A Fake Holy Mother in the Zombie Apocalypse Chapter 26

Lu Xingchi held up the crossbow, and when he was thinking of how to shoot this arrow to stop him, he saw Bei Nuan draw out the small mirror she usually uses.

    She turned the mirror, and a beam of sunlight reflected upwards on the boy’s face through the round mirror.

    The reflection is faster than the arrow that travels late. The boy is about to take another step to the edge. At a glance, he noticed the unusually bright light reflected from downstairs.

    Bei Nuan put away the mirror and poked his head out of the hidden place.

    She waved her arms vigorously at him, and then crossed her forearms on top of her head and struck him with a big cross.

    The meaning is obvious: don’t jump.

    Countless zombies were still rushing into the door frantically. Behind the boy, the door leading to the top of the building was slammed.

    “What to do?” Bei Nuan asked Lu Xingchi.

    “There are too many zombies, my shooting angle is not good.” When Lu Xingchi spoke, he stretched out his palm towards the roof of the building. “I’ll try another method. The distance is a bit far away, I don’t know if it will work.”

    The metal pipe on the roof of the building. Suddenly, like plasticine being pulled by someone, it quickly became thinner and elongated, extending into the air as if it were alive, and finally hitting the roof of the opposite building.

    Bei Nuan couldn’t see it downstairs, but the boy could see clearly. In an instant, the elongated pipe was welded to the opposite pipe.

    The boy unbelievably reached out his hand to shake the long metal tube.

    The roof of the building with nowhere to escape, just like that, suddenly and miraculously made a way out.

    It’s just that this road is not so easy to walk.

    If you can live, no one wants to die. The boy didn’t hesitate at all. He immediately bent down and held the tube with both hands, as if he was planning to climb over.

    The distance between the two dormitory buildings is not close, the building has a full six floors, it is not a joke to fall down.

    The door knocking behind him grew louder.

    The door is made of thin wooden boards, not very strong, and the stick stuck in the door is about to fall. The boy hugs the pipe with his hands and crosses his legs on it.

    In this way, the whole person is as tight as a koala on the pipe, hanging in the air between the two dormitory buildings, crawling forward little by little.

    As soon as he climbed halfway through the pipe, the door on the top of the building was rushed open.

    The zombies burst out from the narrow door and rushed to the top of the building together.

    The boy’s loudspeaker was thrown on the ground, but the man was gone.

    The zombies found the boy who was trying to climb forward on the pipe, some were stupid, and rushed directly to him, only to fall downstairs like dumplings.

    Some are not so stupid, they learn how to grab the metal pipe and want to climb up, but unfortunately there is only one pipe. There are too many zombies fighting for it, and they are in a mess.

    Lu Xing held the crossbow late, and kept helping the boys clear out the zombies who wanted to climb up the pipe.

    But the zombies were like tides, wave after wave.

    The metal pipe was so tossed by them, it shook frantically, and the boy’s foot loosened and slipped off the pipe.

    Fortunately, there are hands clenched tightly.

    The situation was critical, and the boy simply stopped putting his feet on his feet, and switched his hands forward in turn, finally reaching the other shore successfully.

    He tried his best to put his feet on the pipe again and climb to the top of the building on the other side.

    As soon as he left, the metal pipe in the air was suddenly disconnected and retracted like a retracted snail’s tentacles.

    Although the roof here is temporarily safe, the boys clearly know that the opportunity is not to be missed. Now is a good time to rush downstairs while the zombies are all going to the opposite floor.

    The door on the top of the building was locked, and the boy didn’t waste a second. He found a cement block on the roof and slammed it against the door.

    After only three or five strokes, the thin wooden door was smashed open. The boy opened the door and rushed into the safe passage.

    Bei Nuan took a big breath when he saw him finally entering the corridor. Just now because he was too nervous, he forgot to breathe.

    Lu Xingchi led everyone to sneak over and quietly cleared the zombies closer to the entrance of the building.

    As soon as it was cleaned up, I saw the boy poking his head at the door just now.

    He was very clever, he found Bei Nuan and the others at a glance, and quietly touched them under the cover of the green belt.

    The first sentence after coming over is to ask: “Did you do the metal pipe business? Do you have supernatural powers?”

    The boy looked young, as bright as the sun now, his bright black eyes were bright and lively. It is like a little beast that is not afraid of the sky.

    Even though he had just gone through his nine deaths and almost fell from the upper floor, he was still in a good mood, but he was still thinking about supernatural powers.

    The person who can give a concert to the zombies is really bold enough, and the nerves are really thick enough.

    Lu Xing did not answer his question, and only said: “You just said that the cafeteria is safe? Let’s go to the cafeteria before talking.”

    “Yes, the cafeteria is behind this building.” The

    boys took them to the cafeteria. .

    The cafeteria is a three-story building with a large area, lying flat on the ground, and the door on the first floor is actually equipped with a push-pull iron gate.

    This canteen in the water is written in the book.

    The famous food festival at the Great Water University is held every year, and it has always been crowded with people.

    When I was in the old campus, the largest old canteen was built decades ago. The first floor is a wall of glass windows. Every year at the food festival, when the canteen is open and everyone flocks in, there must be someone who walks through the window instead of the door.

    Breaking glass every year is not only costly, but also dangerous.

    Therefore, when the cafeteria was built on the new campus, the entire first floor was a wall with no windows at all. In addition to the lighting, there was also the cleverly designed light reflected by the skylights upstairs.

    At the beginning, because of this design, what kind of award was won.

    Because of its sturdiness, the students of the University of Waterloo have always joked this canteen as a fortress.

    As a result, the fortress really became a fortress to avoid zombies.

    The door of the canteen was not completely closed.

    There was a tall boy guarding the door, taking advantage of the time when there were no zombies, the students who were escaping came in.

    The boy at the door saw Bei Nuan and them in a distance, and desperately waved to them.

    Bei Nuan and the others rushed over.

    When they entered the door, the boy guarding the door breathed a sigh of relief, hurriedly closed the iron gate, and gave the boy who was with Bei Nuan a punch.

    “Tang Yuan, you are really good. When I heard singing, I knew it was you. You sang like this and many people came over.”

    Tang Yuan?

    Isn’t the person Jiang Fei looking for is Tang Yuan?

    “Your name is Tang Yan, then your father is Tang Zheng?” Jiang Fei asked.

    Tang Yan nodded, “My dad is Tang Zheng, may I ask you?”

    “I am your dad’s…” Jiang Fei glanced at his classmate next to him, “…colleague.”

    Hearing him say “colleagues” two With the special tone of the word, Tang Yuan immediately believed him, knowing that this was his father’s cellmate, and immediately asked, “Where is my father?”

    Jiang Fei glanced at him, “Go in and talk about it.”

    There were already many people in the cafeteria. , They all seem to be students of the University of Waterloo.

    Although there are a lot of people, they look very orderly and are resting in groups.

    Just as Bei Nuan and the others were about to go inside, the boy guarding the door stopped them.

    “I’m sorry that we now have a prescribed process. People who have just entered must first check whether there are wounds on their bodies. If there are wounds, they must go upstairs for isolation.”

    Du Ruo took the initiative to raise his hand and show them the back of his hand, “I really have an injury on my hand, and it was caught by someone who is about to mutate.”

    Lu Xingchi said, “Forget it, the person has been found anyway, we won’t go in.”

    He asked Tang Yuan again: “Do you want to stay here, or go with us?”

    Lu Xingchi’s ability, Tang Yuan has just seen him, the chance of living with him will obviously be higher.

    Tang Yuan didn’t hesitate, “I’ll go with you.”

    He made the decision decisively and simply, and Lu Xing smiled slowly.

    Bei Nuan knew that Tang Yuan was also a member of the team in the book, and now finally returned to the team smoothly.

    Du Ruo suddenly asked Tang Yan: “You just called a girl on the top of the building. What is Yuhan’s name. Let her seize the opportunity to run quickly. Don’t you want to take her with you?”

    Tang Yan shook his head and answered calmly, “No . She is someone else’s girlfriend.”

    Everyone: “…”

    Tang Yuan grinned, showing a mouthful of shiny white teeth, “I saw her running in with her boyfriend. I think she will definitely not forget me this time. , Can remember me for the rest of my life.” He

    spared his life to save a girl who was still someone else’s girlfriend.

    This operation is also very magical.

    Du Ruo patted Jiang Fei on the shoulder and said with emotion, “This kid is really related to you. You can communicate more in the future.”

    Jiang Fei: “…”

    Guan Men’s classmates helped them reopen the door. Lu Xingchi and the others had just stepped out of the iron gate, and suddenly someone hurried over behind them.

    It was a boy with glasses, and he ran and said

    , “Thank you, please wait a minute.” He was panting, and when he came over, he asked Du Ruo: “You said the injury on your hand was caught by a zombie, and it was mutated by a zombie. Before?”

    Du Ruo nodded inexplicably without knowing what he was going to do.

    “Great!” The glasses man’s eyes gleamed, “I have been looking for someone like this for a long time, but I haven’t found one that meets the conditions. Can you keep it and let me record the data for an experiment?”

    Du Ruo:? ? ?

    Bei Nuan thought to herself, how did it feel that Du Ruo was about to be taken away for scientific experiments?

    The boy took a few people upstairs in the cafeteria.

    It turned out that Shui University has a laboratory for studying viruses. The boy is named Jiang Xu, who is a doctoral student in the laboratory.

    After the virus outbreak, although only Jiang Xu was left alive in the laboratory and the conditions were very limited, he has been working hard to record various data and collect samples, hoping that this information will be useful when the virus is overcome in the future. usefulness.

    “So you haven’t mutated yet?” Jiang Xu was very excited. “You are the slowest zombie among the people I have seen these days!”

    Jiang Xu rubbed his hands, “I bet you with ten dollars today. It must have mutated before night!”

    Du Ruo was speechless, “I bet 20 yuan and I can’t change it.”

    Bei Nuan quickly expressed his support for him, “I can’t change with 20 yuan .”

    Jiang Xu objectively said: “I win. It’s settled, you see red blood in your eyes.”

    “Is there?” Du Ruo went to take out his phone, trying to see his eyes.

    Bei Nuan only noticed that Jiang Xu was right, Du Ruo’s white eyes were not normal, as if he had stayed up late to play a game, and there was a faint red blood leaking out.

    Is he really infected? Bei Nuan was a little desperate.

    Jiang Xu took Du Ruo to an independent office on the corner of the second floor. It seemed that this place had been transformed into his temporary laboratory by him.

    Jiang Xu put on the isolation gown and invited all the others out, leaving only Du Ruo, “I want to take samples of his blood and body fluids.”

    Du Ruo looked at his “laboratory”, “Is this a bit crude? What you want is blood that may be infected.”

    Jiang Xu smiled, “No way, now there are no conditions, we can only do it first.”

    Du Ruo humbly asked: “It’s just us, what if I mutate now? Your isolation suit can’t prevent my teeth, right? “

    Then he showed Jiang Xu a mouthful of white teeth.

    “Don’t do anything.” Jiang Xu replied easily, “So as long as I am inside, I will definitely lock the door.”

    Then he told Bei Nuan and the others: “If you hear something wrong inside, or you keep not opening the door , Don’t open the door casually by yourself, go downstairs to find the classmates of the defense team, let them bring the anti-riot fork to deal with the zombies.”

    His tone is scientific and objective, and he regards death as home.

    He closed the door calmly, and he really left the lock.

    They stayed inside for a long time.

    When Bei Nuan began to worry for a long time, and suspected that something really happened inside, the two came out together.

    Jiang Xu has taken off his protective clothing and said with emotion, “His situation is too special. It looks like it is infected, but it doesn’t look like it is infected. Can you stay for a few more hours? I think he will definitely mutate before dark. “

    Du Ruo was wronged: “I bet forty yuan and I won’t mutate!”

    Bei Nuan patted him on the back quickly, and said, “I’m with forty!”

    Lu Xingchi didn’t want to waste time here, and refused. Something…”

    Jiang Xu said immediately: “I tried a broad-spectrum antiviral drug on two classmates two days ago. I think it can delay the onset. Would you like to try it?”

    There is a drug? Don’t say it earlier.

    Everyone immediately became interested.

    Now there is no other way, as long as there is a little hope, you can try it.

    The medicine is an injection, and Dr. Du is very worried.

    After repeatedly asking what kind of medicine it was, because neither believed Jiang Xu’s technique nor Lu Xingchi’s technique, he had to give himself a shot in the end.

    It’s so unhappy that I can’t coax sugar.

    Because Du Ruo’s situation was too special, Jiang Xu discussed with some of the responsible classmates here, and temporarily left Bei Nuan and the others in the small dining room on the second floor.

    In order to prevent Du Ruo from suddenly mutating, the door of the small restaurant was locked and people were guarded at the door. If they wanted to go out to the toilet, they could ask someone to open the door at any time.

    What’s rare is that Tang Yuan was actually willing to share the ups and downs with them, risking being infected by Du Ruo, and staying together in the small dining room on the second floor.

    While waiting for Du Ruo and the others to collect samples, Jiang Fei had already pulled Tang Yuan aside and talked to him about his father alone.

    Tang Tang’s eye circles were still red, as if he had cried, but she was still very calm.

    Tang Yuan said that when the zombies broke out, it happened to be the morning class time. He skipped class and slept in the dormitory, just to escape.

    But the biscuits in the dormitory ran out, and he searched around the building, but did not find the second living person, only some snacks.

    It’s okay to eat, the key is that there are too many zombies downstairs, he tried several times, but couldn’t get out.

    The door of the dormitory building was not strong, and it seemed to be unable to hold it.

    Tang Yuan said: “The door downstairs will be opened by them sooner or later. Rather than hiding in the dormitory like a bug, starving to death or being eaten by them, it is better to take advantage of the strength and vigorously to do a big vote. . ” “

    so you’re hungry, right? “

    Tony warm quickly looking through the space, Jiang Fei brought out in the morning to do a fried.

    The pan-fry was taken into the upper part of the space while it was hot, and it was still fresh out of the pan when it was taken out, steaming steamingly.

    One round after another, the bottom is fried golden brown, and the top is finely sprinkled with sesame seeds and chopped chives, which is fragrant.

    Tang Yuan was holding a pan fried, her black eyes gleaming, “What kind of gods are you all?”

    Bei Nuan has never seen anyone eat pan fried so fast.

    Before he took out the chopsticks and the vinegar saucer, he ate it all.

    He is really hungry.

    Bei Nuan handed him a bottle of water, let him go smoothly, helped him pour the vinegar dish, and then brought out another plate.

    Tang Yuan was so moved that she almost cried.

    Bei Nuan and the others immediately discovered one thing-all the lights in the small dining room were on.

    It’s time for Shuicheng, and the power hasn’t been cut yet!

    Everyone was shocked.

    The first thing is to quickly take out all kinds of things that need to be charged. Especially the mobile phone, even though there is no signal, it is good to be able to play games.

    Bei Nuan absently pressed the phone, still thinking about Du Ruo.

    He looks pretty good, having fun holding his phone, he doesn’t seem to be mutated at all.

    Except for the whites of his eyes a little red. Maybe it’s just that I didn’t sleep well last night.

    Bei Nuan stared at him in a daze, when a thought suddenly popped into his mind.

    Caring is chaotic. From last night to now, I didn’t even think of it.

    Bei Nuan quickly called out the task bar, and watched the mission of the Voice of Our Lady that he received at the beginning again.

    The entire row of the Voice of the Virgin was finished, and only the last “Save Him” ​​task remained.

    Bei Nuan opened the task description and read it carefully one by one.

    In front of the male lead, hugging a person who is about to mutate, and sadly read “Who will save him, can anyone come and help him?” In the next twenty-four hours, all the Notre Dame values ​​obtained doubled.

    At the Ningcheng Supermarket that day, Bei Nuan hugged an asthmatic patient and read a line, but the task was not completed.

    In other words, as long as you hug Du Ruo, read the lines again, and see if the task is completed, you can know if he is really going to mutate.

    The only problem is that if you do such a crazy thing, you will lose face at your grandma’s house.

    Bei Nuan took a deep breath.

    Shame on you.

    It is more important to know whether Du Ruo is infected or not.

    Du Ruo sat there unconsciously, ignorant of the claws that were about to reach him.

    Bei Nuan squinted, closed his eyes, rushed over, and hugged his shoulders from behind.

    Bei Nuan brewed his emotions for a while, and said sadly the awkward line: “Who will save him, can anyone come and help him?”

    Sadness is real sadness, half for Du Ruo, half for his own face .

    All the people in the small restaurant looked up: Huh? ? ?

    There was an awkward silence.

    Du Ruo was completely frightened by her. After a few seconds, she remembered and asked, “Bei Nuan, what’s the matter with you?”

    Lu Xingchi was taken aback and strode over in threes or twos, squatting down, palms on her back. .

    “What’s the matter with you? Don’t be afraid.”

    His voice was low and gentle, and he patted lightly, as if he was comforting a child who suddenly had a nightmare.

    Bei Nuan ignored them and quickly called up the taskbar in his mind.

    The Voice of Our Lady “Save Him” ​​mission (0/1).

    So is he not infected? is it?

    Bei Nuan’s whole heart jumped for joy.

    Du Ruo also turned around at this time and stretched out his hand to pat Bei Nuan, “It’s okay, life and death, there is nothing to be afraid of even if it is really mutated.” Being

    so close, he can see very clearly, the red blood on the white of his eyes. It’s more obvious.

    This thing is not quite right.

    Bei Nuan thought for a while, read the task description carefully, and called out Xiao San.

    “Little San, I have a question. The Voice of the Mother of God saves him. It says’people who are mutating quickly’. What does’quick’ mean?”

    Xiao San’s call came and replied: “It’s what you say in the usual sense. “Quick”.”

    “You always have a time standard, don’t you?” Bei Nuan was unwilling.

    Xiao San said sorry to say: “I’m sorry, the time standard set in the system will not be disclosed.”

    So the task is not completed, it does not necessarily mean that Du Ruo is not infected, it may also be that he has not mutated’fast’.

    Bei Nuan sighed, pushed away Lu Xingchi’s arm, walked back to his position and sat down again, holding the phone in a daze.

    Du Ruo was very moved.

    “Bei Nuan, you are so kind to me, you are almost worried about becoming neurotic. If I really become a zombie, I must try my best not to bite you.”

    Bei Nuan: “…”

    Du Ruo did not “fast” mutation, he beat frantically After playing games for several hours, I really got through the night and successfully won Jiang Xu ten dollars.

    Before going to bed, Du Ruo dragged his sleeping bag to the other side of the dining room away from everyone.

    I found a lot of pots and pans in the back kitchen and moved them all out, putting them in a circle around the third and outer third floors of the sleeping bag.

    Zombies don’t have enough IQ. Once they mutate and get up, they will definitely kick these things and startle others.

    Du Ruo set up a trap for himself and gave himself a shot of antiviral medicine, but couldn’t sleep.

    The whole person is very irritable, the whole body is hot and painful, it seems to be feverish.

    I have a dry mouth, like a fire in my throat, no matter how much water I drink, I have a headache all the time.

    In the middle of the night, he quietly got up and got out of his sleeping bag.

    The lights in the dining room had been turned off, and Du Ruo glanced at himself under the camera of the phone with the light coming in from outside.

    The whites of both eyes were completely red, without a trace of white left, exactly like zombies.

    Du Ruo looked back at everyone who was sleeping, put on his clothes, carefully selected where to stay, and quietly stepped over the layers of traps on the ground and walked to the door.

    Du Ruo knocked on the door and whispered to the door outside: “Go to the bathroom.” The

    door opened.

    The one on duty outside the gate was Tang Yuan’s classmate who was guarding the gate of the iron gate during the day. It seemed to be called Song Xiyi, the captain of the defense team here.

    Because he had to spare extra manpower to guard the door of the small restaurant upstairs, he volunteered to come to watch the night.

    Song Xiyi opened the door and asked Du Ruo: “Go to the bathroom?”

    When he saw Du Ruo’s red eyes, he was startled.

    Du Ruo had already stepped out and shut the door of the small restaurant back, “Quickly, let me go out.”

    Song Xiyi was still stunned when she heard Du Ruo’s words.

    Du Ruo ignored him and hurried down the stairs without stopping, “I’m about to mutate, hurry up and let me go out.”

    Song Xiyi then reacted, followed him and rushed to the gate, letting the classmates of the gate defense team open quickly. Iron gate.

    Du Ruo rushed out of the iron gate and was relieved when he heard the sound of the iron gate closing behind him.

A Fake Holy Mother in the Zombie Apocalypse

A Fake Holy Mother in the Zombie Apocalypse

Score 9.4
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Chinese
Bei Nuan found herself in an apocalypse novel that didn’t have a romantic pairing and became the holy mother female supporting character that specialized in being a drag to the team. In the end, she sacrificed the team to save a city of people and was cursed out by the readers. Bei Nuan: I know the male protagonist and the plot. I’ll definitely be good at playing the female support character’s second chance. There was a ding in her head. The task of the Holy Mother has begun. Play the role of a holy mother in front of the male protagonist. You can leave this world when you get to 100%. Bei Nuan: “…” [Although I do good things every day, I’m really not a good person.] *** The male protagonist, Lu Xingchi, had a bug-level existence and easily crushed everything, but one small detail left his team being wiped out. The first thing he did after he was reborn was to plan on throwing that holy mother white lotus into a pile of zombies. But, as the days dragged on, he found it harder and harder to do so. *** System: New task unlocked: Within the next 24 hours, acting like a holy mother in front of the male lead will not give you any Holy Mother points. Acting like a holy mother in front of Male B, Male C, and Male D will get you double Holy Mother points. Bei Nuan: There was such a good thing? Lu Xingchi discovered that that girl, who had solemnly vowed yesterday, “I’ll follow you every step of the way. Every second that I’m separated from you is a waste of my life,” had disappeared.


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