A Fake Holy Mother in the Zombie Apocalypse Chapter 43

 Bei Nuan carefully filled her small back basket with stones one by one.

    A middle-aged man squatting next to her, the stone pretended to be half-hearted, and kept quietly aiming at Bei Nuan.

    Bei Nuan heard it, and he whispered to his companion: “I really saw such a happy F for the first time.”

    Bei Nuan turned around and asked him: “Why? What happened to the other F?” The

    middle-aged man was heard by Bei Nuan. A little embarrassed, he sighed.

    “Waiting for death, with the F card hanging, it is the dead person who is fixed, with the E card hanging, 80 to 90% are dying, and they are all people who are dying. Of course, they can’t be happy, lying down and waiting for death.

    ” Wouldn’t you starve to death?” The

    middle-aged man replied, “If it’s really impossible, just do some work. Sometimes people look down on it and give them a bite to eat.”

    His companion said, “There are also people who don’t wait to die to make money, or just To steal, the money you get is either used for gambling or poisoning.” The

    middle-aged man nodded, “Yes, they are all dying people. Do whatever you want.

    Bei Nuan understands. .

    They should be talking about the people in Pit F.

    Because they feel that they are going to die soon, they are in a state of giving up completely, and everything is temporarily improvised.

    There is also the young man with the E card that I met at the market today . , No wonder it looks so strange.

    His whole person, from hair to skin, is covered with a grayish color, and the whole person is very sluggish.

    Now Bei Nuan knows why. The book said that this island has been occupied by bandits. So, there was a tradition of growing poppies before, but they didn’t grow much later, but they still have them.

    People who have been stained with this kind of things are still alive and dead. There

    are no zombies running around outside . Looks lively.

    “Why do you have to eat and wait to die while hanging E and F cards?” Du Ruo didn’t quite understand, so he consulted next to him.

    “You are an A. Of course, you don’t understand the mood that E and F are going to die at any time.” The

    middle-aged man whispered as he watched Du Ruo’s dazzling A card hanging outside his clothes.

    Bei Nuan thought, Du Ruo really understood.

    The zombie virus on Du Ruo was only temporarily suppressed by the inhibitor, like a time bomb, I don’t know when it will explode.

    He is really a person who can be a dog at any time, and the situation is much more dangerous than the illusory E and F cards.

    But it did not delay Du Ruo living well every day, living happily and earnestly.

    Bei Nuan was thinking, suddenly the long-lost Xiao San’s voice came in his mind.

    “Beinum, you are on the island now, and the new map has triggered a new mission. Would you like to take a look?”

    Beinum pulled out the taskbar and took a look.

    The new mission is called the Heart of Our Lady. Unlike the past, there are a series of keywords in the mission introduction.

    Bei Nuan glanced at it, and there were “dedication”, “sharing”, “compassion” and so on, all words that can embody the heart of the Virgin.

    The first keyword “dedication” is followed by a simple explanation: Give someone something.

    Xiao San said: “Did you see? This is a series of tasks triggered by a set of keywords. You can see the instructions. It is not difficult at all.” The

    tasks are trivial, all trivial things, and it feels like ordinary daily tasks. It’s really not too difficult.

    “Just pay attention,” Xiao San said, “The way you complete your first task may have a slight impact on the requirements of subsequent tasks.”

    What does it mean?

    How does Bei Nuan feel that this is another pit.

    “Don’t worry. For example, if you do a dedication task first and give A something, then the follow-up sharing task may be to share the same thing with A to eat.”


    It means that the task will be bound to a specific person.

    “So it’s a must-do task again?”

    Bei Nuan has experience. Miscellaneous recently gave all the must-do tasks, but the Notre Dame value for the must-do task rewards is also very rich.

    “Yes. The penalty for not completing is that there will be a flow of time in the upper space for three days.”

    Bei Nuan was speechless.

    As soon as time flows, it takes less than three days. In just one second, all the neatly coded cold and hot water blocks of Bei Nuan will collapse and flow into a river in space; as long as one day, Bei Nuan’s ice cream will all be finished.

    Too ruthless.

    “Okay, everything is clear, then let’s do it quickly!” Xiao San’s voice was full of enthusiasm, as if it was him who was doing the task.

    The first word is dedication, and the request is to give someone something.

    Xiao San said that the first task will affect the subsequent tasks, and Bei Nuan must choose the best target.

    Lu Xingchi definitely cannot choose.

    He was going to investigate the signs on the van in a while, and as soon as he left, he couldn’t do follow-up tasks.

    As for other people, Tang Yuan is not too familiar with it, so I am embarrassed to use him for tasks.

    Only Jiang Fei and Du Ruo remained.

    It must be Jiang Fei in terms of understanding and easy cooperation, but in terms of innocence and innocence, it must be Du Ruo who can easily squeeze round and flatten it.

    Bei Nuan chose Du Ruo without hesitation.

    “Du Ruo,” Bei Nuan called him in the tone of a big bad wolf, beckoning to him, “Come here, I have a good thing to give you.”

    “What is it?”

    Du Ruo was loading stones in his back basket and turned his head, looking ignorant and ignorant.

    “Look, a beautiful little stone!”

    Bei Nuan picked up a little stone from the pile of stones.

    Most of the broken stones here are gray and white, only this one is different.

    It is small, about the size of a big hazelnut, and the misty rough surface reveals the transparent blood red inside, which is very beautiful.

    “It’s for you.” Bei Nuan put it into Du Ruo’s palm.

    This task was too easy, and it was completed in an instant.

    Du Ruo took the little red stone, very happy, and looked at the sun, “It looks good. Bei Nuan, this is the first time you gave me something.”

    Bei Nuan immediately felt a little guilty.

    This way, in order to increase the value of the Virgin, he sent so many strangers and various things, but ignored the people around him. The only time he remembered to send him things was to do the task.

    Lu Xingchi just passed by, and glanced at the stone in Du Ruo’s palm, and asked, “What is it?”

    Bei Nuan reported to the big Boss, “I picked up a very beautiful little red stone and gave it to Du Ruo to play.”

    Lu Xingchi took it from Du Ruo’s hand. Qi Xiaohongshi looked at and smiled slightly.

    “No. Bei Nuan, your luck is a little too good.”

    Bei Nuan didn’t understand.

    Lu Xingchi explained: “I just heard the person carrying the stone over there say that there used to be a ruby ​​mine here. The white stone we carried was marble, and there might be ruby ​​mines in it.”

    Lu Xing turned his hand to Xiao Hong , which was clear in his hand. Stone, “Could this be a rough ruby ​​stone, right?”

    Bei Nuan and Du Ruo: Huh?

    The middle-aged man who had just chatted with Bei Nuan had pointed ears. Hearing what they were saying, he glanced over here and leaned in immediately.

    “You actually picked up rubies? How could it be possible?”

    His voice was not small, and many people on the construction site also came over, surrounded by a large circle on the inner and outer three floors.

    Everyone researched it and agreed that this piece is really a rough ruby ​​stone.

    Everyone is talking about it.

    “The appearance is so good. If you used to, how much would you sell for?”

    “Even now, I should be able to change a lot of food.”

    “Is this luck?”

    Some people are curious: “Who is so lucky? , Can you pick up rubies with a broken stone on your back?”

    Du Ruo pointed to Bei Nuan calmly.

    “She picked it up, but she already gave this to me.”

    The F card on Bei Nuan’s chest is looming in the half-open skirt, and Du Ruo’s A card has been show off braggingly on the outside of her clothes.

    “Is that F card picked up?” someone whispered.

    Bei Nuan suddenly discovered that the eyes of this large circle of people were full of sympathy.

    Everyone was envious for a long time. After looking at the stones for a while, they dispersed and continued to work.

    Ruby is in Du Ruo’s hands, even if he is envious, no one dared to directly snatch it from someone with a rare A card.

    It’s just that when everyone was loading stones again, their subordinates paid special attention. The place where Bei was warm suddenly became quite crowded, and a bunch of people came over to turn over the stones.

    After a while, the rumors spread on the stone transport site-

    there was an F. I was very lucky. I finally found a rough ruby ​​stone of very good quality. However, there was no way. I was attracted by an A. I could only Give it a tribute to that A.

    Bei Nuan: “…”

    This “dedication” task has a difficulty level of zero, and Bei Nuan’s confidence has doubled. Open the task bar and look at the next keyword.

    It’s the “sharing” that the junior three used as an example.

    And just like what he said, the word “share” was originally empty, but now there is a specific task description: share a large piece of food with Du Ruo.

    The difficulty of this task is zero again, but Bei Nuan has made a difficult problem with what to divide.

    The requirements of the task are quite tricky, “big chunks” and “good food”.

    There are people around, and if you want to eat a “big piece,” it’s hard not to attract people’s attention. In such a difficult environment, you must not be able to distinguish the things that are too glaring in the space.

    Bei Nuan turned the space for a long time before digging out a bag of red jujube pancakes.

    The pancakes look rough and yellowish, so it’s not too obtrusive to put them here.

    Bei Nuan wiped her hands and tore off a large one, which was big and not very conspicuous. In fact, it was sweet and delicious. It should be regarded as a “gourmet”, right?

    “Du Ruo, are you hungry? Do you want to eat pancakes?”

    Du Ruo heard something to eat, and immediately flew over like a nail in a magnet.

    Bei Nuan tore half to him and half to himself.

    Du Ruo was probably hungry, and happily ate up his slice in two bites.

    Lu Xingchi had just finished transporting the stones, and was coming up from the mountain with an empty basket. Seeing that they had something to eat, he walked over and smiled at Bei Nuan.

    He said succinctly: “I’m hungry. Feed me.”

    There was a little coquettish in his tone.

    He was working and his hands were dirty. Bei Nuan quickly tore off most of his own piece, folded it, and fed it to his mouth.

    Like a big golden retriever, Lu Xingchi took a bite from Bei Nuan’s hand, smiled at her again, and went on working hard.

    He went up and down, carrying the stone back and forth actively, and he was not in a hurry to walk.

    Everyone ate a large slice of pancakes together, and the “sharing” task was successfully completed.

    The fact that they were holding pancakes in their hands was immediately noticed by the people around them.

    The rumors of the new version spread again in a blink of an eye—

    the F who finally picked up the ruby ​​but was robbed, has a very thin pie. When hungry and want to eat, the A who grabbed her ruby ​​must come in half. , And then another A came, and it was divided into more than half. As a result, the F only ate two small bites, which looked very pitiful.

    Someone added: If that F died, he must have been starved to death.

    Bei Nuan: “…”

    Bei Nuan ignored them and continued to do the task bravely.

    The key word this time is “forgiveness”, and the following explanation is: forgive Du Ruo for what he did to you.

    This is so difficult.

    In any case, Du Ruo would not do anything to Bei Nuan that needs her forgiveness. This task can only be done hard.

    Du Ruo soon discovered that Bei Nuan had been spinning around him.

    “What are you doing?” Du Ruo was curious.

    “I found that the rocks near you are particularly good!” Bei Nuan explained.

    “Is there? It’s all stones, can you tell the difference between good and bad?”

    Bei Nuan picked up a piece of grotesque, “Look! For example, this piece, how big, how smooth, how… uh… full? “

    Du Ruo looked around him wonderingly. From now on, as long as he saw a slightly better-looking stone, he took the initiative to put it in Bei Nuan’s bamboo basket.

    Bei Nuan circled him for a long time, and finally found a chance.

    While Du Ruo changed his posture and stretched out his long legs, he “accidentally” stumbled on Du Ruo’s leg and lay down.

    Du Ruo quickly helped her up, “Are you okay? I’m sorry I didn’t see you behind.”

    Bei Nuan thought: Nonsense, you don’t have eyes behind your back, of course you can’t see it.

    “It’s okay, it’s not your fault.”

    Bei Nuan patted the dirt on her body, glanced at the taskbar, and the “forgiveness” task was successfully completed.

    Seeing Bei Nuan fall, Lu Xingchi had already come over.

    “The road is not good, and I still want to carry the stone. No need to carry it. I have already discussed with the foreman. The baskets I just carried are counted on you. Your quota for the ten baskets today has been completed.”

    Lu Xingchi He took the back basket off her back, “I’m leaving, you stay here, be careful yourself.”

    It turned out that he was so active with the stone back for this.

    Bei Nuan was a little touched.

    Lu Xing hurriedly descended the mountain and went to do his business.

    The rumors on the construction site have turned into new tricks—

    the one who finally found the ruby ​​but was robbed, and the bread was also eaten by people. F, who was too hungry, tripped on purpose by that A, and almost fell. Broke his neck.

    At noon, someone carried two baskets on a pole and went up the mountain to the construction site to deliver lunch.

    There are two kinds of lunch. The cheaper one looks like cooked sweet potatoes, but looks different from sweet potatoes. It is much rougher and thinner and longer than sweet potatoes.

    The expensive one is round cakes after another, and I don’t know what it is made of.

    Lunch is not given in vain. It is calculated and deducted from salary.

    Everyone went to the foreman to register for food.

    There are too many people here, so you definitely can’t take the food in the space. There are a few large baskets of stones that Lu Xingchi helped Bei Nuan carry in exchange for them, and Bei Nuan also bought food with his salary.

    Bei Nuan ordered a “pseudo sweet potato” and found that it was not delicious at all, with only a slight sweetness, not as soft, waxy and sweet as sweet potatoes.

    It is said in the book that this thing is called cassava, which is the staple food of labor on the island.

    Although it is poisonous if it is not handled properly, it can be planted at any time of the year, and the yield is high. It is a good thing in times of famine and can feed many people.

    Bei Nuan ate very reluctantly, and was embarrassed to be left, after all, everyone else was devouring it.

    Du Ruo noticed it, and after eating his own, he immediately came over to eat up Bei Nuan’s.

    What kind of rumors will turn into in a while, Bei Nuan wants to know with his toes.

    After Du Ruo finished boiled cassava, he went to buy a stack of biscuits and ate them up in a short while.

    Du Ruo and Bei Nuan promoted: “Beinuan, this kind of cake is actually not bad.”

    Bei Nuan is really afraid of buying it and not eating it out.

    “It’s okay. I’ll buy another stack. You can divide it into as much as you want.”

    Du Ruo, the “evil A”, ran to the person delivering the meal and bought another stack of biscuits.

    He has been working hard today, running up and down the mountain, with a lot of rocks on his back, and earning a lot more money than Beinuan. He spends it lavishly, just like a local tyrant.

    He came back with the cake, and first divided a few for Bei Nuan, “Really, you try it.”

    Bei Nuan tasted it and tasted it. This cake is also made from cassava.

    The cassava is grinded and made into small round cakes. Both sides are baked into golden yellow, which is really delicious.

    Bei Nuan bit the biscuits when she heard someone whispering next to her.

    “Why did you say that A suddenly showed kindness and paid the money to buy food for F?” The

    other person was confident, “I’m afraid she would starve to death by accident and die too quickly. She died, who else did he bully? Go?”

    Bei Nuan: “…”

    Anyway, you can make rounds anyway.

    After lunch, Bei Nuan ate and drank enough and continued to work on tasks.

    The next word is “comfort”.

    When Bei Nuan was wondering what to comfort him, he saw the explanation behind “Comfort” popping up: show Du Ruo, singing and dancing, and comforting his fragile soul.

    Is he fragile in heart? The nerves connected to his mind can be as thick as steel bars.

    However, the most ashamed is “singing and dancing.”

    Even if you sing, no one hears a little voice, so you still want to dance?

    Bei Nuan was very fortunate, but fortunately, he chose Du Ruo, who had the most unusual thinking at the beginning.

    His own ideas are unconstrained, so no matter what Bei Nuan does strange things, his acceptance is very high.

    If this were “singing and dancing” in front of Lu Xingchi and Jiang Fei Tang Tang, it would probably be ashamed to death.

    Bei Nuan found an opportunity for Jiang Fei and the others to go down the mountain with their backs on their backs, and called Du Ruo alone.

    Bei Nuan whispered: “You are so good at noon. I have a cake. I decide to give you back. You carry it. After a day of stone, are you tired? Do you want to hear me sing a song?”

    “Huh?” Du Ruo didn’t understand at all.

    “All in all, I want to sing a couple of songs for you.”

    Bei Nuan said involuntarily, and immediately began to sing.

    “The strong wind and heavy rain pulled the boat–hey! Yo! Walk on the beach step by step–hey! Yo! Brothers, hurry up–hey! Yo! I’m in front and drink a pot of wine Yo-hey! Yo! As

    Bei Nuan sang, he bent down deeply and supported the ground with his palms, making gestures of pulling hard, and walking forward with difficulty step by step.

    Du Ruo: “…” After

    she finished singing, Du Ruo hesitated to ask: “This is… the chant you used to sing when the tracker on the river stretched?”

    “Yes, did you hear it?” Bei Nuan was very pleased. , “Do you think you are particularly motivated to listen? It’s like charging the battery again?”

    “Yes…very motivated. Thank you.”

    Du Ruo was successfully charged and continued to carry the stone.

    Bei Nuan glanced at the taskbar, “comforting” was completed, it seemed that he had been calling for a long time, pulling a long time, barely regarded as “singing and dancing.”

    So many people on the construction site avoided Jiang Fei and Tang Tan, but they couldn’t avoid others’ eyes.

    As a result, the rumors on the construction site have been upgraded again-

    the poor F who finally found the ruby, the only pancake was robbed, and almost broke his neck, was so miserable that he was forced by the A. Sing to him, the song he sang is very sad, very sad, whoever hears crying.

    The most frightening thing is that he was forced to crawl forward on the ground, not knowing what he was doing.

    Bei Nuan: “…”

    Bei Nuan is now beginning to feel that the iron medal worship on the island seems quite unreliable to the extent that they fabricate rumors.

    When Bei Nuan heard today that the F card means that the chance of survival is extremely low, there is still a little bit of anxiety in his heart.

    Now even the last bit of anxiety has disappeared.

    Bei Nuan called up the task bar again and looked at it. The above list was done, only the last key word-


    The following explanation is also very simple: ask Du Ruo what he thinks best reflects a person’s compassion and do it.

    Bei Nuan looked for Du Ruo around and found that he was walking down the mountain with the diabolo basket on his back.

    Bei Nuan chased him with a bamboo basket on his back, while wondering: What would Du Ruo think would best reflect a person’s compassion?

    Du Ruo is a good-minded person, he must have a long list.

    For example, protecting women and children, caring for small animals, and giving food to hungry people, Bei Nuan thought, by the way, he is a doctor, maybe he can help the wounded.

    After all, Dr. Du has been helping all kinds of injured and sick people this way.

    If he said to save the dying and heal the wounded, Bei Nuan calculated that there are so many dead people lying in Pit F, just grab one and give some vitamin pills.

    “Du Ruo, let me ask you a question.”

    Bei Nuan caught up with Du Ruo and walked down the mountain with him.

    “What do you think best reflects a person’s compassion?”

    Du Ruo didn’t think Bei Nuan’s problem was so strange. He faced the small wind on the mountain and looked at the two clouds floating in the sky, thinking very seriously. Thought about it.

    “If you ask me this question in normal times, I will definitely be able to give you a lot of answers.”

    Du Ruo answered the question with a very correct attitude, as if he was doing a graduation defense.

    “But recently I have some new ideas. Since you said’the best’ can embody compassion, I just thought of one thing.”

    Du Ruo’s eyes were bright.

    “As the future king of zombies, I think the people who occasionally sympathize with our zombies may be the most compassionate people.”

    Bei Nuan’s face twitched.

    Bei Nuan asked tentatively, “How do you feel like to…how do you sympathize? Help them speak nice things?”

    “Who wouldn’t say something in the empty vernacular. What I said was…such as feeding zombies,” Du Ruo replied smoothly.” I think my subjects seem to be really hungry.”

    Bei Nuan looked at him in a daze.

    So why did you choose someone whose thinking is different from that of ordinary people in the first place?

    Is it bad to choose Jiang Fei? Isn’t he fragrant to choose Tang Yuan?

    “Feeding the zombies?…what to use?” Bei Nuan was a little frightened.

    Du Ruo thought for a while, “I wondered, can I develop a recipe for them other than human flesh? I have always wanted to feed them beef jerky, but I don’t know if they will eat it.”

    “Feed zombie beef jerky?” Bei Nuan asked.

    Du Ruo nodded affirmatively, “Yes.”

    Bei Nuan looked at him silently.

    There is no shortage of beef jerky. The question will come for a while. Where can I find the zombies? Is it possible to go outside the island specifically for this?

    Looking at the “daily task” that is so easy to do, it is actually a big hole.

A Fake Holy Mother in the Zombie Apocalypse

A Fake Holy Mother in the Zombie Apocalypse

Score 9.4
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Chinese
Bei Nuan found herself in an apocalypse novel that didn’t have a romantic pairing and became the holy mother female supporting character that specialized in being a drag to the team. In the end, she sacrificed the team to save a city of people and was cursed out by the readers. Bei Nuan: I know the male protagonist and the plot. I’ll definitely be good at playing the female support character’s second chance. There was a ding in her head. The task of the Holy Mother has begun. Play the role of a holy mother in front of the male protagonist. You can leave this world when you get to 100%. Bei Nuan: “…” [Although I do good things every day, I’m really not a good person.] *** The male protagonist, Lu Xingchi, had a bug-level existence and easily crushed everything, but one small detail left his team being wiped out. The first thing he did after he was reborn was to plan on throwing that holy mother white lotus into a pile of zombies. But, as the days dragged on, he found it harder and harder to do so. *** System: New task unlocked: Within the next 24 hours, acting like a holy mother in front of the male lead will not give you any Holy Mother points. Acting like a holy mother in front of Male B, Male C, and Male D will get you double Holy Mother points. Bei Nuan: There was such a good thing? Lu Xingchi discovered that that girl, who had solemnly vowed yesterday, “I’ll follow you every step of the way. Every second that I’m separated from you is a waste of my life,” had disappeared.


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