A Fake Holy Mother in the Zombie Apocalypse Chapter 47

 “Kill and kill?”

    “Yeah.” Bei Nuan nodded, “When I carried the stone today, I heard that they were all talking about the island there is a very fun casino.” I

    ran around and ran into big trouble today, Bei Nuan Try to defend yourself.

    “I’ve grown up and haven’t seen what a casino is like yet, so I want to sneak in for a long time. If you are there, I will definitely not let me play, right?”

    Lu Xingchi: “…”

    Bei Nuan continued. “I happened to bump into something.”

    Bei Nuan sneaked into the back of the casino and found a home for zombies hidden. He helped others to lock the door of the zombies cage, but was sadly caught by the brothers Qiu Zhengxun. Then, he pulled it out, was almost thrown into the lake, and finally was forced to play a cage fight, and said it all.

    Lu Xing was too late, Bei Nuan only dared to tell a few lie at the beginning, and all the details were detailed later, trying to perfectly reproduce the scene of the incident, which is too true.

    Lu Xingchi’s face became cold.

    He said every word, “Qiu, Zheng, Xun?”

    Bei Nuan quickly complained to Mother Rabbit, “Yes, that is Qiu Zhengxun, who can’t get through with me. I think if his brother had been helping me, he would have done it a long time ago. I killed.”

    “Killing kills.”

    Lu Xingchi said it again, but this time it was an affirmative sentence.

    “That’s right.” Bei Nuan smiled, “It seems that he wanted to do a trap to harm his brother, and the result was wrong. I happened to hit him and disrupted the game.”

    Bei Nuan had figured it out a long time ago.

    When Bei Nuan came to feed the zombie beef jerky, one of the zombie cages on the outside was not locked.

    Not only is it not locked, but even the iron pins are half-opened, and now that I think about it, the angle of opening is very deliberate.

    As long as the zombie sees a person and gets excited, it will grab the barbed wire inside and sway the cage door desperately.

    If the cage door shakes too much, the iron pin will open.

    When the cage door opens, anyone who stands close will be unlucky.

    Then the brothers Qiu Zhengxun came.

    There are no such coincidences in the world. One thing is too coincidental. Ninety-nine percent of them are deliberate.

    When Bei Nuan started, he always thought Qiu Ji did this.

    Qiu Ji seemed to be much more suspicious than his brother.

    After all, the casino is Qiu Ji’s site, and the zombies are also his people who want to arrest the island, and the uncle Shi who cares about the zombies is still his subordinate.

    Listening to them at the time, it seemed that he wanted to bring his brother over to see the zombies.

    It is said in the book that the two brothers are half-parents, and the gangs are also divided into factions. Although Qiu Zhengxun is now in charge of the island and secretly supporting Qiu Ji, there are not a few people.

    As soon as the cage door opened and the zombie bit his brother, the island fell into Qiu Ji’s hands.

    But when he was locked in the warehouse by himself, Bei Nuan recalled the scene over and over again in his mind, and found that it was not the case at all.

    From beginning to end, Qiu Zhengxun stood at the door far away, never approaching the zombie cage.

    It was Qiu Ji, who had been discussing the newly caught zombies with Uncle Shi, and walked to the front of the zombie cage in person.

    And Bei Nuan thinks about it now, feeling that when Uncle Shi brought Qiu Ji forward to look at the zombies, he had been a few steps behind him, and his expression was very nervous.

    This Uncle Shi, nine out of ten, should be the person Qiu Zhengxun had placed next to Qiu Ji.

    Later, after the cage fight was over, Qiu Zhengxun gave Uncle Shi a wink. When Uncle Shi sneaked in to kill Bei Nuan at night, this matter was basically a no-brainer.

    So the whole thing makes sense.

    Qiu Zhengxun instructed Uncle Shi, who was in charge of the zombies, to move his hands and feet on the iron cage, ready to release the zombies and kill his brother.

    So in the original book, Qiu Ji died after the team came to the island.

    It’s a pity that they were not lucky this time, they ran into Bei Nuan, and the plot completely collapsed.

    Bei Nuan found that the iron pin of the zombie cage was not well sold, so he inserted it easily.

    As a result, Qiu Zhengxun’s wishful thinking all fell through.

    Qiu Zhengxun found that the iron pins of the cage door were sold well, and the zombies couldn’t get out no matter how hard they tried. When he saw that the zombies were struggling in one direction, he guessed that someone had come in and ruined his entire plan.

    When Bei Nuan came out, he tried every means to kill her.

    Venting is one aspect, and more importantly, I don’t want to leave a living mouth knowing that the cage door has moved hands and feet.

    It’s a pity that Master Qiu, I tried everything possible today, but I couldn’t kill a little girl anyway. It was very pitiful.

    Lu Xingchi had already figured out the whole thing, his face was pale.

    “Well, we won’t leave for the time being, you stay here for now,” he said.

    He actually agreed so happily, which was far beyond Bei Nuan’s expectation.

    Bei Nuan looked up and studied Lu Xing’s unkind expression for a while, and thought with gloat: That person named Qiu Zhengxun, no matter what kind of master you are, and how many people under your control, it is estimated that you will soon be unlucky.

    Lu Xingchi stretched out his hand to embrace Bei Nuan and sent her back to the warehouse where she had just been closed.

    “Go in and sleep, I want to see what tricks they plan to play.”

    He followed Bei Nuan in, moving his fingers slightly, and the door was locked with a click.

    Bei Nuan suddenly realized that he also planned to stay.

    Bei Nuan stuttered a little, “You…you won’t go? Don’t go back and say hello to Du Ruo and the others?”

    “No, I let them stay where they camped last night, don’t walk around, wait for us. There is Jiang Fei there. , They hung the A cards again, nothing happened.”

    Lu Xing went to the place where Bei Nuan slept late, pulled the blanket, spread it on the ground, and sat down openly cross-legged.

    He put an elbow on his leg, supported his head, and tilted his head to study Bei Nuan.

    The light in the corridor penetrated through the iron gate, but could not illuminate this corner.

    Bei Nuan’s eyes adjusted to it for a while before he saw that in the dark, his eyes were slightly narrowed, and his eyes were softer than usual, falling on Bei Nuan without moving.

    This made Bei Nuan a little flustered.

    “Why are you blushing?” he asked suddenly.

    Bei Nuan stood opposite him at a loss, and retorted, “Where did I go?”

    Hei Cheng could see the blushing like this, shouldn’t he be so bad?

    Lu Xingchi smiled and stretched out a hand to Bei Nuan.

    Even if you can’t see clearly, Bei Nuan also knows that the hand is warm and powerful, with slender and beautiful fingers, and neat nails. It is definitely a favorite of hand control.

    Bei Nuan put his hands behind her back and resisted touching it.

    He watched Bei Nuan not moving, lowered his voice, his voice was gentle and magnetic, as if he was tempting people like Xie Yuanqing, “Come here. Are you sleepy? I will sleep with you.”

    Bei Nuan:?

    I sleep with you?

    Lu Xingchi smiled, and took apart the words that sounded particularly ambiguous, and spoke slowly, “I mean, I’ll accompany you and you sleep.”

    Bei Nuan quickly refused, “No, I’m very excited today, a little bit. Not sleepy.”

    Lu Xing bends the corner of his mouth late, “Come here too, you accompany me to sleep,” paused, and then opened the sentence, “You accompany me, I sleep.”

    Bei Nuan was speechless, “The two of us… …No one should

    go to sleep, right?” He has been sleeping, sounding weird.

    Lu Xingchi nodded slightly, “Okay, we won’t sleep. If we don’t sleep, what should we two do?”

    Bei Nuan: “…”

    Why can’t we get out of this topic.

    Lu Xing was unable to move her, so he leaned forward and pulled her arm gently.

    Bei Nuan stumbled into his arms like a bird hooked by a cat’s paw.

    “Why are you standing so far away?”

    Lu Xingchi hugged her, hugged her into his arms, reluctantly held her warm for a while before letting go.

    Like a big animal dealing with a small animal at home, he flipped her over easily and helped her adjust her position so that she lay on the blanket with his head resting on his arms.

    “Go to sleep. Last time we were in the 9th prison, didn’t the two of us spend the night alone?”

    He was right.

    But the last time I was in the 9th prison, the relationship between the two people was not the same as it is now. It was stranger than it is now, and it was not so… ambiguous.

    “I remember that night, with me, you seemed to sleep soundly.” Lu Xing laughed a little late, “I just lay down for a minute when I heard you, and started snoring.”



    Bei Nuan collapsed instantly. “I snore that night? Really?”

    Lu Xing looked down at her humiliated expression and explained, “It’s only a little bit, very light. Besides, you were busy all day, really. Too tired, sleeping in a bad posture, snoring is normal.”

    Bei Nuan still feels a little troubled, “What about usual? You often sleep not too far away from me, I haven’t snored, right? ? “

    land line late firmly shook his head,” no, never heard. “

    Tony was relieved a little warm.

    Lu Xingchi couldn’t help rubbing her hair, “Don’t take it to heart, your snore is also very cute, like a kitten.”

    Bei Nuan was embarrassed.

    “Actually I have pillows, quilts and sleeping bags. We don’t have to sleep like this.”

    Bei Nuan struggled to get out of his arms, but was helplessly bound by his arms, whose strength was not the same order of magnitude as him.

    Lu Xingchi refused, “If someone comes in, it will be too much trouble.”

    Bei Nuan continued to twist in his arms like a bug, trying to twist out of his restraint, “It doesn’t need to be like this, and it’s not cold.”

    Lu Xingchi said. Eyebrows lowered, “Sleep obediently, don’t move.”

    His voice was full of warnings.

    “If you move around again, I may not be able to help it, and now I want to realize my second wish.”

    Bei Nuan’s face instantly became feverish, and she gave up the struggle.

    Lu Xingchi suddenly let go of Bei Nuan’s hand and said, “Forget it, you should move around, let’s come now, okay?”

    Bei Nuan immediately became obedient, and without his restrictions, he would not move. Close your eyes quickly.

    Lying in his arms like this, pillowing his legs, the temperature of his legs came from the back of his neck, which was quite comfortable.

    He seemed to chuckled in a low voice, then said something, and pressed it up as sleepy as a mountain, and Bei Nuan couldn’t understand it anymore.

    I don’t know how long it took, and there were noisy voices outside.

    Bei Nuan woke up suddenly and found that she was still lying in Lu Xingchi’s arms.

    He was awake with his eyes open, and was listening to voices outside.

    There seemed to be a lot of people coming outside.

    The corridor lights came in through the iron gates, bright and dim, flashing and flashing, and you could see that the figures outside were shaking, and

    Bei sat up warmly.

    “Quick, quickly, you hide quickly.” Bei Nuan said in a low voice, a little anxious.

    “What are you in a hurry?” Lu Xingchi said in a relaxed tone, “They have been here for a long time. Someone found the zombies running out on the opposite side and was trying to deal with them. But they haven’t thought of you here yet.”

    He is leisurely and unhurried at all.

    The zombies and Uncle Shi who came out of the cage are locked in the opposite door, but the key is with Uncle Shi. They have to find a spare key to open the door.

    Uncle Shi’s status in the casino should not be low, even if he becomes a zombie, no one should dare to shoot him directly.

    If something like this happens, Qiu Ji should be notified first.

    “I think they will come over in a while, you can hide it soon!” Bei Nuan was anxious.

    Lu Xing laughed late, looked at her anxious little face, and suddenly said, “Kiss me, kiss me and I will hide.”

    Bei Nuan: “…”

    He was still full of this when it was all over.

    It’s getting noisy and chaotic outside.

    Lu Xing sat quietly, motionless.

    The big boss suddenly becomes self-willed, and no one can help.

    Bei Nuan had no choice but to bargain with him, “You can kiss you, but is this your second wish?”

    “Okay, forget it. Let you go.” Lu Xingchi said, adding, “However, you have to take the initiative to kiss me. , It doesn’t count as proactive enough.”

    “How to take the initiative?” Bei Nuan hesitated.

    Lu Xingchi’s voice became muffled, “Every time I take the initiative to you, you can take the initiative to me.” There

    was another noisy voice outside, and the light and shadow were dazzling. Bei Nuan seemed to hear Qiu Ji’s voice, and he took it with him. People are coming.

    Bei Nuan turned his heart back, stepped forward to hug his neck, and put his lips together.

    Lu Xing slackened for a while, as if he couldn’t even breathe.

    He didn’t make her embarrassed at all, he took the initiative to open a little mouth obediently.

    The footsteps outside the iron gate are chaotic, and the voices are noisy. Inside the door, they avoid the corner of their sight, but the two people are doing things that are completely inconsistent with the environment.

    It seems to be cheating.

    People outside will come in at any time, and Bei Nuan’s heart beats fast.

    I don’t know if it is because of danger or because of this kiss.

    He is fresh, warm, and soft lips as before. Today he is less aggressive and more tame.

    It’s just that she is shorter than him, which is too inconvenient.

    Bei Nuan couldn’t get enough of him, awkward, and a little anxious in his heart, and inexplicably came out a tyrant’s golden sentence in his mind: if you light the fire yourself, you will destroy it yourself.

    Bei Nuan simply knelt up, stepped over his legs, pressed the back of his head hard, and lowered his head to press down on him.

    Just like he does every time.

    As if because of her new posture, Lu Xingchi smiled lightly, raised his hand to hook her waist, and put the other hand behind him to keep the balance between the two.

    He is completely different in peacetime.

    With a docile and obedient posture, he tilted his head back slightly, raised his chin, revealing the lines of his Adam’s apple, his eyelashes were half-dangling, and the tail of his slender eyes was filled with smoke and mist.

    That was the unstoppable matchless that the darkness couldn’t hide.

    He didn’t take the initiative at all, allowing her to do whatever she wanted.

    But in the final rhyme of her killing, there was a little entanglement and nostalgia, which made her feel a new round of plundering when she wanted to retreat.

    In a trance, Bei Nuan seemed to hear two gunshots.

    The gunfire was extremely distant, as if it had nothing to do with the two people.

    I don’t know how long it took, Bei Nuan suddenly felt his proactive kiss back. He kissed her nostalgic for a while before he whispered and vaguely said: “They are coming in.” The

    voice was still warm.

    Bei Nuan woke up suddenly and let go of him.

    There was a clatter of the keychain, and someone was already using the key to open the door.

    The lazy and passive person who asked for what he wanted was gone. Lu Xingchi moved like a big cat, quiet and agile, getting up and quickly disappearing behind the mess of furniture and debris.

    The door creaked open.

    When the people outside opened the door, they saw at first sight, in a dark corner, Bei Nuan was wrapped in a blanket and got up from the ground.

    Her voice was dazed, “What’s wrong? It’s really noisy outside.”

    A lot of people came in the warehouse, and Qiu Ji was the leader.

    It is normal for him to come, after all, he is the owner of the casino. But Qiu Zhengxun also came. It was just a trivial matter where a casino employee was bitten by a zombie, and he was able to work to Qiu’s drive.

    Qiu Zhengxun’s face was stern, his face was very ugly.

    He knew well that Uncle Shi had an accident when he came to kill Bei Nuan, and this incident was absolutely inseparable from Bei Nuan.

    But in front of Qiu Ji, these words can only be swallowed in the stomach, unable to speak.

    The more exciting his face, the happier Bei Nuan.

    Qiu Zhengxun frowned and stared at Bei Nuan, “I think it might be related to her. Throw her into the lake and nothing will happen.”

    Qiu Ji immediately objected, “Brother, she is shut here. The doors are all locked, even the keys are hung on Uncle Shi’s body, and the spare keys are still in my place. How could this matter have anything to do with her? She is not a god.”

    These words are reasonable, they can’t be done. refute.

    Qiu Zhengxun turned to his younger brother, “I know you think she is pretty and I can’t bear it, but there are as many beautiful girls as you want. You like this type. I’ll

    send someone out to help you find a few more.” Qiu Zhengxun glanced at Bei Nuan again . This doesn’t work. From the first time I saw her, I felt that even if she grew up like that, it was actually a scourge.”

    Bei Nuan secretly complimented her in her heart: As expected of Master Qiu, she is really insightful.

    Qiu Ji didn’t take this stubbornly, but asked Qiu Zhengxun sternly, “Brother, what are you going to do to let her go?”

    He also saw that Qiu Zhengxun must kill her heart.

    Qiu Zhengxun and his brother looked at each other for a long time.

    Qiu Zhengxun finally said, “Didn’t Cage Fighting have added a new gameplay in the past few days? If she can live three times, I believe that even God doesn’t want her to die.”

    Bei Nuan was startled.

    I killed a zombie yesterday, but did you kill it?

    Shows that there are so many zombies in your family that you can’t kill them all? ?

    Besides, what kind of new gameplay is this, you know it is not a good thing when you hear it, is it possible to bite the zombie brother with your mouth?

    Qiu Ji’s expression also changed, “That kind of gameplay, it’s good for ordinary people to have it once. Brother, do you want to have it three times?” As

    he was talking, the iron gate that was open behind them suddenly moved slightly, and the shaft of the door lightly moved. There was a light “creak”.

    This is in a cave, there is no wind at all, and even if there is wind, it can’t move such a heavy iron gate.

    Everyone glanced at the door, no one could see why they came, and they didn’t take it seriously.

    Bei Nuan understood.

    Big boss Lu seemed to be talking through the door.

    He said, “What are you afraid of?”

    Bei Nuan couldn’t help but smile, and asked: “You speak for nothing. If I can go through three consecutive times, you will let me go out?”

    Qiu Ji was taken aback and persuaded Bei Nuan. “I suggest you don’t. Because this time, you can’t win by holding the gun firmly. It’s not that simple. Your opponent is actually not a zombie. It’s a human. Humans are much more terrifying than zombies.”

    There is Lu Xing late, let alone yes. People and ghosts are not afraid.


    Nuan resolutely said: “It’s okay, I want to try it.” Even Qiu Zhengxun glanced at Bei Nuan and clapped happily , “Okay, as long as you have three consecutive times, I will let you go.”

    A look at him. The expression, Bei Nuan knew, he felt that she was bound to die this time.

    Bei Nuan thought: Ha ha. It is not necessarily who is dead.

A Fake Holy Mother in the Zombie Apocalypse

A Fake Holy Mother in the Zombie Apocalypse

Score 9.4
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Chinese
Bei Nuan found herself in an apocalypse novel that didn’t have a romantic pairing and became the holy mother female supporting character that specialized in being a drag to the team. In the end, she sacrificed the team to save a city of people and was cursed out by the readers. Bei Nuan: I know the male protagonist and the plot. I’ll definitely be good at playing the female support character’s second chance. There was a ding in her head. The task of the Holy Mother has begun. Play the role of a holy mother in front of the male protagonist. You can leave this world when you get to 100%. Bei Nuan: “…” [Although I do good things every day, I’m really not a good person.] *** The male protagonist, Lu Xingchi, had a bug-level existence and easily crushed everything, but one small detail left his team being wiped out. The first thing he did after he was reborn was to plan on throwing that holy mother white lotus into a pile of zombies. But, as the days dragged on, he found it harder and harder to do so. *** System: New task unlocked: Within the next 24 hours, acting like a holy mother in front of the male lead will not give you any Holy Mother points. Acting like a holy mother in front of Male B, Male C, and Male D will get you double Holy Mother points. Bei Nuan: There was such a good thing? Lu Xingchi discovered that that girl, who had solemnly vowed yesterday, “I’ll follow you every step of the way. Every second that I’m separated from you is a waste of my life,” had disappeared.


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