A Fake Holy Mother in the Zombie Apocalypse Chapter 36

  Bei Nuan touched his pocket subconsciously, and contained only a piece of dried sweet potato that had not been finished.

    Bei Nuan took out the dried sweet potatoes and opened the wrapped paper towel.

    Dahua sniffed again, and suddenly stretched out her little pink tongue and licked on the dried sweet potato.

    Bei Nuan:? ? ?

    Isn’t it just willing to eat Angus veal eye meat with foie gras caviar?

    Dahua unceremoniously took away the dried sweet potato and pressed it under his paws like a prey, revealing a mouthful of white fangs.

    It tilted its head, grinning and gnawing on the dried sweet potato without any image.

    Can’t bite.

    Dried sweet potatoes are too hard, and because of its meaty teeth, it doesn’t seem to be much stronger than Bei Nuan’s.

    After working hard for a long time, I took a little bit.

    Bei Nuan looked at it and its dried sweet potatoes, and it took a long time to come back

    to his senses : “You, are you willing to eat snacks for common people like us??” Li Elizabeth Dahua looked up at Bei Nuan, as if suddenly awakened to himself. What are you doing? Loosen the dried sweet potato, turn around and leave.

    Only a proud, lonely and hungry noble back was left.

    Bei Nuan quickly picked up the dried sweet potatoes on the ground.

    After feeding the little princess sweet potato to do this, Xie Yuanqing must not let Xie know about it. Once he knows about it, he probably won’t even want to see his big flower again in this life.

    “Dahua, what else do you want to eat? Except for your small ox-eye meat and foie gras caviar…uh…and dried sweet potatoes.” Bei Nuan put away the dried sweet potatoes and followed behind it.

    Da Hua walked slowly into the depths of the yard, ignoring her at all.

    The yard is full of various flowers and plants, and the terrain is complex, which is quite suitable for cats.

    The big flowers were familiar and walked in. When passing by a cluster of dahlias, he suddenly stopped, and the hair on his back exploded.

    The little princess didn’t know what she was upset about, probably because she disliked Hua was blocking her way.

    It ignored people, and walked to Xie Yuanqing’s house, Bei Nuan was embarrassed to continue following it.

    Bei Nuan greeted Xie Yuanqing’s men who were guarding the door, left the top of the mountain and returned to Xiao Ji’s house.

    Du Ruo was playing with chickens in the yard. When she saw Bei Nuan, she smiled and said, “I told Lu Xingchi that you are okay. Look, you have come back well?”

    It turned out that it is rare to have free time and it is safe here. Jiang Fei and Tang Yuan He also went out, Lu Xingchi had been waiting for Bei Nuan, seeing that she never came back, so he went out to look for her.

    Bei Nuan took out the dried sweet potato that the cat had eaten, threw it on the small wooden table for eating in the yard, and took a new one. He pulled a small bench to sit on it, and grinned his teeth silently.

    “What’s the matter with you?” Du Ruo came over to ask, seeing her sitting there unconsciously.


    Nuan drank sweet potatoes in his mouth, thinking hard, “What do you think a cat wants the most?” “Are you talking about the cat who thanked you for raising it? Find him a girlfriend?” Du Ruo suggested smoothly.

    “It’s a mother.”

    “Then find a boyfriend.”

    “Should I find a boyfriend for it? It doesn’t necessarily want it?” Bei Nuan suspiciously, “Is it more reliable to feed something delicious?”

    Du Ruo sneered, “Don’t make trouble, falling in love must be more important than eating. How can anyone who doesn’t want to fall in love at all and just thinking about eating all kinds of delicious food every day?”

    Bei Nuo looked at Du Ruo: “…”

    Bei Nuan I imagined the scene where the little princess and the big male cat of Yao Town were getting tired, and categorically denied this idea, “No, just find him a boyfriend, I will probably be killed by his owner.”

    Du Ruo’s attention shifted. , “Huh? Thief!”

    Bei Nuan followed his gaze and turned his head.

    Li Dahua was pulling her waist long, holding the small wooden table with a pair of front paws, and holding the dried sweet potato in her mouth.

    Suddenly she found that Bei Nuan was looking at it, and the whole cat was frozen.

    Bei Nuan would be embarrassed when he saw a cat for the first time.

    Why does it follow here? I just fed it and didn’t want it, now I’m looking for it to steal it?

    Li Dahua was found by Bei Nuan. After a few seconds of embarrassment, she resumed her graceful posture, and her face was full of, “You mortals, haven’t you seen this princess do with sweet

    potatoes ?” She didn’t turn around and flee, but took the sweet potatoes slowly. Dry it down, press it on the ground, and start to nibble on the spot.

    I didn’t mean to be afraid at all. I was obviously spoiled. I had never been beaten for stealing.

    Du Ruo was a little confused, “Why is a cat eating dried sweet potatoes?”

    Bei Nuan replied, “Because he is hungry?”

    “It’s so pitiful, would you like to feed him some dried fish?” Du Ruo suggested.

    “It’s been fed, it means that the dried fish is disgusting.”

    Du Ruo looked at the big flower and gnawed the dried sweet potato for a while, thinking, “It’s too hard, it can’t bite.” The

    kind-hearted Du Ruo went into the house and poured a bowl of hot water. I picked a piece of sweet potato that was not so hard and soaked it in hot water.

    After soaking for a long time, it was fished out and offered to the big flower.

    Dahua hesitated, gave up the piece under his paw, and tasted Du Ruo’s.

    It can bite.

    Dahua expressed his satisfaction. This manservant serves much better than that maid.

    It seemed to be really hungry, and dried out three pieces of dried sweet potatoes soaked in hot water in one breath.

    Bei Nuan didn’t dare to let Du Ruo feed it again. What if something went wrong with it?

    Bei Nuan quietly called up the taskbar.

    It’s a pity that after feeding so many dried sweet potatoes, Li Dahua’s name is still (0/3).

    The sweet potato tactic failed, and he didn’t know what the cat wanted.

    “You said that besides eating, what else does it want to do?” Bei Nuan asked Du Ruo.

    “You are not willing to help him find a boyfriend, then except to eat is to play.”

    Du Ruo walked to the courtyard wall, grabbed a long dog’s tail grass, pinched it back, and used the fluffy tail on the grass to tease it. flower.

    “It won’t care about you, it’s playing a three-story playground at home…”

    Before Bei Nuan could finish her words, she saw the big flower tilted her head and suddenly stood up like a human being and stretched out her front paws. Play with the dog’s tail grass in Du Ruo’s hand happily.

    The little princess cat is also a cat after all.

    Bei Nuan hurriedly pulled out a dog’s tail grass and teased it with Du Ruo.

    The little princess patted left and grabbed right, having fun.

    Unfortunately, after a long time of teasing, after Li Dahua’s name, it is still (0/3).

    Is it possible to find a boyfriend for it? Bei Nuan nodded big.

    As I was thinking, someone outside the courtyard suddenly yelled: “Everyone is going to gather on the top of the mountain, the patriarch has something to do, let everyone go to the meeting.”

    Xiao Ji’s mother has already come out and promised, pulled Bei Nuan, called Du Ruo, and followed the crowd. Up the mountain.

    Bei Nuan thought: No way? Caught up again?

    Bei Nuan asked Xiao Ji’s mother: “Do you often have meetings here?”

    Xiao Ji’s mother replied: “There are always two or three times a year. It’s all about collecting money and paving the way.”

    Anyway, go up and see before talking .

    On the top of the mountain, not far from where Xie Yuanqing lived, there was a relatively flat empty field paved with bluestone slabs, and there was a spring next to it.

    The entire Yaozhen people are probably here now, and there is a huge crowd of men, women and children, as if the school is about to hold a regular meeting.

    Bei Nuan saw Xie Yuanqing at a glance.

    He stood by the spring’s eyes, with a few other people.

    Bei Nuan knew that those few should be the people who actually controlled Yao Town, and they were the heads of several big families in Yao Town.

    It is said in the book that Yao Town is an ancient town, and there have been several families with surnames in the town since ancient times.

    After the zombies broke out, everyone went up the mountain and lived in the old house. Once the town gate was closed, Yaozhen didn’t take much effort and easily restored the family governance model hundreds of years ago.

    Xie Yuan was a native of Yaozhen from the Qing ancestor. Although he had not lived in Yaozhen for a long time, he had a great relationship with Yaozhen and was very powerful. I don’t know what benefits he gave to the patriarchs, and he turned into the ruler.

    Looking at the oldest of the patriarchs, he stood on the big rock beside the spring’s eyes.

    “I am calling everyone here today because I have something to tell you. Last night someone put an infected person in our town and hid it, so I want to ask you if you have any clues.”

    Bei Nuan thought: Yes, I really caught up with it as soon as I went up the mountain.

    Because of this, Bei Nuan in the book was seriously injured.

    As mentioned in the book, the town gate is now guarded by local people in Yao Town, and the rules are very stable. Only local people and relatives of local people are accepted, and those who come in must be tested for injuries, which is unambiguous.

    But it was still exploited.

    Among the gatekeepers, there is the second child of the Luo family who secretly put his brother in last night. The key is that his brother was injured outside.

    And it was really bitten by a zombie, but it hasn’t mutated yet.

    Once mutated, Yaozhen’s paradise will be over.

    So we must find out the Luo family boss who was bitten, but the man is now hidden, and the people in the town have searched everywhere and can’t find it.

    In the book, no one can find him. In order to try Luo’s second child, people in the clan tortured him in public.

    The fight was a bit too miserable, Bei Nuan in the book couldn’t stand it, rushed to try to protect the person, and finally suffered a heavy blow on the waist.

    Bei Nuan thought: So is the timeline coming back?

    Then I figured it out.

    The squad in the book is not as strong as it is, and there is no space. It has to collect supplies all the way, and the speed of advancement is far not as fast as it is now.

    Although the team was behind for a few days at the beginning, the timeline of the plot was caught up again because of the unimpeded journey, and the time to go up the mountain was almost the same as in the book.

    really. It’s time to come.

    The patriarch over there also told everyone what happened.

    The crowd immediately started talking like boiling water.

    The patriarch continued: “So if anyone knows where he is hiding, he must tell us quickly if he sees him.”

    Bei Nuan thought, I know where he is hiding.

    It is very clear in the book that the boss of the Luo family is hiding in a ruined house not too far from their Luo family’s old house.

    The people in the town searched there, but they didn’t find it because he was hiding in the cellar where the sweet potatoes were placed. The cellar door happened to be covered by fallen debris, and they didn’t pay attention.

    Now that the timeline is right, the Luo family boss might still be hiding in the cellar.

    But Bei Nuan did not intend to tell them directly. What if you don’t find it? I’m afraid it’s not going to be regarded as a neuropathy.

    Moreover, according to the description in the book, the town is remote and closed early, and many people have never seen what a zombie looks like.

    The people in the town have no experience in dealing with zombies. After the boss of the Luo family in the book mutated, the scene became chaotic. The zombies were killed by Lu Xingchi on the spot.

    So the best way is to quickly find Lu Xingchi.

    Even if you can’t find Lu Xingchi, you can find Jiang Fei.

    Regardless of whether the Luo family boss is a human or a zombie, as long as they find him, bring it back and give it to the people in the town, this matter will be solved perfectly.

    Bei Nuan looked hard in the crowd.

    Although there are many people on the empty court, Lu Xingchi and Jiang Fei are both taller than the average person, and they are very outstanding, and you should be able to see them at a glance.

    But neither Lu Xingchi nor Jiang Fei was seen.

    Where can they go?

    Beinen Lala Du Ruo, “Du Ruo, my stomach is a little uncomfortable, and

    I have to go back to Xiaoji’s house once.” Du Ruo immediately replied, “I will go back with you.”

    “No, you are here to help me listen to what else they have fun. Tell me later, I’ll be back soon.”

    Du Ruo nodded, “Okay. Go and go back     quickly , don’t run around.”


Bei Nuan quickly agreed, and immediately got out of the crowd and went everywhere. Ran away.

    Yao Town is so big, there are walls all around, the town gate is still closed, and they can’t fly out.

    It shouldn’t be hard to find.

    Bei Nuan left the top of the mountain, stepped down the steps in three steps in two steps, shuttled through Yao Town, looking around.

    Everyone went to the meeting. The bluestone road was warmed by the afternoon sun. Only a few dogs were napping, a few big white geese were fluttering, and no one was there.

    The book says that the old abandoned house where people are hidden is halfway up the mountain, and there is a big loquat tree at the door.

    That is the only loquat tree in Yao Town. When you find the tree, you find the place.

    However, there are many trees planted inside and outside the courtyard of every family here, lush and there are many kinds of trees.

    What kind of loquat tree looks like, Bei Nuan has no idea at all. It is basically a dream to tell which one is a loquat tree among so many kinds of trees.

    This kind of botany research should be left to Lu Xing later.

    But after looking for it, Bei Nuan suddenly saw the loquat tree mentioned in the book.

    No wonder there is a special mention in the book, it turns out that the loquat tree actually bears fruit in this season.

    A big old tree with apricot-yellow loquat hanging on it, it looks delicious.

    Behind the loquat tree is a family.

    It seems that no one has lived in it for a long time, the courtyard walls are almost gone, the debris is all piled up, the wooden house is dark and most of it collapsed.

    So this is where people are hidden in the cellar?

    Bei Nuan only glanced at it and didn’t want to go in.

    Even if the people inside hadn’t become zombies, a normal man who was a little anxious, Bei Nuan would be a little troublesome to deal with, although it may not be impossible to deal with, but it is not guilty to take such a risk.

    Bei Nuan looked around, silently remembered the location of this family, and planned to continue to find Lu Xingchi.

    Just about to leave, a thought flashed into my mind.

    Bei Nuan wanted to slap herself.

    Forget it.

    What are you looking for? Obviously, just bring Du Ruo here.

    Du Ruo is not afraid of zombies.

    The boss of the Luo family is just an ordinary man to him, no matter whether he has mutated or not. With his physique, he may not be incapable of dealing with it.

    Bei Nuan always regarded Du Ruo as an object in need of protection, completely forgetting that he was driving a big hanger that was ignored by zombies.

    Bei Nuan turned around and ran to the top of the mountain, only ran out two steps, and then backed back.

    What a big loquat.

    The fruits of the tree were all ripe, big and full, and they looked sour and sweet, but no one picked them.

    The tree is not high, some branches are so low that you can reach it with your hand.

    Anyway, even the house is deserted, and probably no one cares about the tree.

    Pei Nuan stood on tiptoe, quickly grabbed two loquats on the tree, turned around and planned to leave.

    A figure suddenly flashed out of the courtyard.

    Bei Nuan was shocked.

    “What are you doing here?”

    Lu Xingchi turned out to be.

    Finally found him, Bei Nuan breathed a sigh of relief.

    Bei Nuan replied: “Something happened to them in Yao Town, I am looking for you.”

    “I found here?” He frowned, and glanced at Bei Nuan’s hand holding the loquat, and he understood, “You Actually came here to steal the loquat, right?”

    “What is stealing?” Bei Nuan whispered while holding the loquat, “This house is deserted, and the tree should have no owner?”

    “Gluttonous cat, eat like this, beware. Eat bad stomach.” Lu Xingchi was a little speechless.

    Lu Xing lately asked Bei Nuan, “Where did you go? I walked around the town and didn’t even see you.”

    “The one at the top of the mountain to thank someone for teasing a cat, his cat is so cute.” Bei Nuan said. .

    Lu Xingji frowned, “That person is weird, try to stay away from him.”

    Bei Nuan nodded and thought, if it wasn’t for Li Dahua, I didn’t want to be too close to him.

    But there is no way.

    Who made Xiaosan actually throw the name of a cat on the list?

    “What about you, what are you doing here? You also came to steal the loquat?” Bei Nuan asked Lu Xingchi.

    “Do you think I’m like you?” Lu Xingchi was speechless, “I’m looking for you everywhere.”

    Lu Xingchi’s idea of ​​finding someone to find someone else’s deserted yard is quite unique.

    Bei Nuan glanced at the ruined house inside, “Why am I in this place?”

    Lu Xing late replied, “Look, I found it here?”

    That’s true . Bei Nuan couldn’t refute it.

    This broken yard should be the place where people are hidden in the cellar. Now Lu Xing is late, and the yard also has it. As long as he guides him in, finds people in the cellar, and hands it to the people in the town, everything will be done.

    “What happened to Yao Town?” Lu Xing asked Bei Nuan later.

    “They are having a meeting on the top of the mountain, saying yes…” Bei Nuan said halfway, suddenly cheered, and ran into the yard, “…Huh, what is that?”

    There is a big boss Lu, let alone a fast change in the yard. Even if there is a whole company of zombies, Bei Nuan is not afraid.

    “What is what?” Lu Xingchi followed.

    The yard was unoccupied for a long time, and the weeds grew in a mess, and Bei Nuan squatted in front of a one-foot-high plant.

    There are bunches of walnut-sized mung beans hanging on the plant.

    Bei Nuan stretched out his finger and poked, “This…isn’t it a tomato?”

    Lu Xingchi bent over and studied it, “It seems to be really, still green and not grown up.”

    Bei Nuan’s eyes scanned the yard. On a lap, he discovered the New World again and ran over, “What about this? Is it a sunflower that hasn’t grown up?”

    Lu Xingchi followed her and looked at it, “Yes.”

    Bei Nuan took a few steps again, not continuing to study this time. Plants, “What about this? What is this? Is it a hole made by an animal? A rabbit hole?”

    She went to a pile of broken bamboo baskets and removed it, revealing something like a lid made of broken wooden slats inside. .

    The lid was half open, blocking a dark hole.

    Lu Xingchai followed, “It’s not a hole made by animals. How can a rabbit hole be so big? This is the cellar they used to store sweet potatoes. Every household has it.” The

    big boss knew everything.

    “The cellar.” Bei Nuan took a half step back to Lu Xingchi before kicking open the broken wooden cover with his toes.

    The cellar is very shallow, it is a urn-shaped pit diagonally downward, even if it is a little dark, it can be seen at a glance. The inside is empty and there is nothing.

    The person who is hiding is not there.

    Bei Nuan’s mind flew around, so where did he go?

    In the original book, the people in the town did find someone here in the end. Could it be that the plot went wrong again?

    If it is crooked, it will be a big trouble.

    According to the rhythm of the book, that person will soon mutate, and once mutated, there is a risk of spreading infection quickly.

    Not only the enthusiastic Xiaoji family, but the whole town will suffer along with it.

    Du Ruo wasn’t afraid of zombies, he was fine, but Jiang Fei, Tang Yan and the two of them didn’t know where they were shopping.

    Bei Nuan was a little flustered.

A Fake Holy Mother in the Zombie Apocalypse

A Fake Holy Mother in the Zombie Apocalypse

Score 9.4
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Chinese
Bei Nuan found herself in an apocalypse novel that didn’t have a romantic pairing and became the holy mother female supporting character that specialized in being a drag to the team. In the end, she sacrificed the team to save a city of people and was cursed out by the readers. Bei Nuan: I know the male protagonist and the plot. I’ll definitely be good at playing the female support character’s second chance. There was a ding in her head. The task of the Holy Mother has begun. Play the role of a holy mother in front of the male protagonist. You can leave this world when you get to 100%. Bei Nuan: “…” [Although I do good things every day, I’m really not a good person.] *** The male protagonist, Lu Xingchi, had a bug-level existence and easily crushed everything, but one small detail left his team being wiped out. The first thing he did after he was reborn was to plan on throwing that holy mother white lotus into a pile of zombies. But, as the days dragged on, he found it harder and harder to do so. *** System: New task unlocked: Within the next 24 hours, acting like a holy mother in front of the male lead will not give you any Holy Mother points. Acting like a holy mother in front of Male B, Male C, and Male D will get you double Holy Mother points. Bei Nuan: There was such a good thing? Lu Xingchi discovered that that girl, who had solemnly vowed yesterday, “I’ll follow you every step of the way. Every second that I’m separated from you is a waste of my life,” had disappeared.


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