A Fake Holy Mother in the Zombie Apocalypse Chapter 25

 Today, when Du Ruo went to help the boy who was hanging on the door, he was scratched by his girlfriend like crazy, and he saw blood at that time.

    Because he didn’t grasp it deeply, Du Ruo didn’t take it too seriously, so he just applied a little antiseptic ointment to it.

    Lu Xingchi and Jiang Fei obviously thought of the same thing, and they were silent at the same time.

    Lu Xingchi spoke first, pointing to the two on the ground, and asked Bei Nuan, “Are there any gloves? A plastic bag is also fine, and a flashlight. I want to see their wounds.”

    Hope suddenly rose in Bei Nuan’s heart.

    That’s right, if it was the boy who was injured and mutated first, Du Ruo would do nothing.

    Bei Nuan knew that he was just outside the back door when he heard a man’s screams. Whatever he thought, it seemed that he was being attacked by his girlfriend at the time.

    But hope is better than not.

    However, the results were disappointing.

    The flashlight was swept over and you could see that there were several obvious scratches on the girl’s exposed ankle, which had been knotted, and the boy’s injuries were new, all on the head and neck.

    Obviously, the girl was scratched to her ankle by the zombie. She mutated at night and attacked her boyfriend.

    Lu Xingchi stood up, took off his gloves, and said to the Jiangdong gang boss: “It’s okay here, and some of us want to leave.” The

    Jiangdong gang boss looked embarrassed.

    The main reason was that he saw Lu Xingchi with his own eyes only used a crossbow, he killed the mutant zombies in seconds, and he was reluctant to let a person with such a strong fighting capacity leave easily.

    “Why don’t you wait until tomorrow morning and discuss it with everyone…”

    Lu Xingchi interrupted him, “Our person was scratched by these two people during the day, and we must go.”

    Du Ruotan raised his right hand frankly and gave it to him. Look at the scratches on the back of his hand.

    The Jiangdong Gang boss dare not speak out again.

    Leave them behind and cannot bear the responsibility.

    If they mutate, the trouble will be big.

    The boss of the Jiangdong Gang quickly found the other bosses.

    This time everyone’s opinions were surprisingly unanimous, and the decision was made very quickly, and Lu Xingchi was sent to the back door in a smooth manner.

    Lu Xingchi and the others didn’t want to hurt everyone, they exiled themselves, and everyone was a little touched.

    The boss of Jiangdong Gang took a look at Du Ruo sympathetically, and said to Lu Xingchi, “When it’s all right, you are welcome to come back anytime.” The

    boss of Jiangxi Gang also stated to Bei Nuan: “No matter where you are, it is our Ninth Supervisor’s refuge. The person in charge.” The

    student helped Old Dalian nodded in agreement.

    Bei Nuan thought, yes, you can’t choose anyone else anyway.

    Bei Nuan waved to them and said sincerely: “Don’t send it away, it’s so late, you go back to sleep.” The

    main reason is that they don’t go back quickly, and Bei Nuan can’t get out the off-road vehicle.

    The back door finally closed with a creak behind him, and several people got into the car.

    The off-road vehicle is moving forward in the fresh air of spring night, and the fragrance of flowers is faintly burst after burst, and the Nine Refuge Refuge is gradually invisible.

    Several people were sitting in the car, but no one spoke.

    Bei Nuan couldn’t figure it out a bit.

    How could Du Ruo get scratched? There is no such plot in the book.

    In the original book, he has been jumping for joy to the end.

    In retrospect, since standing on the embankment of the collapsed railway bridge outside Ningcheng and looking back, the plot has gone in a strange direction.

    Several people returned to the small restaurant at that time and found that someone killed someone in the small restaurant and heard something “zombie virus inhibitor”.

    Then he went into the supermarket that he hadn’t entered, and when he encountered Zhou Cang murder, he stayed in the supermarket for another night.

    The timeline is all the way behind.

    Then he went to the riverside a day later than before, so he didn’t die, and bumped into Huo Cheng and his group on the riverside, and ended up at the Jiujian Refuge, which was not written in this book.

    Then Du Ruo was injured.

    There seemed to be a long string of dominoes, one of which was wrong, just one after the other, crackling in a row.

    Bei Nuan called Xiao San who hadn’t made a sound for a long time in his head.

    “Little San, will Du Ruo become a zombie? Will he die?”

    Xiao San’s answer was the same as Bei Nuan expected. He said apologetically: “Refused to spoiler.”

    Bei Nuan sighed deeply.

    Xiao San asked tentatively: “Beinum, there is a new task, do you want to do it?”


    Bei Nuan turned off the interface and didn’t bother to see what the new task was.

    “It’s not necessarily something.”

    Bei Nuan thought for a while, then turned around, and talked to Du Ruo behind the back of the seat.

    “She didn’t have an attack when she caught you. Besides, she grabbed you with her nails instead of biting. Maybe there was no infection at all.”

    Du Ruo smiled at her in the back seat, “I like to hear these words. “

    He knocked on Lu Xingchi’s seat and asked seriously: “Would you like to tie me up? I’m afraid I will suddenly mutate and I will give you a bite.”

    Lu Xingchi didn’t reply, “No need, you don’t believe how fast I am. ? ” ,”

    how do you want? “Lu Jiang Fei looked at the line late in the rearview mirror.

    “There is nothing to think about.”

    Jiang Fei replied lightly.

    “I remember that when I was about to die that day, lying there, there was blood in front of my eyes, and I couldn’t see anything. I only heard an old man next to him saying that he was going to throw me out. Du Ruo quarreled with him and said that the old man was of that age. He won’t live for a few days, so he should be thrown out.”

    Bei Nuan remembered that at the farmhouse restaurant that day, Du Ruo was Jiang Fei fighting against the Confucian scholars, claiming to be a thousand-year-old fairy, and couldn’t help but curl his mouth.

    Jiang Fei continued: “Lu Xingchi, if you don’t want to continue taking Du Ruo, I will get off the car with him.”

    His words were far beyond Bei Nuan’s expectations.

    This person looked gentle and delicate, and sometimes spoke strangely, making people unable to figure out what he was thinking, but he was very loyal.

    And just like fighting against Lu Xingchi, every time he felt that Lu Xingchi was going to throw someone down, he resolutely stated that he would also stay with him.

    Lu Xingchi even smiled, and didn’t mean to stop and smash them down.

    Du Ruo thought for a while, “Actually, you can help me find a place where the zombies are full of oil and water. Put me down. With my wisdom, maybe you can become the overlord of the zombie world, command the army of zombies to destroy your humanity and unify the world. “

    Lu Xingchi was a little speechless,” “You listen to what you said, before you become a zombie, your butt is already sitting crooked?”

    “I tell you, being a zombie is not necessarily a bad thing,” Du Ruo said seriously, “maybe it is. At the last moment, I stood on the side of victory. Besides, if you are not a zombie, you know the joy of zombies?”

    Bei Nuan turned around and said to Lu Xingchi, “I think he is fine, you see that he talks so much.”

    Lu Xingchi agreed.

    Du Ruo probably felt that there was not much time left, and raced against time to do what he thought was the most important thing.

    “Pei Nuan, I want to eat hazelnut chocolate.”

    “Pei Nuan, I want the dried cranberry last time.”

    “Pei Nuan, are there any more mustard green beans?”

    Bei Nuan is a little strange, he didn’t even ask for his favorite beef jerky and fish fillet.

    Bei Nuan took the initiative to take out a bag of original dried beef and handed it to him, “Do you want to eat this?”

    “No,” Du Ruo refused. “I guess I will only like meat in the future. I must hurry up and eat some vegetarian food.” .” The

    car drove forward, getting more and more sideways on both sides of the road.

    Next to it is a large slope with bamboo densely covered with long bamboo leaves rustling in the evening breeze.

    Jiang Fei looked out the window and whispered: “It’s almost time to dig bamboo shoots grandmother as a child I had this one behind the mountain bamboo, spring time, my grandmother would take me to dig fresh bamboo shoots..”

    Phrase Reminded Du Ruo.

    “Is it delicious? Let’s dig it too?”

    He is in a special situation now, and every word he said sounds like a last word. No one would refuse to make a request. Lu Xingchi pulled over and stopped immediately.

    We all played flashlights together, looking for bamboo shoots everywhere in the dark bamboo forest.

    It had just rained during the day, and the ground was still a little wet, and the ground was covered with new shoots that had just been arched out of the soil, one piece after another.

    The engineer shovel bought in the outdoor store is very useful, and everyone worked together to dig a lot.

    Bei Nuan simply set a table outside the bamboo forest, set the lights, and asked Jiang Fei to peel the spring bamboo shoots on the spot.

    The fresh bamboo shoots peeled from the bamboo shoots are white and tender, which makes people look greedy.

    Du Ruo consulted Jiang Chunsun expert Fei: “How do I make this delicious?”

    Jiang Fei smiled, “Such fresh bamboo shoots are delicious anyway , but I like the pickled fresh bamboo shoots made by my grandmother the most.

    ” Then let’s make marinated freshness?” Du Ruo’s eyes lit up.

    Jiang Fei agreed, cut the prepared bamboo shoots into pieces, and asked Bei Nuan for spare ribs and bacon and louver knots.

    Soak the bacon and fennel knot, blanch the bamboo shoots and ribs in hot water, Jiang Fei put all the ingredients into the pot, lowered the heat, and smiled with Bei Nuan: “It will take a long time to simmer, you can put it in the space. Is it?”

    “Of course it can.” Bei Nuan put the pot and cassette into the space together, “I’ll help you watch the fire.” A

    pot of delicious food was slowly simmering in the lower part of the space. Everyone got on the car and continued. Hit the road.

    Toss now, it is very late.

    Du Ruo waited for his delicious food, and couldn’t hold it for a while, and asked Bei Nuan for a blanket.

    Before closing his eyes, he wrapped the blanket in a daze, and didn’t forget to ask Bei Nuan: “

    Come on and call me.” Bei Nuan thought sadly: Is this his last word ? This sounds too much like a last word.

    If one day you can really get out of this book safely, when you are old, your children and grandchildren will be full, and they will stew a pot of pickled freshness, and tell them: Grandma once had a friend, and the last words are—” It’s hard to call me.”

    Du Ruo’s last words are really Du-style.

    The night was getting deeper, and Jiang Fei fell asleep in the back seat.

    Lu Xingchi drove the car fast, frowned, and didn’t mean to stop to rest at all.

    He suddenly whispered: “Where will Huo Ren go?”

    Bei Nuan found that he and she were thinking about the same thing.

    At the farmhouse restaurant, the boss mentioned the zombie virus inhibitor. If Huo Cheng was the one who killed him, then Huo Cheng must be related to the zombie virus inhibitor.

    Bei Nuan looked back at the sleeping Du Ruo.

    If there is such a thing as a virus inhibitor in the world, there may be a glimmer of hope.

    The problem now is that I don’t know where Huo Cheng has gone after leaving the Jiujian Refuge.

    no idea.

    To the west from here is Shuicheng. According to the plot in the book, they will go to Shuicheng to help Jiang Fei find someone.

    But in this situation, do you really have to go to Shuicheng as originally planned?

    Lu Xingchi was thinking about the same question. He pondered for a while, and suddenly noticed that there was no sound in the car, and turned his head to look at Bei Nuan.

    She was not asleep, leaning on the seat, frowning and staring at the road ahead, her small face looked worried.

    Lu Xingchi didn’t know what was going on with him, so he freed up a hand in a ghostly manner and stretched out to hold her hand.

    Bei Nuan seemed to be taken aback and turned his head.

    “Don’t worry too much, worrying is useless.” Lu Xingchi said.

    She let him hold his hands, and said for a long time: “If only I didn’t pull those two people up.”

    Lu Xing glanced at her later, “You think too much. If you don’t do it, others will also pull them.” When they came up, they couldn’t let them hang up forever. Du Ruo had a good heart. Seeing that man’s legs were soft, maybe he would still reach out to help him, and he would still be injured.”

    Lu Xingchi blamed himself a little, “It’s my problem, I should have thought of it at the time. , Let people check whether they were injured immediately.”

    Both felt that it was their fault and stopped talking.

    Lu Xingchi glanced at Bei Nuan again and found a layer of water in her eyes.

    It’s useless to persuade her, it’s better to tease her.

    “Really crying?” Lu Xingchi asked, “You have cried so many fakes, I haven’t seen you come true.”

    Lu Xingchi still held her hand and turned sideways to the co-pilot. “They are all asleep, driving too much.” Boring, why don’t you cry and show me?”

    Bei Nuan kept her mouth flat, trying to withdraw her hand.

    However, Lu Xingchi held her hand tightly and didn’t let go until there was a curve ahead.

    Being so disturbed by him, Bei Nuan didn’t feel so uncomfortable in her heart.

    There is a fork in the road ahead, and continue to the west to Shuicheng, or if you don’t go to Shuicheng, there is a way to go north, or turn to the south.

    “Where should I go?” Bei Nuan heard Lu Xingchi whisper.

    Bei Nuan couldn’t decide either.

    I don’t know where Huo Ren has gone. Even if I do, I may not be able to find him. Even if I find him, there may not be such a thing as an inhibitor.

    Jiang Fei, who was sleeping in the back seat, suddenly said.

    “Go to Shuicheng.” He said confidently.

    Bei Nuan turned to look at him.

    He smiled at Bei Nuan, “I just had a good dream. I dreamed that Du Ruo was eating the southern breast meat I made in Shuicheng. My dreams have always been accurate, trust me.”

    He finished, closed his eyes and fell asleep. Up.

    Anyway, there is no clue now, whichever way he goes is the same, Lu Xing delayed the accelerator and drove up the road to Shuicheng.

    The pickled Duxian was finally simmered, and Bei Nuan gently called Du Ruo.

    Du Ruo was so big that he could indeed be the king of zombies. He slept soundly and couldn’t wake up at all.

    Bei Nuan had to put the pot into the upper space where there was no time to flow, and yawned, but fell asleep at some point.

    When he woke up again, his body was covered with a sluggish coat, and the sky was white.

    Lu Xingchi was still driving. He was probably worried that Du Ruo would suddenly mutate and didn’t sleep all night.

    Du Ruo slept peacefully in the back seat, without the slightest intention of mutation.

    The first thing he woke up was to ask, “Is the pickled fresh food ready?”

    Lu Xingchi glanced at him in the rearview mirror, “He has this hanging, even if he becomes a zombie, he has to wait until he eats it before he can change it.”

    Bei Nuan Deeply agree.

    Lu Xing pulled over and parked late, and everyone had a bowl.

    A pot of soup is simmered thick and white, with braised and crispy bacon and ribs in it. The louver knot soaks up the soup. It is plump and trembling, with freshly dug fresh crispy bamboo shoots. People want to cry.

    A pot of pickled duxian disappeared in an instant.

    Eating this is not enough, Jiang Fei chopped the stuffing and cooked two pans of raw fry.

    Jiang Fei seemed to agree with Lu Xingchi’s theory of “using delicious food to kill him”.

    He said to Du Ruo: “You hold on, if you don’t die tomorrow, I will make you my grandmother’s best bamboo shoots roasted southern milk meat.”

    Du Ruo happily agreed, and after eating, he took all the bowls and chopsticks he had used. threw.

    Bei Nuan knew that he was afraid that saliva would spread the virus.

    Everyone on the road again, it looks like they have reached the boundary of Shuicheng.

    Lu Xing lately asked Jiang Fei: “Your cellmate’s son is in the University Town of     Shuicheng University ?”

    Jiang Fei nodded, “Yes, it’s Tang Yuan, freshman in

Shuicheng University .” The University Town of Shuicheng is a newly built piece in the past two years. Locally, the new campuses of several universities in the urban area were all built into the wilderness, revitalizing large tracts of wasteland in the suburbs.

    Because the university town is outside of Shuicheng, some distance away from the bustling urban area, there are not many zombies on the road, and it drove smoothly all the way.

    Shuida covers the largest area and is very conspicuous. Lu Xingchi drove the car to the side door, and first cleared the zombies at the door.

    Before getting out of the car, Lu Xingchi fully armed everyone.

    Bei Nuan just wanted to reach out to open the door, but was pulled by Lu Xingchi.

    “Where are your stab gloves?” he asked.

    Bei Nuan turned around in the space for a long time, and finally found out the stab-resistant gloves, and explained in a whisper, “Wearing this, it is not convenient to

    do anything .” Lu Xing was silent, took the gloves, and took her hand. Do it yourself to help her wear both.

    Then he said: “Yes, you don’t need to wear gloves to become a zombie, it’s convenient to do anything.”

    It seemed that he really didn’t want anyone to get hurt anymore.

    “Where is your helmet?” he asked again.

    Bei Nuan obediently took out the motorcycle helmet that had not been used for a long time, and buckled it on his head. Lu Xingtai was willing to let her get out of the car.

    As usual, Du Ruo asked Bei Nuan to take out his Minghong knife.

    The knife is too long and it is inconvenient to carry, so it can only be carried on the shoulder like Inuyasha. If Bei Nuan knew that the knife hadn’t even opened the blade, it would be quite arrogant when he looked at it from a distance.

    Jiang Fei asked Bei Nuan for two short daggers for cutting things.

    Bei Nuan felt a little strange, Jiang Fei is in the book, shouldn’t he use a half-human iron rod?

    With a wave of the iron rod, it fell down a piece, which was Jiang Fei’s mark.

    Maybe he hasn’t met the stick he was destined for. Once found, he will probably change his weapon.

    In any case, a group of people dressed up and sneaked into the side door.

    “How do we find?” Du Ruo asked.

    The campus is a place where people gather. There are many people and there are probably many zombies. Looking for someone in this kind of place, whether it is a person or a zombie, is like finding a needle in a haystack.

    Lu Xing replied late: “We can only see if there are any living people, and ask them about the situation. Let’s go to the dormitory area first?”

    Bei Nuan remembered that in the original book, they found Tang Yan in the dormitory. But now the timeline is too late, I don’t know if Tang Tan is still there.

    The campus looks very embarrassing.

    It was the best time of spring when pink cherry blossoms bloomed on both sides of the boulevard, and a new layer of light yellow on the dark tree wall.

    The people who came and went were dressed as they were, and some were still carrying backpacks, but their eyes were dull.

    Bei Nuan found that Lu Xingchi couldn’t bear to start.

    When he entered the campus, he would take everyone to choose a hidden place as much as possible, unless he had to, he would not disturb the zombies.

    I don’t know if it is because the zombies here are in their best years, he is a bit unable to get off the ground, or because Du Ruo’s affairs made him feel a little bit intolerant to the zombies.

    However, as long as there are zombies close to the team, Lu Xing does not hesitate to take a shot, lest someone be injured again.

    He is fast, and Jiang Fei is fast too.

    Jiang Fei has almost recovered, a pair of daggers hidden in his hands, his movements are agile, his shots are as fast as lightning, and every hit will hit, as if he was competing with Lu Xingji.

    Several people walked through the campus and were touching them when they suddenly heard a sound from the front.

    It seems that someone is singing with a loudspeaker.

    It was a boy’s voice, quite loud, very strange in the quiet campus full of zombies.

    The zombies are very sensitive to sounds, they all stopped, listened carefully, and then rushed away in one direction.

    Bei Nuan took a look at each other, and then quietly followed in the direction of the zombie group rushing wildly.

    Across the campus, in front of the dormitory area, the sound of the loudspeaker is louder, and it is accompanied by the sonorous rhythm of the music.

    “I want to bring the best sword and climb over the highest mountain–“

    Large groups of zombies swarmed, all gathered downstairs in one of the dormitories.

    On the rooftop on the top floor of the dormitory building, a boy holding a loudspeaker in his hand, holding his mobile phone, is singing to the group of zombies downstairs to the music on the phone.

    “Your Majesty, my name is Dalabun, Banded Bedibu Dob Rukun. Let me talk about Dalabun again. Banded Bedi Bdup Rukun—”

    His stage was on the top of the building. He sang and danced with great enthusiasm . .

    It seems that the gathering downstairs is not a group of zombies, but avid fans who came to listen to his concert.

    He finished singing a song, bowed deeply to the bottom, and suddenly spoke.

    “Brothers in Building 11, I have seen you. There are no zombies at the door of your building now. There is someone guarding the iron fence in the cafeteria behind, so rush over!”

    “The girls in Building No. 303 and 401 opposite, don’t hide! The door downstairs hit a big hole. Run now!”

    “Students from Shui University, the zombies are here now. Hurry up where you are going, we will see you in the next life!” After a

    pause, he suddenly raised his voice: “Li Yuhan! Run!”

    Bei Nuan knew why he wanted to say goodbye in the next life.

    Because he used his own power to attract all the nearby zombies, and countless zombies were smashing into the door of the dormitory downstairs.

    Although the door seemed to be jammed with countless things, it wouldn’t last long to look at it. Countless zombies rushed up to devour their singing idols.

    The boy put the loudspeaker close to his mouth, raised an arm high towards the sky.

    “Let me see your hands! Do it again!”

    “Your Majesty, my name is Dalaban, Bandbedibu Dobiruon–” Beinen

    saw that there were people in the nearby dormitory building sneaking out the door, taking advantage of this. Opportunity rushes in the direction of the cafeteria behind.

    The door full of debris was finally fixed by the zombies.

    Zombies, you push me, I squeeze you, scrambling to climb over the tables, chairs, benches and suitcases blocking the door, and rush into the dormitory building.

    The boy threw away the loudspeaker, walked to the edge of the building, looked down at the swarming zombies, then raised his head and looked at the blue and boundless sky.

    In the embrace of the blue sky, he opened his arms like a bird.

    He was going to jump down.

A Fake Holy Mother in the Zombie Apocalypse

A Fake Holy Mother in the Zombie Apocalypse

Score 9.4
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Chinese
Bei Nuan found herself in an apocalypse novel that didn’t have a romantic pairing and became the holy mother female supporting character that specialized in being a drag to the team. In the end, she sacrificed the team to save a city of people and was cursed out by the readers. Bei Nuan: I know the male protagonist and the plot. I’ll definitely be good at playing the female support character’s second chance. There was a ding in her head. The task of the Holy Mother has begun. Play the role of a holy mother in front of the male protagonist. You can leave this world when you get to 100%. Bei Nuan: “…” [Although I do good things every day, I’m really not a good person.] *** The male protagonist, Lu Xingchi, had a bug-level existence and easily crushed everything, but one small detail left his team being wiped out. The first thing he did after he was reborn was to plan on throwing that holy mother white lotus into a pile of zombies. But, as the days dragged on, he found it harder and harder to do so. *** System: New task unlocked: Within the next 24 hours, acting like a holy mother in front of the male lead will not give you any Holy Mother points. Acting like a holy mother in front of Male B, Male C, and Male D will get you double Holy Mother points. Bei Nuan: There was such a good thing? Lu Xingchi discovered that that girl, who had solemnly vowed yesterday, “I’ll follow you every step of the way. Every second that I’m separated from you is a waste of my life,” had disappeared.


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