A Fake Holy Mother in the Zombie Apocalypse Chapter 37

   “It’s just a cellar, what’s so interesting? Enough?” Lu Xingchi asked behind him.

    Bei Nuan nodded and took the initiative to leave the yard.

    Lu Xingchi followed her and looked back at the deserted yard before going out.

    Lu Xing came here late for the purpose of looking for someone hiding in the cellar, but unfortunately he didn’t find it.

    According to the requirements of the system, Lu Xingchi had to follow the route of his previous life again.

    The way to go is not to strictly step on the footsteps of the first life step by step, but to check in at a series of key locations given by the system.

    And stay in each place for enough time, not shorter than the previous life.

    So this time, even if you don’t have to send Xiao Ji home, Lu Xingchi must come to Yao Town to sign in, and must stay on the mountain for a few days.

    In the previous life in Yaozhen, Bei Nuan pounced on Luo Er, severely injured on his waist, and spent two days in care before leaving.

    This time, Lu Xingtai made a careful calculation and found that the time to go up the mountain was the same as in the previous life.

    The infected Luo family boss has entered the town, and something will happen soon.

    The first thing Lu Xingchi did after he went up the mountain was to go to the abandoned old house to find Luo Da, who was hidden in the cellar.

    As a result, the cellar that should have hidden people was empty, and there was no one at all.

    The time was right, but the people in the cellar disappeared miraculously.

    Lu Xing was unwilling to reconcile, and simply searched all the old houses in the vicinity without even a single person.

    When Lu Xing turned around late and returned to this old house, looking inside and out, Bei Nuan happened to be here.

    It’s a big Yao town, and it couldn’t be more coincidental.

    Bei Nuan knew nothing about the twists and turns in Lu Xingchi’s mind, and reported to Lu Xingchi about the meeting at the top of the mountain.

    “Are we going to withdraw now?” Bei Nuan asked Lu Xingchi.

    It is too risky to find an infected person.

    Yao Town is crowded with crowds. The key is that there is only one road up and down the mountain. It is difficult to walk, narrow and steep. Once something happens, even if the land travels late, it will take a lot of effort to get out of the siege.

    If you don’t pay attention, someone else might get hurt.

    Bei Nuan looked up at the landing delay, and seriously suggested: “Let’s go back to the top of the mountain now, call Du Ruo, and then go find Jiang Fei and Tang Tan together.”

    Bei Nuan paused, thought about it, and added, ” Xiaoji’s family will also take it. Let’s move down the mountain first.” People in

    other towns, let them ask for their own blessings.

    This statement is really not the Virgin.

    Bei Nuan had no intention of raising the Virgin’s value in front of Lu Xingchi now, and only wanted to take his own people down the mountain.

    Lu Xing looked down at her and smiled suddenly.

    He stretched out his hand and rubbed her head, “I won’t be afraid of this. Let’s go to the top of the mountain to see the situation before

    talking .” He said that, and Bei Nuan had to follow, worried.

    Bei Nuan thought, according to the plot in the book, just when they tortured Luo’s second child, the group of people in the town who had been searching everywhere found Luo Da hidden in the cellar.

    But now Luo Da is gone, they have nowhere to look.

    But maybe the plot twists and turns on its own, and can get back to the original track, the people in the town can still find Luo Da, but it’s somewhere else.

    I hope so.

    Fortunately, everything is as usual on the top of the mountain, and the crowd is still in a meeting, nothing unusual.

    Du Ruo held the meeting with gusto, as if he couldn’t wait to nibble on melon seeds.

    Fortunately, Jiang Fei and Tang Yuan also came up.

    The team got together again, and there was a big boss town, Bei Nuan felt much more relieved.

    Bei Nuan took out the crossbow and spikes from the space and quietly handed them to Lu Xingchi, “You are prepared to take them.”

    Although he knew that he could shoot spikes without a crossbow, he was used to holding a crossbow to cover people’s eyes.

    Lu Xingchi smiled and took it.

    Jiang Fei’s dagger has been hidden on him, but Bei Nuan doesn’t need to worry about it.

    Du Ruo opened his mouth, and Bei Nuan rushed to say, “I won’t give you the knife. You don’t want everyone not to have a meeting, just look at you, right?”

    The shape of that knife is too exaggerated.

    The people in the town are still meeting, and new developments will be made soon.

    They are in a group of anger, because they brought up the culprit who let them in, the second child of the Luo family.

    Luo Er was on duty with two other people to guard the gate last night, and happened to meet his eldest brother back.

    During the routine examination, his eldest brother kept it under cover, and he was found to have a bite on his wrist.

    According to the rules, everyone invited him out politely again.

    At that time, I made it very clear to the injured Luo family’s boss that he would recuperate outside, and he would return after two days when he was really fine.

    But the Luo family brothers are notoriously close.

    The two of them grew up with their parents working in other places. The eldest brother was like a father. Luo Er was almost brought up by his elder brother. The brothers ate together when they had food, and drank porridge together when they had no food, and they depended on each other.

    Later, my brother went out to work and kept sending money back to help my brother build a new house and married a wife.

    This time my brother went home and was injured accidentally on the way.

    Luo Er couldn’t bear it. He felt that the zombies outside were too dangerous, so he secretly put his brother in again while the other two were not paying attention.

    The opening of the door was not very neat and was noticed by the other two people.

    After the two were on duty, they quietly followed Luo Er home, and indeed saw the boss of the Luo family sneaking in and devouring food at his house.

    The two went up and grabbed them. Luo Er and them fought together. When they beat Luo Er and chased him, Luo Da was gone.

    Luo Er is now tied up, standing in the open space at the forefront, being scolded by their patriarch of the Luo surname.

    The patriarch tried hard to persuade him for a long time, and promised Luo Er that even if he finds his brother, even if his brother has become a zombie, he will not be killed and he will be driven out of town.

    It’s a pity it’s useless.

    This Luo Erniu’s heart is lonely, and he doesn’t say that he doesn’t know, but he resolutely refuses to speak out.

    He didn’t speak, but made everyone believe that, in fact, he knew where his brother was hiding.

    This fact is too serious, no one can protect it.

    Xie Yuanqing had been standing by her side, and now she suddenly spoke.

    His voice was as gentle and calm as ever.

    “It stands to

    reason that the patriarchs are all there, and it is not my turn to talk more, but if the Luo family boss is not found, everyone will die together. Now there is no other way except to use torture.” Several patriarchs agreed deeply and discussed it. , Please take out an iron rod that is half a person’s height.

    The iron rod is dark and half a palm wide at the front end, which seems to be quite a few years old.

    The Luo family’s long-speaking words are very earnest, and said to the second Luo family: “You can tell where your brother is hiding, so you can save a few times.”

    Luo Er shook his head, but still refused to speak out.

    No way, the patriarch raised his hand.

    The person holding the iron rod raised the iron rod and slammed it against the back of the second child of the Luo family.

    The second Luo family screamed and knelt.

    His cry was so miserable, Bei Nuan followed with a tremor in his heart.

    Luo Er did not let go, so the iron rod continued to smash down.

    The top of the mountain is very quiet now.

    Bei Nuan could hear the muffled sound of the iron rod hitting the flesh. Luo Er’s screams gradually lowered, and blood leaked from his body through his clothes, staining a large area.

    In the book, Bei Nuan survived for a long time, and couldn’t get up for a long time. Luo Er had suffered so many times, and he didn’t know what it was like.

    Bei Nuan in the book rushed up at this time.

    She squeezed out the crowd and told them to stop, but unfortunately no one listened to her.

    So she pounced on Luo Er.

    Before the beater had time to stop, Bei Nuan was firmly struck with an iron rod on her waist.

    She was small and weak, and this rod almost broke her waist.

    As a result, Jiang Fei went up and directly gave the person holding the iron rod a knife. The team confronted Xie Yuanqing and they had a dispute.

    From the perspective of increasing the value of the Virgin, Bei Nuan, as a standard Virgin, should also rush up to protect Luo Er as in the book.

    Of course Bei Nuan wouldn’t be stupid, letting herself suffer for no reason.

    But are you going to get ahead?

    Bei Nuan hesitated.

    The original idea was to find Luo Da, hand it over, and let this matter pass safely and smoothly.

    It’s a pity that the plot is crooked, Luo Da is not in the cellar at all, and no one can be found.

    This matter is of great importance. If he is not found out, the whole town may suffer along with him.

    In the bottom of my heart, Bei Nuan fully understands Xie Yuanqing’s approach.

    Furthermore, Bei Nuan also felt that Luo deserved his two crimes.

    For the sake of his brotherhood, to put the whole town at risk, it should be beaten.

    But the iron rod hits people too hard.

    Even if Bei Nuan had been mentally prepared and knew that he was going to be beaten, the scene was still much more tragic than Bei Nuan expected.

    Which is right and wrong, Bei Nuan will be confused for a while, and his mind will become a mess.

    While hesitating, I suddenly realized that Lu Xing was looking down at her late.

    Immediately afterwards, Bei Nuan discovered that, at some point, Lu Xingchi’s hand held her hand tightly.

    His hands were like iron tongs, firmly controlling her, as if he was afraid that she would run forward on impulse.

    Luo Er lay on the ground over there, but still bite and not let go.

    Xie Yuanqing stopped the beating person temporarily, squatted down to ask him, his voice was still very gentle, as if the elder was talking to the naughty junior who made a mistake.

    “Where is your brother hiding? As long as you tell us, no one will hit you again.”

    Luo Er continued to shake his head.

    Du Ruo suddenly spoke from the side: “This is an ethical dilemma, called a time bomb dilemma.”


    Bei Nuan looked up at Du Ruo inexplicably.

    Du Ruo explained: “This dilemma is that a time bomb will explode. Once it explodes, there will be countless deaths and injuries. The criminals are reluctant to say where the bomb is. Under this circumstance, should they be tortured to extract a confession?”

    Bei Nuan did not speak.

    Lu Xingchi said in an interface: “Utilitarians will think that in order to save so many people, it’s okay to do so, and those who oppose it will think that torture itself is problematic.”

    Du Ruo said: “And once this kind of opening is opened, who will be responsible in the future? To decide under what circumstances torture can be used? It is easy to be abused by others.”

    Bei Nuan thought to herself, you two really have a leisurely relationship, and are still discussing this.

    Regardless of the dilemma, solve the immediate trouble first.

    According to the plot of the original book, someone should have discovered Luo Da by then and brought Luo Da who was about to mutate.

    Is the plot really crooked to the point of not coming back?

    Over there, Xie Yuanqing saw Luo Er resolutely not to move, and his opponent raised his hand.

    His men did not bring Luo Da, but brought two other people.

    One is a young woman, and the other is a three or four-year-old girl.

    Luo Er didn’t move, but when they saw the two of them being brought up, he suddenly struggled.

    Xie Yuanqing still had the kind of calm and gentle tone just now, and now there are more accusations, “If you refuse to say, we can only act on your wife and children, don’t you even care about them?”

    Xie Yuanqing made a gesture. The man holding the iron rod raises the iron rod.

    The woman was so scared that she screamed desperately and hugged the little girl. The little girl was sobbing, but now she burst into tears.

    The next stick was about to fall on both of their mother and daughter.

    Bei Nuan was taken aback.

    Bei Nuan knows exactly how fierce an iron rod can be. That little girl probably can’t stand it even for a while.

    Du Ruo, who was next to him, had already said, “Wait a minute!”

    Du Ruo pushed aside the crowd and squeezed to the front.

    Before Xie Yuanqing waited for him to come forward, he raised his hand to stop the hitter.

    The halt was too fast, which made Bei Nuan deeply doubt that, in fact, he hadn’t planned to actually start.

    “What are you waiting for? What can you do?” Xie Yuan glanced at Du Ruo.

    Du Ruo Laipi, “I’m thinking about this.”

    Xie Yuanqing was a little speechless, and asked calmly, “No?” He waved his hand, and the person holding the iron rod raised the iron rod again.

    Lu Xingchi had already squeezed to the front with Bei Nuan.

    “Give me some time,” Lu Xingchi said, “you all stay on the top of the mountain, and I will go to the town to find someone by myself.”

    Du Ruo also said, “I will go too.”

    He is not afraid of zombies, but he is really suitable to find people.

    Xie Yuan said calmly, “You are looking for? Where are you going to find? The town is so big, when will you guys find it?”

    The patriarch next to him also said, “If you listen to you, if something goes wrong , even you will change. Are you a zombie? There are so many people in Quanyao Town, are you responsible?”

    Bei Nuan followed them and squeezed over, his mind was spinning, and suddenly there was a glimmer of light.

    “Xie Yuanqing, I know where he might be hiding, you give us ten minutes!”

    Her voice was sweet and pleasant, Xie Yuanqing gave her a calm look, raised her wrist, and looked at the watch on her wrist.

    “Ten minutes.” He said.

    He agreed very happily, and Bei Nuan immediately regretted saying that it was too short, and bargained with him, “Twenty minutes. Twenty minutes, okay?”

    Xie Yuan replied: “Fifteen minutes, the matter is urgent, and it can’t be more than one minute. “

    Bei Nuan grabbed Lu Xingchi’s arm, turned him and ran.

    “Where?” Lu Xingchi followed her.

    “I thought he might be hiding.” Bei Nuan said as he ran, “Let’s find it. It’s okay, if we can’t find it, let’s think of another way.”

    Bei Nuan landed late and sighed. Rushed to Xie Yuanqing’s home.

    Fortunately, his home is also on the top of the mountain, not far away.

    As soon as Bei Nuan approached, she saw that the courtyard door was locked, but there were people guarding the door. It was Xie Yuanqing’s subordinates.

    Bei Nuan is beautiful, and just came here today, and a few people recognized her at a glance.

    “Our brother Xie had a meeting in the square.” They thought Bei Nuan had come to Xie Yuanqing.

    “I know that you thanked me for asking us to come over and have something to do.” Bei Nuan preached the imperial decree, and then added, “Just go into the yard, not the house.”

    Several people knew that Xie Yuanqing treated Bei Nuan unusually. After only discussing for a while, he opened the door lock with the key and put her and Lu Xing in late.

    Bei Nuan did not hesitate to take the landing line and walked in, and stopped in front of a blooming dahlia.

    Next to the flower bush is something like a large manhole cover made of wooden slats.

    Every family here has a cellar for sweet potatoes in the yard, and the cellar of the patriarch’s house is here.

    The last time the little princess passed by this bunch of flowers, she suddenly exploded her hair, and Bei Nuan saw from a distance that there was a cover on the slope next to the mountain.

    But Bei Nuan didn’t even know what it was at that time.

    It is now clear that it is the cellar cover, which is much newer than the cellar cover in the abandoned yard, but the style is exactly the same.

    Dahua reacted so abnormally, maybe because of strangers hidden inside.

    Yao Town is so big, if you find a place to hide, the patriarch’s house can be the best hiding place.

    Anyway, no one uses the cellar now. Even if others want to search, they can’t remember to search for the most unlikely Tibetan patriarch’s house.

    And the boss of the Luo family might already know that the patriarch’s family now lives with the wealthy and powerful Xie Yuanqing, and no one dared to move.

    This is called black under the lights.

    It’s not difficult to get in. The courtyard wall is so short that you can turn it over. Luo Da is a local and familiar with the road.

    But Bei Nuan is just guessing, not very sure.

    Lu Xingchi saw the cellar, already carrying a crossbow, and pulling Bei Nuan behind him.

    He kicked open the wooden cover.

    In the cellar, there was indeed a person curled up, and he was unconsciously lifted the cellar cover and looked outside in horror.

    This is still a person, not a zombie.

    “I’ll count to three and come out.” Lu Xingchi pointed his crossbow at his head.

    People can only be seen in the sun when they come out. He is a man in his thirties. Because of hiding, his clothes are already dirty and his hair is covered with dirt.

    The most conspicuous is that there was a new bloody injury on his right wrist, which was obviously bitten.

    This person must have been infected, because Bei Nuan saw that his white eyes were the same as Du Ruo before, covered with red blood.

    Lu Xingchi told Bei Nuan to step back a few steps and escorted the young man out.

    The young man probably hid for too long, his legs were soft, and his movements were very slow. Every few steps he walked was like kneeling, moving forward slowly under the pressure of the crossbow.

    The three of them slowly moved back to Quan’s eyes.

    This person is indeed the boss of the Luo family.

    Because as soon as they appeared, the audience was overwhelmed by curses.

    The Luo family hated him very much. He grabbed the iron rod from the person next to him, and smashed his head at Luo Da and wanted to pull it off.

    Lu Xingchi grabbed the iron rod with his hand, “Don’t fight, he seems to be infected, there is a virus in

    his blood.” His meaning is very obvious, if there is a wound on his body, the blood of the Luo family’s boss is at risk of infection.

    As soon as these words were spoken, a large area of ​​open space was instantly vacated around the Luo family’s boss.

    Luo Er, who was lying on the ground, opened his eyes and saw his brother coming. He struggled to get up and hugged his brother’s leg.

    “Don’t hit my brother…” The

    change happened in an instant.

    Originally afraid of being beaten, Luo Da, who squatted on the ground with his head in his arms, convulsed a few times and raised his head.

    One pair of eyes was blood red.

    Everyone was far away and out of reach. The closest to him was his younger brother, and he bit into Luo Er’s neck with one bite.

    Xie Yuanqing raised his spear, Jiang Fei took a knife, and Du Ruo grabbed people with his bare hands.

    But no one is quicker than land travel.

    A spike went where it should go in an instant.

    Luo Da’s movement was like a freeze frame, and he paused. After several seconds, he slowly fell backward.

    Luo Er saw his brother’s changes clearly, and was shocked and frightened for a while.

    It seemed that he had never expected that his brother would really become a zombie, and after the mutation, he was the first to attack.

    The scene was silent.

    Many people in Yao Town went up the mountain as soon as they heard that the wind was wrong. This was the first time many people saw someone mutate with their own eyes, and it was also the first time they saw a zombie attack a person.

    For a long time, Xie Yuanqing spoke, her voice still calm and gentle.

    He pointed to Luo Da who was lying motionless, and directed his men to “Take him outside the town and bury him. Be careful when handling.”

    They found a piece of plastic sheeting, wrapped Luo Da, and carried him through the crowd. .

    The crowd silently made way for them.

    “Patriarch,” Xie Yuanqing said politely, “Everyone has seen the horror of zombies. I think we are not good at guarding the gate like we are now.”

    He was right. This kind of thing happened again today, and Yaozhen might not be so. Fortunately.

    A patriarch said: “Let’s send a few more people every day to supervise each other…”

    Xie Yuanqing interrupted him, “The folks in the village in Yao Town will not bear the heart to let people in. It is unforgivable and understandable. “

    he glanced around,” my men are not brothers Yao town, where no family, who do not know, if you also helped the gatekeepers, might be better. “

    he rightly said, the following Of people agree.

    Several patriarchs discussed with each other, and they all felt that this was indeed a way.

    Bei Nuan and Lu Xingchi looked at each other.

    Both of them understood in their hearts: Xie Yuanqing took this opportunity to unknowingly move the actual control of Yao Town to his own hands.

A Fake Holy Mother in the Zombie Apocalypse

A Fake Holy Mother in the Zombie Apocalypse

Score 9.4
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Chinese
Bei Nuan found herself in an apocalypse novel that didn’t have a romantic pairing and became the holy mother female supporting character that specialized in being a drag to the team. In the end, she sacrificed the team to save a city of people and was cursed out by the readers. Bei Nuan: I know the male protagonist and the plot. I’ll definitely be good at playing the female support character’s second chance. There was a ding in her head. The task of the Holy Mother has begun. Play the role of a holy mother in front of the male protagonist. You can leave this world when you get to 100%. Bei Nuan: “…” [Although I do good things every day, I’m really not a good person.] *** The male protagonist, Lu Xingchi, had a bug-level existence and easily crushed everything, but one small detail left his team being wiped out. The first thing he did after he was reborn was to plan on throwing that holy mother white lotus into a pile of zombies. But, as the days dragged on, he found it harder and harder to do so. *** System: New task unlocked: Within the next 24 hours, acting like a holy mother in front of the male lead will not give you any Holy Mother points. Acting like a holy mother in front of Male B, Male C, and Male D will get you double Holy Mother points. Bei Nuan: There was such a good thing? Lu Xingchi discovered that that girl, who had solemnly vowed yesterday, “I’ll follow you every step of the way. Every second that I’m separated from you is a waste of my life,” had disappeared.


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