A Fake Holy Mother in the Zombie Apocalypse Chapter 27

 It’s too late. Du Ruo thought.

    In fact, he should have left last night, but Du Ruo struggled for a long time and was not willing.

    Although in the apocalyptic world where order is collapsed, it is rare to have a few such good friends around, making people greedy for this precious warmth.

    It has been procrastinated for a whole day and cannot be procrastinated any longer. Now anyway, I must go.

    It would be too dangerous for everyone to stay longer. Du Ruo knew in his heart that once he mutated, Lu Xingchi would never give him a nail in his friendship, and it would definitely be a chaos, and maybe it would hurt others.

    It’s best to walk away quietly by yourself.

    It’s a pity that I can’t say goodbye to them.

    Du Ruo looked around. The evening breeze is cool, and there are three or two zombies dotted on the boulevard, which is not interesting.

    Du Ruo thought to himself, he is still human now, without mutation, maybe he will be eaten by zombies.

    Du Ruo took a few steps forward again, thinking, who is afraid of whom, see if your mouth is good or my fist is hard, come on!

    However, no “person” paid attention to him.

    Probably because it was too dark, Du Ruo looked too zombies, and he couldn’t see clearly.

    Du Ruo simply continued to walk along the main road of the boulevard.

    After the end of the world, Du Ruo hadn’t stayed outside so relaxed for a long time. The air smelled fresh and good, and Du Ruo took a few breaths.

    Take a sip, take a sip.

    This is probably the last moment before death.

    I don’t know if there is any consciousness after the mutation, or as the film said, it is a pure walking dead.

    Suddenly something rushed out nearby and hit Du Ruo.

    It’s a girl with long hair draped, wearing shorts and carrying a backpack. She looks pretty.

    It is a pity that he has a dull face, no expression, straight eyes, and redness.

    Du Ruo didn’t really want to be bitten by the zombie at the last moment before becoming a zombie. He hesitated for a moment between punching her and turning around and running.

    Unexpectedly, the girl turned a blind eye to Du Ruo, bypassed him, and left.


    Du Ruo took out his phone and looked at himself.

    The eyes are blood red, and they look like zombies.

    Then fell into deep self-doubt.

    Du Ruo pondered hard: Am I still a person? Or has he become a zombie at all, he still doesn’t know it at all?

    What is four hundred thirty-two times six hundred fifty-four?

    Du Ruo quickly asked himself a question.

    With the IQ of the zombie, it is definitely not possible to calculate it.

    The ones place must be eight, what about the ten? Is it two? Hundreds? Du Ruo didn’t figure it out either.

    When I was very tangled, I suddenly saw someone flashing past in the shadows of the trees.

    Du Ruo can say with certainty that he is a human because his actions are very different from those of a zombie.

    He was a tall and thin man, about thirty or so, with a huge bag on his back and one in his hand. He walked in a hurry, and looked at him from side to side from time to time, looking very alert.

    Du Ruo suddenly realized: It turns out that people’s movements are different from those of zombies.

    Du Ruo speeded up like him, turning his head left and right as he did.

    Du Ruo stared at his shadow.

    The tall shadow pulled down for a long time in the moonlight, and the movement of turning his head back and forth was so stupid, it looked more like a zombie.

    The tall and thin man was still sneaking forward.

    He was walking to the fork in the road. Du Ruo was in the middle of the road. At a glance, he saw two male zombies on the road next to him coming here.

    Du Ruogang wanted to remind that person, when he saw that he also looked at the zombies over there, but he didn’t care at all, and walked straight across the intersection.

    The point is that the two male zombies passed by him as if they hadn’t seen him at all.

    Du Ruo:? ? ?

    Did this suddenly find a half-human like yourself?

    The man slipped and walked forward under the cover of the shadows on the roadside, but he didn’t care about the zombies. It didn’t look like he was defending against zombies, it was more like defending people.

    Du Ruo was struggling between rushing to recognize his brother or continuing to follow him, but saw the man crossing the tree-lined road and turning into the front of a building behind.

    Du Ruo followed and saw that the door was closed tightly. The tall and thin man was standing in the doorway where he swiped the door card. He was digging out a small square object from his bag and connected to the card swiping machine.

    There was another zombie next to him coming here, looking at his dress, like an old dormitory who is okay and wandering around the campus.

    This time Du Ruo has experience.

    There is no need to remind the person at the door, the zombies will not attack him at all.

    The uncle zombie passed by Du Ruo, and suddenly stopped. It slowly turned its head, as if it was adjusting the radar that received the signal.

    The radar’s direction was finally fixed, and it was set in the direction of the person at the entrance of the building.

    It pounced violently.

    The tall and thin man at the entrance of the building was tinkering with the card swiping machine, completely unguarded.

    Du Ruo blurted out instinctively: “Careful!” I

    haven’t spoken for a long time, his throat still hurts and his voice is hoarse.

    The tall and thin man was taken aback by Du Ruo, only to find that the zombies were rushing towards him. He wondered and said: “Why is it invalid again?”

    He ignored the zombies and lowered his head to turn around.

    Du Ruo thought: This boss, the zombies are here! So what good stuff is hidden in your bag, you must find it now?

    Du Ruo was not afraid of zombies at all, and could not see the dead without saving, so he strode over and slammed his fist at the old man.

    Don’t worry about the problem of infection or not, let go of your hands and feet, the zombies of the uncle’s physique are not Du Ruo’s opponents at all, and they are directly beaten.

    The tall and thin man finally took out a small box layer by layer from his bag, and took out the syringe from it.

    Du Ruo wanted to vomit: Your needle is too thin to kill the zombies. You can only give the zombies acupuncture.

    Then he saw the tall and thin man pulling up his sleeves and bravely pressing the needle on his arm.

    Even if the uncle zombies were beaten up, he would never give up. He struggled to get up from the ground and rushed over frantically. This time he still bypassed Du Ruo and went straight to the tall and thin man at the door.

    The tall and thin man ignored the zombies, his attention was focused on Du Ruo, his eyes were full of interest.

    “Thank you, please give me another punch,” he said to Du Ruo while giving the injection, his tone calm and polite.

    Du Ruo was inexplicable, but still threw another punch.

    Uncle flew again.

    But at the same time that the fist was thrown out, Du Ruo’s eyes went dark, and then he didn’t know anything.

    After an unknown period of time, when Du Ruo woke up, the first thing he saw was the white fluorescent tube.

    He was slumping on an office swivel chair, with the sleeve on his right arm tucked up.

    Doctor Du could tell at a glance that in addition to the bruise that Jiang Xu pierced when he drew blood, there was a new needle eye on his arm.

    “Wake up?” The tall and thin man turned around from the experimental platform next to him.

    The bright fluorescent lamp reflected his skin into a bloodless cold white, but his hair was heavy and pure black, and the color of his pupils was almost as dark as the hair.

    Du Ruo was a little helpless, “You want to draw my blood, can you change your arm?”

    The voice is not as dumb as before.

    “Oh,” the man came over and said calmly, “Actually, I have smoked on both sides.”

    Du Ruo: “…” The

    man smiled, “Your condition is very special, very interesting, with human consciousness, but zombies do not Attack you. I have walked so far and I have never seen a person like you.”

    Du Ruo retorted, “Aren’t you the same? I’ve been with you all the way, and they won’t bite you.” The

    man shook his head slightly. “I am not the same. I injected something. You are natural. It is better than the potion I made for invisibility of zombies, so I want to see what is going on. Maybe it can help me improve my potion. . ” “

    then you do not see the results? “Du To sit up, but he who had no strength.

    “No. I don’t have time. I just took a blood sample.” The

    man walked to the cabinet by the wall, turned over, and whispered.

    “How could their large virus laboratory be so poor? Is this a slum? It doesn’t matter what you really look for.”

    Du Ruo looked around, and it really looked like a laboratory.

    There are several rows of fluorescent lamps on the ceiling. In the center of the room is a whole row of large stainless steel laboratory benches. On the laboratory benches along the wall, there are sink fume hoods and ovens. On the other side, there are tables and several large cabinets.

    What the man said about the virus laboratory, it should be Jiang Xu and the others.

    “Are you here to find something?” Du Ruo struck up a conversation with him.

    “Yes, I was passing by the water today, and it happened to have shortcomings. I knew there was a laboratory here, so I came in and took a look.”

    He said that he would come in as soon as he came in, seeing the door lock as if there was nothing, and the cow looked like Lu Xingchi.

    The man turned out a pile of boxes and reagents and stuffed his two big bags.

    Du Ruonu tried hard, but couldn’t get up, and smiled reluctantly, “What did you inject me? I can’t move at all.”

    It feels like a guinea pig being experimented by Frankenstein.

    The man looked back at him and said in a relaxed tone, “You almost mutated just downstairs. If you really become a zombie, your blood sample will be useless for me, so I injected you with a virus inhibitor.”

    “What is the virus?” Du Ruo’s tone changed.

    “Suppressant.” The man was a little impatient, “Whole body weakness is a side effect, and it will be better in a while.”

    He didn’t care at all, as if the virus inhibitor in his mouth was the simplest and most common cold pill.

    The legendary virus inhibitor? The virus inhibitors that Bei Nuan and Lu Xingchi have been talking about?

    Du Ruo stretched out his hand hard, took the phone out of his pocket, turned on the camera and glanced at himself.

    The eyes were black and white, and the red blood streaks that had just been covered in the whites of the eyes were gone, and they were completely restored to normal.

    Du Ruo was happy.

    “Don’t be too happy, it’s just temporarily restrained.” The man said, pulling the zipper on the bag, picking up the bag, as if he was going to leave.

    In any case, it is better to have an inhibitor than to become a zombie immediately.

    Du Ruo consulted: “How long can it be’temporarily’?”

    “It varies from person to person, some days, some months, or even years, it’s not easy to say.” The man replied.

    Du Ruo wanted to stand up with him and continue to ask him a few questions, but his legs were not as soft as his own, and he still couldn’t move.

    “Will I still infect others now?”

    “No. Before the inhibitor expires, your body fluids and blood are completely non-infectious. If you want to kiss, hurry up.” The man carried his bag and walked to the door.

    “I didn’t want to kiss anyone,” Du Ruo explained. “Then I can eat hot pot with everyone freely?” The

    man was startled and smiled, “Hot pot is so important? Yes, you can eat it whatever you want.”

    Even if it only delays for a period of time, at least this period can continue to grab meat in the hot pot with Bei Nuan and the others.

    Du Ruo breathed a sigh of relief. Life that can’t eat hot pot is incomplete.

    Du Ruo raised his eyes again to study the tall and thin man.

    He said that he could be invisible to the zombies by injecting medicine, and he still had a virus inhibitor in his hand.

    This person is like a huge mystery.

    Du Ruo seized the last time and asked him, “So who are you?”

    The man smiled, without answering anything, and opened the door.

    Du Ruo hurriedly stopped him, “No matter who you are, this big man, can you leave me more copies of your inhibitor?” The

    man replied easily, “No, the last shot is for you. I don’t know when we can make the next batch. If it’s done, I’ll give it to you.”

    Du Ruo asked, “When can you do it?” The

    man did not answer, closing the door, and the sound of footsteps in the corridor gradually Going away, this time is really gone.

    After a while, Du Ruo finally became able to move gradually.

    Although his legs were still sore, Du Ruoneng reluctantly stood up on the chair, using the swivel chair as a support, and slowly moved to the door.

    But soon realized another problem.

    If the inhibitor works and the body returns to normal, will it become invisible to the zombies?

    Walking back to the canteen from here, at least several hundred meters away, walking several hundred meters on the road full of zombies, it is not a joke.

    Du Ruo regrets a little bit, why is it okay to wander so far?

    He quietly opened the door, looked towards the corridor, and saw at a glance, several zombies at the end of the corridor, sensitively heard the sound of opening the door, and turned their heads here.

    When Bei Nuan woke up suddenly, the sky was still dark.

    The first thing is to take a look at Du Ruo and the others.

    Lu Xingchi and all of them were a little away from Bei Nuan, and they were still sleeping peacefully.

    Du Ruo’s sleeping bag was deflated, and it didn’t look like someone was sleeping in it.

    Bei Nuan got out of the sleeping bag and ran to Lu Xingchi barefoot.

    “Lu Xingchi.” Bei Nuan knelt down and stabbed him gently.

    “What’s the matter?” Lu Xingchi opened his eyes without calling her a second time.

    Bei Nuan lowered her voice, a little anxious, “Du Ruo is gone.”

    Lu Xingchi glanced at Du Ruo’s sleeping bag and immediately sat up.

    The two put on their clothes and went to the entrance of the small restaurant. The door was locked from the outside, and the night shift was not there.

    Lu Xingchi stretched out his hand and twisted, and the door lock opened.

    When the two went downstairs together, they happened to meet Song Xiyi who was on duty going upstairs.

    “I’m going to find you,” he said. “The person with you said he was going to mutate and went out by himself just now.”

    Lu Xingchi and Bei Nuan looked at each other, and they were very clear in their hearts: Du Ruo was afraid of injuring them.

    But if you go out before it mutates, won’t you be eaten by zombies?

    Lu Xingchi stretched out his hand, “Give me the crossbow, I’ll go out to find Du Ruo.”

    “I want to go too!” Bei Nuan said quickly.

    She had a stubborn look. Lu Xing was too late for her, so she had to agree, “You can go out, you have to wear clothes, helmets and gloves.”

    Three minutes later, Bei Nuan fully armed and followed Lu Xingchi and left the canteen.

    There was no Du Ruo outside the canteen, nor any strange movement, at least not seeing the zombies gathering together, which made Bei Nuan’s heart calm a lot.

    The campus is so big, where did Du Ruo go?

    Two people walked through the dormitory area, under the cover of the green belt, quietly looking everywhere along the road.

    There was no Du Ruo anywhere, and no zombies gathered.

    The two of them were clueless, walking around in the huge campus. After searching for some time, Lu Xingchi suddenly touched Bei Nuan’s shoulder and compared them in one direction.

    Not far in front, among the crowds of zombies, under the street lamp, two people squatted.

    One was a student-like zombie, squatting down with his head down, making a “coococo” sound in her mouth.

    The other turned out to be Du Ruo.

    He squatted across from the zombies in exactly the same posture, and he was also saying “cuckoo” in his mouth.




    “Cuckoo! Cuckoo!” The

    two people had questions and answers, as if they were chatting.

    Bei Nuan: “…”

    Then I was heartbroken.

    Bei Nuan grabbed Lu Xingchi’s clothes and asked in a low voice, “He really became a zombie?”

    Du Ruo did not become the king of zombies as he wished. It turns out that his greatest pleasure after becoming a zombie is to squat with other zombies. Gu Gu.

    I hope he can happily cooing forever.

    Bei Nuan was so sad that he needed comfort, and his forehead was on Lu Xingchi’s chest for some reason.

    Lu Xingchi gently embraced her, raised his hand to touch her little head comfortably, and looked at the two people squatting together.

    After watching for a while, Lu Xingchi suddenly said, “It doesn’t seem necessary.”

    He raised the crossbow with his other hand.

    A long spike shot past and nailed to the ground beside Du Ruo’s feet.

    Du Ruo was taken aback for a moment, raised his head and looked in this direction. After distinguishing the two people holding each other behind the shadow of the tree, he immediately waved his hands in excitement.

    Bei Nuan:?

    Du Ruo didn’t want his Gu Gu Gu buddy anymore, and stood up and strode towards this side.

    He passed through the group of zombies without touching the leaves.

    The zombies gave way to him one after another, like a light breeze blowing across a pool of spring water, there were slight ripples, and it was calm in a blink of an eye.

    He has a calm look and brisk footsteps.

    It seems that the king is back.

    On the way back, Du Ruo told them carefully about his adventure tonight.

    Bei Nuan pondered, “So this person who gave Du Ruo an inhibitor…”

    Lu Xing said later: “…It’s probably the mysterious person Huo Ren was looking for.”

    Bei Nuan was a little puzzled. The zombie virus is undoubtedly a meteorite belt. Here, it was written in the book, and she saw it with her own eyes.

    But a few days after the zombie broke out, the mysterious person had an inhibitor in his hand, and I don’t know what happened.

    Du Ruo has now been injected with the inhibitor, and it seems to be completely back to normal.

    But I don’t know how long this injection inhibitor can last Du Ruo.

    Du Ruo has already mutated once tonight, escaping from the dead, which is very similar to Bei Nuan’s mentality of almost wearing a book after being crushed by a large truck.

    Moreover, he opened a big hanging that the zombies ignored, which meant that the last days in front of him did not exist at all, and he was extremely happy.

    “So what were you doing just squatting there?” Bei Nuan asked him.

    “I want to try if I can communicate with the zombies,” Du Ruo said. “After all, I am going to be the man of the zombie king.”

    Several people returned to the cafeteria, and Song Xiyi, who was guarding the door, was startled when they saw them coming back together.

    Bei Nuan explained: “He has eye allergies, so he has to mutate, just take anti-allergic drugs.”

    It doesn’t matter whether it sounds reasonable or unreasonable.

    Song Xiyi looked at Du Ruo.

    Du Ruo’s eyes are now very clear, black is black and white or white, with a smile, and it seems that there is no problem at all.

    “Sorry, misunderstanding.” Du Ruo repeatedly apologized.

    Jiang Fei and the others woke up, probably because they found that all of them were gone, and they were waiting solemnly, even Jiang Xu was there.

    Du Ruo has deceived others, but can’t deceive Jiang Xu.

    Jiang Xu only glanced at Du Ruo’s eyes and asked, “What’s going on? This is definitely not the effect of my broad-spectrum antiviral drugs.”

    Du Ruo told him the story, Jiang Xu thought for a long time.

    “Where are these gods? There are only a few big cows in our category. I know all of them. There is no such a number at all, and they are not as young as him. Who can this be?”

    There is no such thing as him. Clues.

    Jiang Xu checked Du Ruo’s eyes again, and his eyes slid all the way down onto his arm.

    Jiang Xu asked gently and politely: “May I be able to…”

    Du Ruo grabbed his needle-eyed arm, took two steps backwards, and said word by word: “Even if I die today, I can’t let it go anymore. You have your blood drawn.”

    Seeing Jiang Xu’s disappointed look, he had to add painfully, “Tomorrow. I’ll draw you again tomorrow.”

    Because of Du Ruo’s affairs, he didn’t sleep much for two nights, so several people decided to rest here. Depart again one day.

    This is a cafeteria. It is very convenient for everything. Jiang Fei believed in his words. He got up early in the morning and helped Du Ruo make his grandmother’s version of the bamboo shoots.

    Jiang Fei presses the southern milk into mud, adds it to the southern milk, and concocts the pork belly with the fresh spring bamboo shoots dug yesterday.

    When Bei Nuan saw that he was using fat and thin pork belly, she didn’t like it at first, but found that the fat part had been collected by southern milk, and it was not greasy at all. It was even more delicious than lean meat.

    It was too much to eat, so that a pot of steamed rice was robbed.

    “The rice is not bad, but there is no good rice cooker, otherwise the rice will be more delicious.” Bei Nuan is a little regretful.

    Du Ruo bit the South Milky Meat and reminded her, “The rice cooker is useless. Although there is electricity here, there is no electricity elsewhere.” After

    Bei Nuan had eaten his share, she made space and glanced at the taskbar.

    Xiao San said that a new task was released.

    Bei Nuan first took a look at the task name-

    Our Lady of Light.

    It feels okay, at least not as weird as the last kiss of the Virgin.

    Bei Nuan opened the task description, and there were a lot of words densely packed, and it was a headache to watch.

    Bei Nuan simply asked Xiao San directly: “What is the mission of Our Lady of Light?”

    “Are you finally willing to pay attention to me?” Xiao San was still a bit dissatisfied.

    “This is a 24-hour obligatory task with a unit of twelve hours.”

    Xiaosan explained.

    “Once every twelve hours Transfer target figure. In twelve hours, the performance of Our Lady in front of the main men will not increase the value of Our Lady, the Virgin will double the performance of the target person in front of Notre Dame bonus.”

    Tony warm Try to understand.

    “You mean, you don’t need to show the Virgin to Lu Xingji today, but to show the Virgin to others?”

    So there is no need to chase Lu Xingji for the time being?

    “Yes.” Xiaosan replied, “and it is a mandatory task, that is, you must increase the Notre Dame value in front of the target person, otherwise there will be punishment.”

    “Also,” Xiaosan continued, “within twelve hours , Let the target person take the initiative to say something like “You are so kind”, “You are so kind”, “You are too kind”, otherwise the Notre Dame value obtained in these twelve hours will be cleared.”

    “Understand, let him Compliment me.” Bei Nuan asked again, “Then who is this “target person”? “

    Before the words fell, the first twelve-hour countdown had already been played out, and underneath was a line of small characters.

    “The target person at this stage: Jiang Fei.”

A Fake Holy Mother in the Zombie Apocalypse

A Fake Holy Mother in the Zombie Apocalypse

Score 9.4
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Chinese
Bei Nuan found herself in an apocalypse novel that didn’t have a romantic pairing and became the holy mother female supporting character that specialized in being a drag to the team. In the end, she sacrificed the team to save a city of people and was cursed out by the readers. Bei Nuan: I know the male protagonist and the plot. I’ll definitely be good at playing the female support character’s second chance. There was a ding in her head. The task of the Holy Mother has begun. Play the role of a holy mother in front of the male protagonist. You can leave this world when you get to 100%. Bei Nuan: “…” [Although I do good things every day, I’m really not a good person.] *** The male protagonist, Lu Xingchi, had a bug-level existence and easily crushed everything, but one small detail left his team being wiped out. The first thing he did after he was reborn was to plan on throwing that holy mother white lotus into a pile of zombies. But, as the days dragged on, he found it harder and harder to do so. *** System: New task unlocked: Within the next 24 hours, acting like a holy mother in front of the male lead will not give you any Holy Mother points. Acting like a holy mother in front of Male B, Male C, and Male D will get you double Holy Mother points. Bei Nuan: There was such a good thing? Lu Xingchi discovered that that girl, who had solemnly vowed yesterday, “I’ll follow you every step of the way. Every second that I’m separated from you is a waste of my life,” had disappeared.


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