling to survive, and it was the first time he heard someone talk about the future.

    And it is the future after the zombie virus disappears.

    This man is also a casino owner.

    Even Du Ruo, who had been silent next to him, couldn’t help asking: “Do you think the zombie virus will disappear one day?”

    Tang Yuan also said, “There are more and more people infected, and the enemy-occupied area is getting bigger and bigger. Look at it now. I hope there is no hope.”

    Qiu Ji puts his hands in his trouser pockets. He is not at all like the new owner of this island. He is still acting like a casino owner.

    He smiled at them, “I said last time that I believe in probability and in miracles. Sometimes there are miracles. You see, the miracles I believe in, she stands in front of me.”

    Bei Nuan knew him. I am a bit embarrassed to talk about myself.

    Qiu Ji smiled, “Perhaps others will think that it is a bit silly for you to exchange money for gems instead of food, but I think that you can put a sum of money to try, maybe the rewards will be good in the future.”

    Of course, Bei Nuan had never thought about that. Many, but I just think the gems look good.

    And the future in their mouth has nothing to do with Bei Nuan.

    Qiu Ji went on to say: “I know that some people have good-quality ruby ​​rough stones in the casino. I think the price is right. They will probably want to sell it.”

    It seems that the casino is not only a bank for depositing money, but also a safe deposit box. .

    Qiu Ji sent his men to find someone, and after a while, he brought the person.

    It’s a middle-aged woman, with a child, with a face full of joy.

    The stones have been in her hands for a long time and wanted to sell them for a long time. In this world, everyone wants to eat them, and no one wants to buy gems.

    She took it out of the casino and showed it to Bei Nuan.

    This piece is really much better. I simply polished it and placed it in the palm of Bei Nuan. It was a big piece, very clear, with almost no blemishes visible, and the color was so beautiful that it made people like it when they looked at it.

    She offered thirty thousand.

    Qiu Ji looked at it carefully and smiled: “It’s

    okay .” Lu Xingchi also took it, and helped Bei Nuan read it carefully, and concluded, “Really good.”

    They both said yes , and Bei Nuan didn’t bargain at all. Bought happily.

    “Do you want to store gems in the casino?” Qiu Ji asked.

    Of course not. It’s going to go.

    Bei Nuan refused, “I’m going to play with it for two days.”

    Qiu Ji glanced at Lu Xingchi and smiled: “No one dares to grab it. Beware of being stolen.”

    Under Du Ruo’s strong suggestion, Bei Nuan went to the market again. I bought a lot of raw cassava and roasted cassava chips with the remaining money, and a few people started.

    The time was almost too, the sentry on the tower went down to change shifts, Bei Nuan hurried to the wall and pulled out the ladder.

    Several people all climbed up the wall, Lu Xingchi and Du Ruo picked up the ladder and placed it on the other side of the wall.

    Bei Nuan rode on the high wall, taking advantage of their effort to put the ladder, looking back at the island.

    She didn’t know that for many years after she left, not only this island, but also the large tract of land in Country N, there were still legends about “that F”.

    “That F” is a totem, a belief, which has inspired countless desperate people to renew their courage, climb out of the mud, and move forward.

    Faith himself is blowing a small breeze, riding on the wall to watch the scenery on the lake.

    Xiao San’s voice suddenly came out and shouted: “Bei Nuan…”

    Bei Nuan preemptively settled accounts with him, “Xiao San, you sent me to the place where zombies were closed last time, and caused me to be caught in a cage. Is it fun?”

    “Using Du Ruo for the task is obviously your choice, and the idea of ​​feeding the zombies is also Du Ruo’s idea, and it’s not mine.”

    Xiao San was a little aggrieved.

    “I’m just a system, and not a god, how can I know what you are going to say and do?”

    Xiao San said again: “At that time, Tang Yuan just found a butterfly trapped in a spider web. If you use him for tasks, Maybe his pity is to let the butterfly go, can’t it be solved in ten seconds?”

    This is also true .

    “Then you are looking for something to do with me?” Bei Nuan asked, “Is there a new mission?”

    Xiao San was delighted, “There is a new mission. This time the mission is a series called “Interesting Little Mission”.”

    Bei Nuan is right now . His task is very vigilant, especially when he looks particularly humble.

    The five words “fun little task” sound scary.

    Xiao San explained, “This series of missions is not part of the Mission of Our Lady, but is used in various worlds to relax the host’s nervous mood.”

    Bei Nuan heard something else, “You mean, there are many such worlds? There are a lot of people crossing?”

    “Yes,” Xiao San didn’t lie to her, “You are doing the mission of Our Lady in this world, and there are others doing other missions in other worlds. The Mission of Our Lady is only part of our experiment.”

    “Experiment? “

    Yes, it’s our set of experiments. This is a matter of our plane, you don’t have to worry about it.”

    Xiao San said in a relaxed tone.

    “So Bei Nuan, do you want to do fun little quests? This set of quests has nothing to do with the Virgin Mission. Not only does it have no punishment, but there are rewards after completion!”

    The shell warm little interest, “is the reward of Our Lady of the value of it? ‘ “

    Said the mission of Our Lady and has nothing to do, “Little Three sighed,” Of course not up Our Lady of value, the reward is all kinds of special abilities can be used short-term. “

    He Means bonus ability? so good?

    “Although it is temporary use, for example, it can only be used once or twice, or for a few hours, but they are all very good special abilities.”

    Xiaosan explained in detail.

    “For example, you can control fire and water for a short time, such as gaining a speed bonus. Within a few hours, you can move very fast. When you want to do something bad, someone blinks and you have done it.” It

    sounds fun.

    Xiao San happily said: “They are all very good! They are all drawn in the prize pool at random!”

    Bei Nuan was immediately tempted.

    The key is that there is no punishment if it is not completed, and it has nothing to do with the mission of the Virgin, so there is no need to pretend to do all kinds of weird things.

    Anyway, idle is idle.

    “Okay, I’ll take it!” Bei Nuan said.

    Then open the taskbar.

    Then she discovered something that made her scalp explode.

    Du Ruo and the others had already placed the ladder and went down one by one.

    Bei Nuan still rode on the wall motionless.

    Lu Xingchi waited for the last one, watching her motionless, and asked: “What’s wrong? Too high and scared? You turn to face the wall, don’t look at your feet.”

    Bei Nuan then recovered .

    What are you afraid of climbing a wall? There are far more terrible things than this.

    Bei Nuan grabbed Lu Xingchi’s arm.

    “Lu Xingchi,” she said anxiously, “what’s your third wish? Hurry up!”

    Lu Xingchi was startled.

    He looked at Bei Nuan, then looked down at the ladder below, and Du Ruo and the others waiting under the wall.

    His tone was all unbelievable.

    “You think, I, now, ride on the wall and kiss you?”

    Both of them are riding high on the wall now, not far apart, but the posture and location are very strange. If they kiss, they must be quite ecstasy. .

    Bei Nuan was about to cry anxiously, “No matter whether it is a kiss or something, you say it quickly! Hurry up!”

    Today, Bei Nuan was only thinking about how to spend money, and completely forgot about the countdown to the end of the Mother’s Wish.

    Just opened the taskbar, and at a glance, there was less than one minute left in the countdown.

    After saying these few words, dozens of seconds passed.

    Seeing that the countdown is about to be cleared, Lu Xingchi’s name is still (2/3).

    If his last wish is not fulfilled before the end of the countdown, the area of ​​the portable space will be halved.

    Bei Nuan is going crazy in a hurry.

    Lu Xing looked into her eyes deeply and suddenly said, “My wish is to give me something.”

    This is too simple, Bei Nuan immediately grabbed it from the space and slammed it into his hand.

    At the moment when the countdown jumped back to zero, Lu Xingchi’s name changed to (3/3).

    The wish of the Virgin is complete, and the value of the Virgin has skyrocketed.

    Bei Nuan breathed a sigh of relief.

    Fortunately, he gave a wish that was super easy and quick to fulfill, and it could be done in one second.

    “Shall we go down?” Bei Nuan was very relaxed, pressing down on the wall and climbing up the ladder.

    Lu Xingchi still didn’t move.

    Bei Nuan felt that his expression seemed a bit awkward, his face remained the same, as always, but the roots of his ears were red.

    Bei Nuan looked down, glanced at what was in his hand, and let out a frightened scream.

    In his hand, besides the new washed shirt that Bei Nuan thought he had given him, he also hooked up other things.

    Pure white, sporty, no steel ring, and lining.

    Without saying a word, Bei Nuan chopped his hands to grab his clothes. As a result, he used the wrong strength at his feet, an unstable one, and the wooden ladder fell directly backwards.

    Lu Xingchi reacted extremely quickly, and he pulled the ladder to stop her from falling from such a high place.

    Du Ruo stood below and was impatient for a long time.

    “You two! Just climb a wall, how come there are so many dramas?”

    Bei Nuan grabbed her for her life, and successfully touched her clothes with the tip of her finger, instantly taking back the space.

    Until he got down from the wall, boarded Bei Nuan’s luxurious speedboat, and left the island, Lu Xingchi was still sailing while holding back a smile.

    Bei Nuan has a thick skin, pretending not to see.

    “Bei Nuan,” Lu Xing found a gap and whispered to her, “You were so anxious just now, is it time to realize my wish?”

    Bei Nuan shuddered in his heart, and hum.

    Lu Xing chuckled, “I gave myself a set time to finish, so I can’t spend time with myself?”

    He was sailing, his tone of voice was relaxed, his eyes were looking forward, and he didn’t mean to observe Bei Nuan’s expression.

    Bei Nuan settled down and argued: “If I made a wish, of course I must finish it on time.”

    Lu Xing nodded, “I thought you were anxious at the time, so I just said a wish to make up the number, Bei Nuan, my third wish. But you can’t just mix it up like this.”

    Knowing that he was looking to make up for it, Bei Nuan raised his eyebrows.

    Lu Xing glanced at her later and changed the subject, “So in the space, your clothes are put together with mine?”

    Everyone’s clothes are on the shelf, and Bei Nuan is indeed next to Lu Xingchi.

    No matter how thick Bei Nuan’s face was, she couldn’t help but blush, “Well. It’s just a little closer.”

    Lu Xingchi lowered his voice and continued, with a smile in his voice, “So you wear this kind of children’s style.”

    “What kind of children’s style?” Bei Nuan was angry, “Is there any common sense? I call it a sports model! It’s convenient for activities! The most practical!”

    Her voice was too loud, and Du Ruo heard her.

    Du Ruo was curious, “What are you talking about sports models?”

    Bei Nuan and Lu Xingchi replied in unison: “Shoes.”

A Fake Holy Mother in the Zombie Apocalypse

A Fake Holy Mother in the Zombie Apocalypse

Score 9.4
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Chinese
Bei Nuan found herself in an apocalypse novel that didn’t have a romantic pairing and became the holy mother female supporting character that specialized in being a drag to the team. In the end, she sacrificed the team to save a city of people and was cursed out by the readers. Bei Nuan: I know the male protagonist and the plot. I’ll definitely be good at playing the female support character’s second chance. There was a ding in her head. The task of the Holy Mother has begun. Play the role of a holy mother in front of the male protagonist. You can leave this world when you get to 100%. Bei Nuan: “…” [Although I do good things every day, I’m really not a good person.] *** The male protagonist, Lu Xingchi, had a bug-level existence and easily crushed everything, but one small detail left his team being wiped out. The first thing he did after he was reborn was to plan on throwing that holy mother white lotus into a pile of zombies. But, as the days dragged on, he found it harder and harder to do so. *** System: New task unlocked: Within the next 24 hours, acting like a holy mother in front of the male lead will not give you any Holy Mother points. Acting like a holy mother in front of Male B, Male C, and Male D will get you double Holy Mother points. Bei Nuan: There was such a good thing? Lu Xingchi discovered that that girl, who had solemnly vowed yesterday, “I’ll follow you every step of the way. Every second that I’m separated from you is a waste of my life,” had disappeared.


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