A Fake Holy Mother in the Zombie Apocalypse Chapter 39

  Lu Xing did not look at Bei Nuan again, only looked at Xie Yuanqing indifferently.

    “If you don’t hide people who are about to become zombies in the cellar, I have nothing to worry about.”

    Xie Yuanqing smiled, picked up the pot, and poured the brewed tea into three cups in turn.

    He smiled and asked: “You can see it? That’s right, I let my men pretend to save the Luo family boss and hide him in my cellar. Letting him run around is too unsafe. It’s better to put it on my eyelids. Bottom.”

    He held the cup in the tea holder and washed it in the tea.

    He said: “I can’t help it either. These people in Yao Town are too stubborn to let them see how powerful the zombies are. They still refuse to let my people guard the door.”

    Xie Yuanqing snorted softly.

    “In the beginning, they didn’t even examine the injuries, so they dared to let people in directly, or I caught two zombies to show them, they were willing to let go.”

    “I know, until now, the gatekeepers in the town I took the opportunity to collect money. As long as I paid the money, I just said that this is a relative of the people in the town, and let them go.”

    Xie Yuanqing raised his head and glanced at Lu Xingchi, “That’s how you guys came in, right? Just rely on those people to guard the door, Yao The town can’t hold on for a few days at all.”

    Lu Xing’s heart was clear.

    Xie Yuan Qingming knew where Luo Dazang was, and he had to perform it in public during the meeting, first to gain control of Yao Town, and second to deter and stand up.

    He wanted to warn those who were guarding the gate of the town that something really happened, not only would no one be able to save you, but even your wife and children in the family would have to be beaten as well.

    Xie Yuanqing continued: “I was about to let my subordinates bring people over, but I didn’t expect to be preempted by Bei Nuan.”

    Xie Yuanqing looked up at Bei Nuan and smiled slightly.

    This man looks like a gentle Buddha, but in fact he has a deep mind and a strong wrist.

    Xie Yuanqing made tea again and poured hot tea into the tea wash.

    Lu Xing asked him late, as if chatting, “Isn’t it dangerous to put the Luo family boss in his cellar?”

    “Oh, I have given him drugs.”

    Xie Yuanqing said in a relaxed tone.

    “I’ve tried it before. After taking the medicine, people will feel sore and weak. Even if they become zombies, they will not run fast, which is easy to solve. Besides, this yard is watched by people day and night.”

    Lu Xingchi remembered that he drove Luo Da all the way to the air that day . In the field, he did move slowly, as if his feet were so soft that he didn’t have any strength at all.

    “Where is she?” Lu Xingchi asked, “She is like this, and it is also the result of the medicine?”

    Xie Yuanqing had already made tea for the third time, and smiled, “That’s right.”

    He raised his hand and motioned for Bei Nuan to take the tea cup.

    “She likes to drink the tea I make the most.” The

    small white porcelain cup is thin and transparent, and the tea inside is rippling, the tea is golden in color, the fragrance is strange, and the white gas is curling.

    Bei Nuan obediently reached out and picked up the tea cup, sipping the tea in small sips.

    Xie Yuanqing also let Lu Xingchi.

    He looked jokingly, waiting to see what excuse Lu Xingchi would find to refuse.

    Lu Xing asked directly and indifferently, “There is medicine in the tea?”

    “Yes. After you can drink it, you are very obedient,” Xie Yuanqing replied frankly, his eyes curled, “Listen to me.”

    Lu Xingchi kept looking at his expression. At this moment, he snorted, picked up the teacup, and took a few sips.

    Xie Yuanqing didn’t expect Lu Xingchi to really dare to drink.

    The smile that had been on his face was gone.

    Lu Xing drank the tea in the cup slowly and calmly, “It’s easy to tell whether a person is lying, even a veteran lying.”

    “You have been guiding me, wanting me to think that she is like this because of the effects of drugs, but your own expression and tone have already sold yourself out.”

    Lu Xing put down the cup.

    Lu Xingchi continued, “If it weren’t medicine, what would it be? I heard that there is a kind of witchcraft, where people who use witchcraft can confuse people and make others obey. The method to dispel witchcraft is also very simple…” At

    that moment , Xie Yuanqing had no idea what happened.

    When he came back to his senses in the next second, he had already left the flower stand in the yard far away.

    He was nailed to the wall.

    The iron frame on which the clothes were originally dried was broken into iron bars, bent into a horseshoe shape, hooping Xie Yuanqing’s limbs and neck.

    He was framed in large characters, fixed to the wall, and locked.

    The iron bars are curved perfectly, naturally, as if there is such a set of lock-in devices on the wall.

    Lu Xingchi also had one more than half a foot long in his hand, and he was slowly pulling that one out.

    The thick iron bar of his thumb stretched out like plasticine in his hand, pulling out a sharp tip.

    Lu Xingchi continued to finish the half sentence just now, “…The way to dispel the witchcraft is also very simple, that is, to kill the wizard. I really want to try it.”

    Xie Yuanqing’s men had already arrived, and they didn’t dare to come forward.

    Because Lu Xingchi had released his hand, the pointed cone floated in the air by itself, hovering a few millimeters away from Xie Yuanqing’s eyes.

    Lu Xingchi smiled, “Come on, use your deceptive method to confuse me, and see if it is you or me.”

    Xie Yuanqing was shocked by Lu Xingchi’s ability to speak.

    He expected that someone would come to Bei Nuan. He thought it was a handsome man who had been taking care of Bei Nuan when Bei Nuan was injured in his previous life. He seemed to be Jiang Fei, but Lu Xingchi was unexpectedly coming.

    It doesn’t matter if it’s Lu Xing late.

    Xie Yuan had arranged a lot of manpower early in the morning. No matter how fast Lu Xing’s arrow was, it couldn’t be as fast as a gun.

    Unexpectedly, it was not Lu Xingchi with a crossbow to deal with, but a Lu Xingchi with superb powers.

    And it is such a fierce and domineering ability.

    For a long time, Xie Yuanqing signaled to his men: “Go away, it’s okay here.”

    Then he glanced at Bei Nuan who was unresponsive under the flower stand in the distance, and lowered his voice to ask Lu Xingchi a question.

    “You also have abilities. Are you reborn?”

    This is a question and a confession.

    It is tantamount to indirectly admitting that oneself is also reborn.

    Lu Xingchi understood immediately.

    Xie Yuanqing was reborn once, and it was probably when he was reborn that he gained the ability to confuse people.

    He had already lived once, so he knew that Luo Da was hidden in the cellar of the abandoned old house, and he could find people in advance and get them to his own home.

    Xie Yuan looked at the landing and traveled late, and didn’t plan to use any abilities this time.

    His ability to confuse people is a slow skill, and he has to induce repeatedly when the other party relaxes, just like hypnosis.

    It is absolutely impossible to be Lu Xingchi’s opponent.

    His expression became dignified, “Lu Xingchi, you let me keep her.”

    Lu Xing remained calm, as if he wanted to hear what he had to say.

    “I don’t care if you believe it or not, I want to keep her for a reason.”

    Xie Yuanqing said: “I died in the seventh year of the last days. At that time, the entire human world had fallen completely.”

    “Zombie virus has a new mutation. , There are few remaining bases for mankind, and they have been breached one by one.”

    “I heard one thing from a friend. That friend was in a high position and very reliable. He said that there was a girl named Bei Nuan who looked like an angel, but destroyed the only hope of mankind’s comeback. “

    I’ve seen the information, that person is her.”

    Xie Yuanqing calmly looked directly at Lu Xingchi’s eyes.

    “I saw you last time and let you go, so when I saw her again this time, my first thought was to find a chance to kill her.”

    “I tempted her to my house several times, but watch When she was so innocent and pure, she couldn’t do anything at all.”

    “Later I thought, forget it, leave her behind and let her stay in my control, maybe the result will be different this time.”

    “I am . Saving yourself is also saving everyone.”

    Xie Yuanqing glanced at Bei Nuan in the distance, with a sincere tone.

    “Don’t worry, if you leave her, I will take care of her like Dahua.”

    Lu Xingchi stared at him, knowing that he didn’t lie.

    The two men talked in a low voice, and Bei Nuan in the distance looked like slow motion, finally focusing his eyes in this direction.

    She smiled brilliantly at them, waved her hand, “Hi!”

    Then she tilted her head curiously, her face confused, “What are you two playing? Why are Xie Yuanqing hanging on the wall?”

    Lu Xingchi: “…”

    Xie Yuanqing: “…” When

    Bei Nuan was awake again, she was already in the courtyard of Xiao Ji’s house.

    He was sitting on a small bench with his head down, and a basin of water was placed on the shelf in front of him, and a stream of water at a suitable temperature was slowly pouring down on his head.

    Bei Nuan was startled, “Lu Xingchi, why are you washing my hair?”

    “Don’t move.”

    Lu Xingchi held her down and poured out the remaining water in the scoop before he wrapped a towel around her head and helped her sit up.

    “Because your hair is bent, I want to try, can I wash it straight.”

    Lu Xing carefully wiped her hair, while asking: “Why is your hair bent? Someone ironed it for you?”

    his voice As calm as ever, Bei Nuan felt that there was an indescribable sourness in it.

    Bei Nuan’s mind is a little muddy.

    The events that have happened in the past two days are all like dreams.

    “What’s wrong with me? Are you sick?” Bei Nuan asked.

    Lu Xing said indifferently: “You were bewitched by Xie Yuanqing, who raised cats, with supernatural powers. You became stupid, and you have to stay with him in Yao Town all the time.”

    There is such a thing?

    Lu Xingchi told Bei Nuan briefly and concisely, only about what happened, and didn’t tell her about Xie Yuanqing’s secret conversation with him.

    Bei Nuan was taken aback, thinking about it carefully, although his memory was vague, but he still remembered it, it seemed that there was such a thing.

    Bei Nuan hurriedly asked: “What about Xie Yuanqing?”

    “I care about him so much? Don’t worry, he is not dead, but he is on the top of the mountain.”

    This is strange . This happened and the little rabbit from the big boss was almost killed Abducted, he actually had mercy under him.

    Bei Nuan pondered for a while, and suddenly realized that Xie Yuanqing has the ability and means, and Yao Zhen really needs such a person.

    Just relying on the patriarchs in the town, this place can’t last a few days.

    Probably he was thinking about the overall situation.

    “You haven’t told me that Xie Yuanqing made your hair bend?” Lu Xingchi helped Bei Nuan wipe a handful of soft and shiny hair and continued to ask.

    He seems to be upset with the new look of rabbit fur.

    Bei Nuan thought hard for a long time, and finally remembered.

    “No. It’s Xiaoji’s mother. I washed my hair yesterday and my hair was wet. She braided two braids for me, but when it dries, my hair became all curved!”

    Lu Xing’s hands stopped rubbing her head. , It seems a bit embarrassing.

    “What about your printed shawl? Xie Yuanqing gave it?”

    “Shawl? Of course not, it was a gift from Xiaoji’s mother. By the way, where is my big shawl?” Beignon wondered.

    Lu Xingchi’s expression became even more embarrassing and vague, “Uh… probably fell on the road… I’ll find it for you in a while…”

    Xiao Ji’s mother came out of the house and passed by them, laughing.

    Said : “Is your hair curvy? How good-looking.” As he was talking, an aunt came at the gate of the courtyard and waved to Xiaoji’s mother.

    “Li Dahua, our family has newly made dough, do you want to come over and get some?”


    What did she just say?

    Li Dahua?

    Li Dahua? ?

    Bei Nuan stood up and knocked over the shelf of the water basin with a loud bang, splashing water all over his body, and frightened Lu Xing next to him.

    Bei Nuan couldn’t take care of this, and asked Xiao Ji’s mother incredulously: “What did she call you?”

    Xiao Ji’s mother smiled shyly, “Li Dahua, my real name. I don’t like it at all. I don’t think it sounds good. It was when I was a child. Grandpa named me and said that the name doesn’t need to be so good to feed me.”

    Bei Nuan remembered that when she was standing on the steps to draw her name that day, Xiaoji’s mother was there.

    So the Li Dahua drawn out of the system might not be the cat at all, but the big living person in front of her.

    Bei Nuan was distraught.

    So what are you doing all these days?

    Li Dahua is far away in the sky and close in front of him.

    Bei Nuan glanced at the few countdowns left, and (0/3) after Li Dahua’s name.

    “Auntie,” Bei Nuan said, “we’ll be leaving soon. I recently made a wish to pick out a few people and realize their three wishes. Do you have any wishes?”

    “Wishes?” Xiao Ji’s mother shook Shaking his head, “In this kind of world, the family can be together well, and there is nothing else I want.”

    Bei Nuan encouraged her, “You just say three, I can do it. I work hard.”

    Xiao Ji’s mother smiled, “Then you can help me find Huang Fatty where the egg was laid today. I have been searching the hospital for a long time and haven’t found it.”

    Huang Fatty is the mother of the family. Chickens.

    Bei Nuan: “…”

    Bei Nuan tried to persuade her, “This is a waste of wish, you change one.”

    Xiao Ji’s mother insisted, “It’s a big deal to find eggs!”

    As a result, Bei Nuan was drilling all over the yard, and she was really caught by her. I found the egg that Huang Pang had hidden in the grass at the corner of the corner.

    Bei Nuan handed the precious eggs to Xiao Ji’s mother and quickly glanced at the taskbar.

    Behind Li Dahua, it really became (1/3).

    Bei Nuan wanted to cry.

    The second wish released by Xiaoji’s mother was that Bei Nuan chatted with her when she was cutting vegetables, and it was realized without difficulty.

    “Then what is your last wish?” Bei Nuan asked her after dinner.

    Xiao Ji’s mother said: “Nothing else, you are leaving tomorrow. My wish is that you can be safe.”

    Bei Nuan’s nose was sour.

    I don’t know how to realize this wish, Bei Nuan consults the junior.

    Xiao San answered very quickly, “As long as you are safe at the end of the countdown, even if the mission is successful.”

    Early the next morning, the team set off on the road.

    Bei Nuan kept food for Xiao Ji’s family in the room, and secretly covered it under the quilt of the room he lived in.

    This time, Bei Nuan did not tell Lu Xingchi, nor did he plan to take pictures for him to see.

    Bei Nuan didn’t know why, and didn’t really want to use this to raise the Virgin’s value, but simply wanted to leave something for Xiaoji’s family.

    When he arrived at the gate of the town, Xie Yuanqing also came, still holding his little princess in his arms.

    He met Lu Xingchi’s eyes, and both of them paused for a second, but they didn’t speak.

    Xie Yuanqing took out a string of emerald green jade wrist beads.

    Each one is engraved with strange words, and each one is full of Zhengyang, and the green is like a puddle of water. At first glance, it is the best.

    He handed the beads to Bei Nuan, “Are you planning to go west? The salt river in front may not be able to pass. If you want to detour to the border, you might be able to bring my things with you.”

    This string of wrists The pearl is worth at least tens of millions at a glance, but Bei Nuan didn’t answer it.

    Xie Yuanqing put it on Bei Nuan’s wrist, “It’s not a valuable thing. At this time, the jewelry is not useful to eat, but there are many people on the border who recognize it and it is a token of trust.”

    Then he handed the cat to it. Bei Nuan, “Da Hua also

    wants to hug again.” The little princess didn’t want to hug again, her face was reluctant, but she managed to make Bei Nuan hug and touch, and she hurriedly got back into Xie Yuanqing’s arms again. .

    “Good trip.” Xie Yuanqing said.

    He glanced at Lu Xingchi again and opened his mouth.

    Lu Xingchi had already

    spoken first, “I know it in my heart.” Xie Yuanqing nodded and said nothing more.

    The town gate opened, Bei Nuan and the others carried their bags and walked out of the ancient Yao Town in the early morning mist.

    Before the door closed again, Bei Nuan suddenly remembered something and quickly turned around.

    “Xie Yuanqing, I forgot to tell you, your little princess does not have to eat small ox-eye meat and foie gras caviar to play in the three-tier playground. She especially likes to eat dried sweet potatoes soaked in hot water. Just tease her with dog’s tail grass. I’m happy!”

    Xie Yuanqing:? ? ?

    The little princess who was forced to step off the altar: “Meow?”

    Back down the mountain, on the off-road vehicle, Lu Xing turned his head to look at the emerald beads on Bei Nuan’s wrist.

    “Not willing to pick it? You don’t want to drop a drop of blood on it? Maybe you can make another space.”

    His words sounded a bit sour.

    Bei Nuan hurriedly pushed down his wrist beads and put them into the space well.

    Not long after the car drove, the countdown to Our Lady’s Wish ended.

    Just as Xiao San said, because they have been “safe and safe” until now, Li Dahua’s name jumped to (3/3).

    The Notre Dame value skyrocketed again, and Bei Nuan was happy.

    Xiao San said that before the end of the plot, as long as the Virgin is full of value and return to the original world, the fate of the car accident will automatically change, and Bei Nuan will no longer be crushed by the truck.

    The Notre Dame progress bar is now green and looks promising.

    Before Bei Nuan could see the skyrocketing Madonna value, the roller for drawing the name automatically popped out again.

    There were few names this time, and the wheel slowed down after not turning two times.

    Bei Nuan saw Tang Tang’s name slid upwards, Jiang Fei’s name slid upwards, and slowly stopped on the word “Du Ruo”.

    Bei Nuan almost wanted to raise his hands and cheer.

    Realizing Du Ruo’s wish is too simple.

    Needless to say, his wish is definitely to eat all kinds of delicious food.

    However, the scroll wheel was still slowly and slowly turning upwards at an imperceptible extent, suddenly clicked, and jumped to the next step.

    This time it really stopped, and it stopped quite securely.

    Above are three words: Lu Xingchi.

    Bei Nuan: “…”

    Bei Nuan turned his head to look at the big boss Lu who was driving.

    What wishes he would have, Bei Nuan knew from his knees.

    This is the proper delivery of food to your door.

    Bei Nuan took another look at the countdown.

    It was about three days again, which was long enough.

    To set off early in the morning, Du Ruo Jiangfei and the others were all in the back seat to make up for their sleep. Tang Yuan simply lay down and snorted asleep.

    Bei Nuan glanced back at them, and quietly pulled at Lu Xingchi’s clothes.

    “What’s wrong?” Lu Xingchi asked.

    “Lu Xingchi,” Bei Nuan spoke softly, carefully choosing the words, “You saved me again yesterday. In order to express my gratitude, I decided to fulfill your three wishes too.”

    Before she finished speaking, Lu Xingchi smiled. a bit.

    Smiles very unlike a good person.

    “Don’t you want me to kiss you three times in a row?” Bei Nuan whispered.

    Lu Xing turned his head to look at her, raised his eyebrows a little, and said nothing.

    Looking at his expression, Bei Nuan should have guessed wrong.

    “What are you thinking about?” Bei Nuan became wary. “Don’t ask too much, girlfriend or anything.”

    “Okay. No.”

    Lu Xingchi glanced at Du Ruo in the rearview mirror. They, with their hands still on the steering wheel, approached Bei Nuan sideways, and lowered their voices.

    “Even if you don’t ask for “non-decent”, like you said, if you plan to kiss you, you guessed it wrong.”

    Bei Nuan didn’t understand.

    Lu Xingchi continued, “The first two wishes are to kiss you, and the third wish is to give me three more wishes.”

    Bei Nuan said sincerely, “You might as well stop and get a rest. You have everything in your dreams. Tell you pro does not work, you want three points normal, like to wash. “ironing clothes like the

    land line late laugh,” how do you then want to help my ironing? help me every time ironing. “

    Tony Nuan cheeky, “I especially know how to iron clothes. When I was a kid, I ironed my school uniforms. You don’t want to try it?”

    Lu Xingchi glanced at her and said calmly, “If you can’t even kiss me, then I don’t want these three wishes. Now.”

    Bei Nuan:? !

    He can’t help it.

    If not, how can Bei Nuan do the task?

    Two-thirds of the tasks have been completed, and he is left alone. If you give up at this time, the space will be lost for nothing, which is a pity.

    Bei Nuan struggled for a long time, muttering in an inaudible voice, “Okay, give you a kiss. Isn’t it

    OK to give you a kiss?” Lu Xing did not turn his head, looked at the road ahead, and bends the corner of his mouth.

    At noon, when the team stopped for lunch by a forest, Lu Xingchi had already thought of his first wish.

    As expected by Bei Nuan, the first one is “strawberry flavor”.

    Lu Xingchi took Bei Nuan and left the off-road vehicle on the pretext of being tired from driving.

    The two walked forward for a while, feeling that Du Ruo couldn’t see them, and then stopped.

    Bei Nuan asked him: “Strawberry flavor?” While looking for strawberry flavored sugar everywhere in the space.

    Lu Xingchi stretched out his hand to embrace her waist, hugged her into his arms, looked down at her, his eyes seemed to be looking at the prey that he had already obtained.

    The hunter is quite generous with the prey, “It doesn’t have to be strawberry flavor. You can pick any flavor, I can.”

    That’s what you said.

    Bei Nuan turned the space quietly, found a box of candy, tore off the outer packaging directly in the space, and took out one pill.

    Bei Nuan raised her hand and placed an unsightly candy in the palm of her hand.

    “Come here, get closer.” Bei Nuan blushed a little.

    Lu Xingchi stared at her, his voice a little dumb, “Okay.”

    He lowered, really close, his thin lips almost touching her.

    Bei Nuan closed his eyes, made up his mind, put the sugar into his mouth resolutely, and kissed Lu Xingchi quickly.

A Fake Holy Mother in the Zombie Apocalypse

A Fake Holy Mother in the Zombie Apocalypse

Score 9.4
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Chinese
Bei Nuan found herself in an apocalypse novel that didn’t have a romantic pairing and became the holy mother female supporting character that specialized in being a drag to the team. In the end, she sacrificed the team to save a city of people and was cursed out by the readers. Bei Nuan: I know the male protagonist and the plot. I’ll definitely be good at playing the female support character’s second chance. There was a ding in her head. The task of the Holy Mother has begun. Play the role of a holy mother in front of the male protagonist. You can leave this world when you get to 100%. Bei Nuan: “…” [Although I do good things every day, I’m really not a good person.] *** The male protagonist, Lu Xingchi, had a bug-level existence and easily crushed everything, but one small detail left his team being wiped out. The first thing he did after he was reborn was to plan on throwing that holy mother white lotus into a pile of zombies. But, as the days dragged on, he found it harder and harder to do so. *** System: New task unlocked: Within the next 24 hours, acting like a holy mother in front of the male lead will not give you any Holy Mother points. Acting like a holy mother in front of Male B, Male C, and Male D will get you double Holy Mother points. Bei Nuan: There was such a good thing? Lu Xingchi discovered that that girl, who had solemnly vowed yesterday, “I’ll follow you every step of the way. Every second that I’m separated from you is a waste of my life,” had disappeared.


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