A Fake Holy Mother in the Zombie Apocalypse Chapter 41

Granny Wolf forced her composure, holding a gun in both hands, and leading a few of her men, carefully walked across the pier step by step and landed on the shore.

    They finally figured out what was making a strange noise.

    A metal lamp post that was originally standing next to the pier, as if it had been heavily oppressed by some force, changed from an upright posture to a prone posture, lying on the road.

    And still continue to lie down slowly.

    “Click. Click. Click. Click.”

    This click is the sound of the lamp post slowly breaking and peeling from the base.

    In the middle of the night, there is no one everywhere, and there is no reason why the lamppost will suddenly fall down by itself.

    The little thin man grabbed his boss and panicked, “Brother… let’s run?”

    Grandma Wolf is the boss after all, and said calmly: “Don’t be afraid, go slow, be careful, maybe’it’ just wants to Let’s run forward quickly.”

    Who is’it’? Who is’it’?

    When he said that, it felt even more scary, and a group of people were shaking.

    Grandma Wolf and the others all held their guns, took Bei Nuan and them, and moved forward a little bit cautiously.

    The little thin man’s voice trembled, “I think it must be the thing by the river that is still following us…”

    Bei Nuan silently praised him in his heart.

    Yes, he is not following you. Such a big one, in a white shirt, looks pretty handsome, can’t you guys see it?

    When Jiang Fei saw the lamppost bend like that, he knew who was doing the trick, smiled, and said nothing.

    While others were not paying attention, Du Ruo quietly asked Lu Xingchi, “What are you doing to scare them?”

    “Fun.” Big boss Lu didn’t even move his eyebrows, but answered naively.

    After getting on the pier, Bei Nuan discovered that the island is really quite big.

    There are not only large houses on the island that I just saw on the shore, but also a large mountain behind, which seems to be full of trees.

    The lake water is comparable to a moat. It is a natural barrier that blocks zombies who can’t swim. The island is even more safe, and a wall was built around the island.

    The wall seemed to be originally made of wood, but now many places have been stripped off and replaced with a stronger stone wall, which seems to have not been completely completed.

    Grandma Wolf and the group were so frightened by Lu Xingchi that they moved cautiously for a long time, and finally moved to the heavily fortified gate.

    The door was closed tightly.

    Grandma Wolf knocked a few times, and a small window opened on the door.

    The gatekeeper inside glanced out of the small window before opening the door.

    The gatekeepers seemed to be very familiar with Grandma Wolf. They were all joking when they saw Grandma Wolf take the landing. “A few more? Business has been pretty good recently.”

    Grandma Wolf answered vaguely, not wanting too much. Say.

    After everyone had checked whether they were injured or not, Grandma Wolf led Lu Xingchi and them inside.

    It’s midnight, and the island is still very lively.

    There are low and low bungalows everywhere, one after another in close proximity, most of which are covered with mud, stones and grass, and they are lined up indiscriminately without planning.

    There are narrow streets between the small bungalows, and many people are still on the streets.

    Some people are setting up street stalls to sell things, and some people are gathering in groups, which looks like a night market.

    There are also a variety of things sold in the night market.

    Many of them are all kinds of dilapidated daily necessities collected from unknown sources, and some strange foods with invisible shapes.

    On the stalls, pine oil torches are mostly used for lighting.

    There is also a simple solar lamp that quietly emits a little light to illuminate the things on the rags.

    Grandma Wolf took a few people through the lively night market and continued on to the island.

    There is a mountain inside, the road is rugged, and there is a huge cave opening in front of it.

    The cave should be the last line of defense here. The lower half of the cave entrance is equipped with an iron gate, and there are people guarding it.

    It seems that if a zombie breaks through the two blockades of the lake and the high wall, they can still hide in the cave.

    The cave seems to be very deep, the terrain is complicated, and torches are lit. There are traces of axe chiseling in many places on the rock wall. It seems that the hole was dug out manually.

    Many people live in the caves, and in large and small caves and passages, people are sleeping wrapped in blankets.

    Grandma Wolf, as if returning home, turned around in a cave with extremely complicated terrain, and finally reached his destination.

    It was a relatively empty place, and several people were playing cards around a table.

    “Lao Hu, see I brought you someone here again.”

    Grandma Wolf went over and patted a man on the back.

    The man named Lao Hu glanced back.

    He buckled his waist, looked very thin, and his face was gray as if he was seriously ill.

    He threw down the cards in his hand and looked up and down Lu Xingchi and the others with his gray and godless eyes.

    “Newcomer? Let me say it first. In our place, safety is definitely guaranteed, but if you want to stay here, you have to work to have food.”

    He probably said, and Bei Nuan listened half-heartedly. .

    The book has already written very clearly. If you want to stay on this island, you have to be a laborer.

    This island was originally stationed with a local armed force, but because of local disputes, it fell into the grass and turned into a gang.

    After the zombie broke out, it was a mess outside. Although it is temporarily safe here, it is necessary to find a way to be self-sufficient.

    The armed men on the island got used to it and didn’t want to work, so they collected a group of survivors to work as laborers.

    The main job is to help them cut down the mountains and cut trees, grow food and vegetables, build a stone wall that surrounds the entire island, and even go out of the island to search for supplies everywhere.

    Therefore, although it is the end of the world, there are more people on the island, which is quite lively.

    Although the people here are all laborers, they do not restrict the freedom of labor.

    Anyway, the island is so big that it can’t run out. Besides, there are zombies outside, and no one is thinking about running out.

    They also don’t force people to work at all.

    Because there is no money if you don’t work, you can’t buy food if you don’t have money, you can’t live, you can only starve to death.

    Therefore, the workers work hard every day in order to live in this safe place and have a bite to eat.

    Life is not easy, work is hard, and pay is meager, so I can barely make ends meet.

    And Grandma Wolf and the others just went out to bring people back.

    The monthly payment is based on the head of the person that is retrieved. If the person who comes is younger and stronger, their money will be a little bit more.

    In short, it is a human trafficker.

    Lao Hu is the person responsible for counting the laborers on the island, and all these people brought back must be handed over to Lao Hu for registration.

    Lao Hu asked Bei Nuan and the others about their names and ages one by one, registered them in the booklet, then turned around and unlocked the lock on the cabinet next to them, and brought out a wooden box.

    The boxes are all small iron plates tied with ropes.

    Bei Nuan took a look at the probe. The iron plate is a very thin round iron plate, rough in workmanship, about four or five centimeters in diameter, and only a large letter is chiseled on each.

    Lao Hu picked and picked in the box for a long time, finally found an iron plate with an A chiseled on it, and handed it to Lu Xingchi.

    After searching for a while, I found one with an F chiseled on it and sent it to Bei Nuan.

    He ordered: “Hang it on my neck.” It

    looked like a dog tag.

    The ABCD brand is not mentioned in the book, but Bei Nuan already knows it.

    The fact that Lu Xing took A, Bei Nuan and F, almost always referred to physical fitness.

    With the physique of a big boss, he deserves an A.

    Bei Nuan is so weak that it is not wrong to take an F.

    Jiang Fei also came to get the sign, and Lao Hu glanced at him up and down, probably seeing that although he was a little thinner, he was moved by the tight muscle lines under his clothes, and he was also given an A card.

    Then he picked out another C and handed it to Tang Yan.

    Du Ruo waited aside for a long time, rubbing his hands, looking eagerly at Lao Hu.

    Lao Hu looked at him critically like buying food, drew it through the pile of iron tiles, and found a B.

    Du Ruo exploded instantly.

    “Why are they both A, but I am B? I have never won a B in my life!”

    Lao Hu probably never encountered someone who had to fight for his rating. He froze for a long time before explaining “It’s very good to get B.”

    Even Grandma Wolf said to the side, “You’ll know if you go out and see, there are rare people on the island who are B.” He pulled out the sign on his neck, “Look at my talents. It’s a C, and C is good enough.”

    Tang Yan also said, “Brother Du, did I also take a C?”

    Bei Nuan also comforted Du Ruo, “Look at me, I also took an F.

    ” You are not thinking about making progress.” Du Ruo replied in a tone of mourning for his misfortune and anger, and continued to grind with Lao Hu.

    Lao Hu just insisted on his opinion and didn’t change it after death.

    The person playing cards over there is called Lao Hu, “You are not finished, just register a few people, why are you so daunting?”

    Lao Hu was so entangled by Du Ruo that he had to look at him again, and suddenly he was stunned.

    He actually went to that bunch of brands and picked an A for him again.

    Du Ruo finally got the A card in his hand, contented, and happily hung this hard-won dog tag around his neck like a baby.

    Grandma Wolf whispered a few sneaky words with the old Hu, and talked with Lu Xingchi and the others politely: “You guys have tents, so you don’t want to give out your blankets, right?”

    Since Lu Xingchi and they got the A cards, Grandma Wolf The tone was a lot more polite.

    However, the blankets that should be given to the workers when they went to the island were embezzled.

    After taking the blanket from others, I was probably a little sad, Grandma Wolf added, “Your tent is not bad. It is estimated that no one would dare to rob you. Beware of being stolen.”

    This is true.

    It is said in the book that there is no law on the island, and the weak eat the strong, so robbery and theft are not a thing at all.

    Only when the trouble is too bad, the management of the island will come forward to take charge.

    Usually it is involuntary to say that the two parties who are in trouble are tied up and thrown into the lake.

    Or when a gang among the workers grows bigger, they will come forward and kill the leaders of the gang, so that the workers have always maintained a chaotic and disordered state that is most beneficial to the management.

    Coming out of Lao Hu, the night was already very deep.

    The island is so big that you can go anywhere. A few people found a place away from the crowds and markets to set up tents.

    Lu Xingchi took the initiative to help Bei Nuan set up the tent, and asked Bei Nuan in a low voice, “Don’t you ask me why I came here?”

    Bei Nuan was still tying the tent bracket in his hand, and naturally replied, “No need to ask, anyway. No matter where you go, I’ll just follow you.”

    Lu Xing was startled, he didn’t expect her to answer that way.

    He lowered his head subconsciously and looked into her eyes.

    Bei Nuan noticed it and raised his head and smiled at him.

    Her eyes were as clear as water in the moonlight, and her eyes were calm and calm, without the slightest dodge or hesitation.

    This was originally a truth from the bottom of my heart-

    no matter where Lu Xing wanted to go, as long as he followed him, it didn’t matter where he went. The key was to stay in his field of vision to increase the value of the Virgin.

    Bei Nuan is telling the truth, and there is no ghost in his heart.

    This time Lu Xingchi had a ghost in his heart.

    Lu Xingchi had already prepared a big set of rhetoric, just on his lips, he also previewed in his heart the various questions she would ask and how to deal with them one by one.

    Looking into her eyes now, all of that fancy stuff was suddenly forgotten.

    According to the system’s regulations, Lu Xingtai must come to this island to sign in, and the stay should not be too short.

    When he met the traffickers on the island, Lu Xingchi got into his arms.

    Lu Xingchi had already figured out how to explain to Bei Nuan and the others why he had to come to this island.

    Unexpectedly, Bei Nuan didn’t ask much during the whole process, just like a little tail, following him obediently.

    It is rare that Du Ruo and Jiang Fei did not ask any questions at all.

    Everyone did not complain, did not question, trusted his judgment unconditionally, and followed him without hesitation.

    Lu Xingchi’s throat was a little dry.

    But the reason for coming here is still to be said, which is also a very important thing.

    “I’m here because Bei Nuan, have you noticed that there is a character-shaped logo on their van?”

    Bei Nuan thought very hard, but still didn’t think of it.

    At that time, it was too dark and the lakeside was too dark, and Bei Nuan’s thoughts were all on the small wooden boat.

    Lu Xingchi picked up a branch and drew it on the ground.

    It is three semi-circular arcs that are like petals, with the opening facing the middle and placed in the shape of “品”, with an eye in the center of the word.

    “I saw this symbol in another place.”

    Lu Xingchi said.

    “When I was in the Nine Guards Refuge a few days ago, I searched the small buildings that were guarded, and I saw this sign on a few torn scraps of waste paper.”

    This thing is true . It is true on the van. There is a sign that is the same as the one found on the piece of paper found in the Jiujian Refuge.

    Bei Nuan thought for a while, “But that doesn’t necessarily matter.”

    Lu Xing nodded, “Yes. But it’s a clue.”

    Bei Nuan thought, he was right.

    Huo Ren and the mysterious person who injected Du Ruo with virus inhibitors are both a mystery, and there is a correlation between the two.

    The virus on Du Ruo’s body was only temporarily suppressed, and I don’t know how long it can last. If there are clues, no matter how small, it is indeed worth pursuing.

    His reason is very tenable.

    Lu Xingchi also told several other people about this matter, and everyone agreed with him.

    “Anyway, we are not in a hurry.” Tang Yuan said.

    Jiang Fei agreed, “Yes, it’s more important to find clues to inhibitors by comparison.”

    Du Ruo was very moved.

    He looked at everyone with a sincere tone, “If one day, I really become the zombie king, even if all humans in the world are wiped out, I will definitely create a human sanctuary for you and treat you as mascots. The same, raise it well and feed it delicious every day.”

    Everyone: “…”

    Grandma Wolf had expected it very correctly, even if the tent was pitched away from the crowd, she was still stared at.

    A tent can keep out the wind and rain, and it is a precious thing on this island where supplies are scarce.

    In the middle of the night, there really was an idea of ​​someone coming to play a tent.

    When Bei Nuan was sleeping in a daze, he suddenly felt that the entire tent was moving.

    Peering out, Bei Nuan saw four or five people coming outside, two of whom were dragging Bei Nuan’s tent.

    Bei Nuan was slowly being towed away as if sitting in a small car.

    Bei Nuan:?

    Tang Yuan accidentally fell asleep during the night, and now it seemed that he finally heard the movement, and suddenly awakened, “Who are you? What are you stealing?”

    Lu Xingchi and Jiang Fei have also come out of the tent.

    Bei Nuan opened the zipper of the tent and poked her head out, “Just if you steal the tent, don’t you need to steal it with me?”

    Even if she was a little thin and small, she just covered her head in a thick sleeping bag and was a little invisible. Isn’t it that there is no sense of existence?

    At this time, Lu Xingchi couldn’t help but smile.

    In the next second, a punch was thrown out.

    He didn’t use any abilities at all, so he fisted directly.

    Seeing him start to do it, Jiang Fei and the others did not hesitate to do it.

    Jiang Fei didn’t release a knife either, only a punch and a kick, and a thief flew away.

    Those few people are so good, they are not their opponents at all.

    Lu Xing came out anxiously, before he had time to button up his shirt, and in front of a small piece of open chest, the iron dog tag swayed out with his movements.

    The iron medal swayed on his chest.

    The other party suddenly flashed away.

    He was so surprised that his tone changed. He pointed to Lu Xingzhi and shouted with his companions, “That person is an A!”

    Someone pointed to the sign on Jiang Fei’s chest, “I am also an A!”

    Bei Nuan thought, you all Blind?

    If A is not A, you should understand when the fist comes up, right? Have to look at the sign to read? Should you be so academic?

    There was real fear in the eyes of those people.

    A man very puzzled, “how will pop up so much A?”

    Another man whispered: “.. These are new on the island of Hu night vision so good, certainly not wrong,”

    no one reason Du Ruo, Du Ruo quickly fished out the dog tag hanging around his neck and showed it to them, “Look, mine is also A!”

    Bei Nuan said, “…”

    “There are three Aces?”

    The group was the leader. With a solemn expression, he waved his hand without saying a word. Several people turned around and ran away, disappearing quickly into the darkness.

    From then until dawn, everyone slept peacefully, and no one came to harass.

    Everyone got up early the next morning.

    When I first arrived on the island, the situation was unknown, and I had breakfast very low-key.

    Bei Nuan used a generator to connect to the toaster in the space, roasting slices of toast until golden brown before taking it out.

    Jiang Fei hid in the tent and spread the cutting board, cut a few slices of ham, sandwiched the slices of ham and cheese in the toast, and gave them to everyone.

    To eat and drink, everyone packed up, packed their bags and walked to the lively place at the night market last night, wanting to see what this place is, and inquire about the news by the way.

    Looking at it during the day, the market in the daylight is simpler and more crowded.

    Many people still gather in the narrow streets.

    Bei Nuan found that many people’s eyes were drifting surreptitiously at them.

    But once he met his eyes, he quickly moved away in panic.

    Bei Nuan vaguely heard them whispering, “These are the A’s who just came to the island?”

    Bei Nuan was a little puzzled: It’s strange, haven’t you seen a man with a good body?

    As they were walking forward, suddenly a thin young man emerged from the side of the road and blocked their way.

    He seemed to have all the courage, and after a long time of determination, he asked, “Excuse me…Are you the newcomers who got the A card?” The

    young man’s eyes were full of desire, “Can you… Give me a look at the sign, just take a look.”

    Du Ruo was the most powerful, and directly pulled out the iron sign with A’s from his chest and showed it to him.

    The young man stared at the A on the top and sighed enviously, “This is the A card.”

    Bei Nuan was completely confused by them.

    So what does this little broken card mean?

    Bei Nuan simply pulled out the iron plate on his chest, “Look at my brand, it’s an F.” The

    young man was taken aback, glanced at the F crooked out on the iron plate, and his eyes fell on Bei Nuan’s face with all his eyes. Full of mercy that is about to overflow.

    It seemed to be with a little bit of rejoicing-finally found a hapless person who was worse than myself.

    He looked up and down Bei Nuan with the eyes of the dead.

    “F? It’s so pitiful, worse than me.”

    Bei Nuan noticed that the brand on the young man’s neck was half hidden in the placket, and it seemed to be an E on it.

    His face is yellow and thin, his clothes are messy, his face is like old Hu, and his skin is covered with a strange gray color.

    If it is only on the basis of physique, giving him an E is not injustice at all.

    But now, judging from the abnormal reaction of these people, the letters on the iron plate don’t seem to mean this at all.

A Fake Holy Mother in the Zombie Apocalypse

A Fake Holy Mother in the Zombie Apocalypse

Score 9.4
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Chinese
Bei Nuan found herself in an apocalypse novel that didn’t have a romantic pairing and became the holy mother female supporting character that specialized in being a drag to the team. In the end, she sacrificed the team to save a city of people and was cursed out by the readers. Bei Nuan: I know the male protagonist and the plot. I’ll definitely be good at playing the female support character’s second chance. There was a ding in her head. The task of the Holy Mother has begun. Play the role of a holy mother in front of the male protagonist. You can leave this world when you get to 100%. Bei Nuan: “…” [Although I do good things every day, I’m really not a good person.] *** The male protagonist, Lu Xingchi, had a bug-level existence and easily crushed everything, but one small detail left his team being wiped out. The first thing he did after he was reborn was to plan on throwing that holy mother white lotus into a pile of zombies. But, as the days dragged on, he found it harder and harder to do so. *** System: New task unlocked: Within the next 24 hours, acting like a holy mother in front of the male lead will not give you any Holy Mother points. Acting like a holy mother in front of Male B, Male C, and Male D will get you double Holy Mother points. Bei Nuan: There was such a good thing? Lu Xingchi discovered that that girl, who had solemnly vowed yesterday, “I’ll follow you every step of the way. Every second that I’m separated from you is a waste of my life,” had disappeared.


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