A Fake Holy Mother in the Zombie Apocalypse Chapter 19

 Lu Xingchi slowly put the crossbow in his hand to the ground.

    Immediately a gangster came over and took the crossbow away.

    Zhou Cang chirped

    Lu Xing and told his men, “Tie him up too.” Lu Xing looked hard to provoke him. His buddies wondered: “Zhou Cang, just shot him down, right? “

    Zhou Cang snorted, face a little distorted.

    “If he collapsed, it would be cheaper for him. I’m going to get a few zombies and watch them slowly eat him bit by bite, so that he can understand what it feels like to let the zombies eat him.”

    Lu Xingchi looked still, in his heart. But I understand.

    Zhou Cang was also reborn.

    He still remembers the last time he was thrown into a pile of zombies, and he wanted revenge.

    Someone came over to tie Lu Xingchi with a rope. Lu Xing did not move and let him tie up his hands. He estimated in his heart: When he was reborn, he had a power. When Zhou Cang was reborn once, would he also have a certain power?

    The situation is unknown, Lu Xingchi decided not to act rashly for the time being.

    Bei Nuan is also as quiet as a quail.

    Hearing that they called the man with the gun “Zhou Cang”, Bei Nuan remembered who he was.

    In the book, Zhou Cang not only robbed, but also attacked Bei Nuan’s idea.

    Bei Nuan hid behind Lu Xingchi as much as possible, lowered her head to minimize her presence.

    When Zhou Cang said that he would feed Lu Xing late to the zombies, Bei Nuan couldn’t help but complain: What kind of cannon fodder remarks?

    If you don’t kill Lu Xingchi, you have to tie up and find a zombie to eat him.

    As a cannon fodder, you must have the consciousness of cannon fodder. When you catch the male lead, you must cut him with a knife and an axe at the first time, so that the plot line can be controlled by you.

    Zhou Cang had just killed two people and successfully caught Lu Xingchi again. He was still very excited and didn’t pay much attention to the weak and small Bei Nuan at all.

    There is no separate room to close people, Zhou Cang asked them to be taken to a corner to watch.

    He is busy with other things himself.

    Since entering the supermarket, as a young man, he can only sit on the bare floor when he is tired.

    The floor was cold and hard and uncomfortable at all.

    Zhou Cang made up his mind just now. The first thing after grabbing the gun was to find the most comfortable place for himself.

    There is no bed or sofa here. Zhou Cang pondered it for a while and asked people to receive everyone’s quilts together, and stack them one after another, like a thick mattress.

    He also ordered to bring all the cushions sold in the supermarket over and put them on top.

    In the middle of the open space of the supermarket, a temporary throne was built.

    “What’s delicious? Take them all!”

    With a gun in his hand, he suddenly shouted for five and six. His brothers were a little scared, and brought a bunch of potato chips.

    Sitting on the pile of quilts, Zhou Cang frowned.

    “I have been eating bread for a day. Is there any soup?”

    Zhou Cang kept hiding away to hide from Lu Xingchi. Lu Xingchi and the others discussed opening the warehouse and going to the third floor to find gas. He didn’t even know. .

    His little brother thought for a while, “I’ll see if there is self-heating hot pot.”

    After a while, he came back with two buckets of instant noodles. “The self-heating hot pot shelf is empty, maybe it’s gone. But there are instant noodles. It’s a pity

    that there is no hot water.” “What are you still doing in a daze?” Zhou Cang patted the pile of quilts with a gun, “Looking for it!”

    Finally, they really let them find out.

    There is a thermos cup in the service counter that I don’t know who is, and there is half a cup of hot water left in it.

    The little brother quickly soaked Zhou Cang’s noodles.

    The water didn’t boil, and it took a long time to barely soak the noodles.

    The uncrowned king of the supermarket sits on a throne made of quilts, enjoying the only spicy beef noodles in his entire supermarket.

    And it’s not dry, but with soup!

    He glanced around with satisfaction: the instant noodles are fragrant for ten miles, and the whole supermarket can smell it. Look, isn’t the little girl in the crowd almost crying?

    Turning his eyes to Lu Xingchi in the corner again: No matter how handsome he looks and how awesome he looks, he still sits on the ground without eating instant noodles?

    Lu Xing sat quietly while Du Ruo was talking to him in a low voice.

    “As soon as you left, they took advantage of Team Xing’s attention, grabbed the gun, and killed Team Xing and Teacher Xue without saying anything. Then they tied the two of us together.”

    They didn’t kill Dr. Su, they were still smart. . In the last days, fools will kill doctors.

    “Lu Xingchi, it looks like he’s coming for you,” Du Ruo asked. “Do you know them?”

    Lu Xingchi shook his head.

    Bei Nuan sat beside and listened half-heartedly.

    No one thought of tying Bei Nuan, and Bei Nuan sat obediently next to Lu Xingchi, but his mind was wandering.

    Lu Xing was late, so there was no need to waste brain cells on Zhou Cang and the others.

    The key is the Virgin Kiss mission.

    The task is counting down, and the numbers are beating frighteningly.

    Once the return to zero is not completed, the Notre Dame value is cleared, and these two days are in vain.

    Bei Nuan turned to study Jiang Fei.

    Jiang Fei closed his eyes and leaned against the wall, his face was okay, and his injuries did not seem to aggravate.

    Bei Nuan looked at his bandaged head like pork. Do you kiss me just like that? Is it too abrupt?

    While thinking about it, a figure suddenly blocked the light.

    The king of instant noodles came to digest after eating instant noodles.

    “You, stand up!” Zhou Cang kicked Lu Xingchi.

    Lu Xingchi didn’t resist at all, and stood up slowly.

    He stood up a head taller than Zhou Cang, and Zhou Cang’s momentum was immediately gone.

    This kind of height difference made people even more angry, Zhou Cang raised his head and threw a punch.

    Lu Xingchi hid for a while, Zhou Cang’s fist still struck his lips, Zhou Cang was wearing a ring on his hand, and the corners of Lu Xingchi’s mouth immediately oozing blood.

    Lu Xing frowned and opened his mouth to say something, but there was no sound.

    Du Ruo stood up and said, “You…”

    Du Ruo also lost his voice suddenly, completely speechless.

    Zhou Cang let out an arrogant laugh.

    “Well, you can’t talk anymore? Let me tell you, I’m not an ordinary person now. Whoever I want to say can’t speak, I have to shut up!”

    Bei Nuan looked at him in surprise.

    This bastard actually has abilities?

    No wonder Xiaosan said that “You all have space and abilities” that day.

    Bei Nuan remembered very clearly that there was no power setting in the original book. It was just a group of ordinary people fumbling around in the last days.

    It seems that the beta version of Xiaosan is really crooked.

    Moreover, this gangster’s ability is very magical, isn’t this the Forbidden Elder in the werewolf killing.

    Activating the skill will make the designated player unable to speak, which is quite tasteless.

    Lu Xingchi looked down at Zhou Cang, and the corners of his bloody mouth suddenly picked up, revealing a pleasant smile.

    Zhou·Gaobian elder·Cang is inexplicable and doesn’t understand what he is laughing at.

    Lu Xingchi’s smile made him a little guilty, and he yelled, “You wait, I’ll grab a few zombies and eat you in a while.” He turned around arrogantly.

    Bei Nuan quietly made a grimace at Zhou Cang’s back: “Don’t let you talk? I’m so scared.”

    Lu Xingchi couldn’t help but smile.

    He sat down again, Bei Nuan came closer, and took a closer look at the corners of his mouth, “Are you okay?”

    “It’s okay.” Lu Xingchi was already able to speak.

    The silence ended, not even a minute.

    With his hands tied, Bei Nuan reached into his pocket and took out a tissue, trying to wipe the blood from the corner of his mouth.

    He reached halfway and stopped.

    Bei Nuan suddenly realized, this, no, just, yes, hurt, is it?

    So suddenly there are two people who can kiss!

    “What’s the matter?” Lu Xingchi asked.

    “It’s okay, it’s okay.” Bei Nuan gently pressed the corner of his bleeding mouth with a tissue.

    “You are blushing.” Lu Xingchi’s long eyelashes fell, his eyes stopped on Bei Nuan’s cheek.

    The two people are very close, and the distance is only ten centimeters. This is a good time made in heaven. If you miss it, you will be gone.

    Bei Nuan’s heart was tangled fast.

    As long as he leaned in to kiss his face and read the line, it didn’t feel so strange, it was much more natural than to kiss Jiang Fei rashly.

    It can be understood as brain pumping in a critical state.

    Lu Xingchi might feel that she was playing tricks again just to continue following him. Anyway, the two people upstairs had just embraced her.

    Bei Nuan took a deep breath.

    Move fast and make quick decisions.

    When he touched it before he could react, he would withdraw, and the doubled value of the Notre Dame could be obtained.

    Bei Nuan’s hand holding the tissue was still pressing on the corner of his mouth, and people quickly leaned toward his cheek.

    When he was about to touch his face, Lu Xingchi moved his head and asked suspiciously, “What are you doing…”

    Bei Nuan firmly kissed his lips.

    Two people pressed their lips to their lips.

    Bei Nuan was completely frightened.

    There is only one thought in his mind-the

    big boss’s lips are quite soft.

    His nose touched Bei Nuan’s, and his eyes looked at Bei Nuan’s eyes, and his eyes were as surprised as Bei Nuan.

    Bei Nuan didn’t know how many seconds he had solidified, and quickly moved back.

    Lu Xingchi actually followed forward.

    The relative positions of the two people did not change at all, but the posture changed to Bei Nuan’s hands on his back, as if he was about to escape, Lu Xing leaned forward and pressed it down.

    At such a close distance, Bei Nuan saw him close his long eyelashes.

    A more stressful touch came from his lips, and he pressed Bei Nuan’s lips lightly.

    Bei Nuan quickly continued to retreat, but fortunately, he did not catch up again, only opened his eyes and looked at Bei Nuan calmly.

    “Why did the two of you suddenly kiss him together?” Du Ruo completely forgot about his tied hands, and there was a man with a knife and a gun beside him. He was laughing crazy, “I saw a real crash for the first time in my life.”

    Bei Nuan wanted to cry.

    The crux of the problem is that in this extremely embarrassing situation, there is still a line of shame that I didn’t say.

    I kissed each other, and I wasted no effort if I didn’t say that line. White dear.

    Bei Nuan gritted his teeth, blood and tears:

    “Okay, I’m so sad…I…I would rather be injured.”

    This line was hypocritical and numb, Bei Nuan struggled to finish the sentence, his face was burning with grief. Desperate, just want to commit suicide on the spot.

    Regardless of Lu Xingchi’s reaction, Bei stood up warmly.

    “Hey! You! What do you stand up for? Squat down!!” He

    shouted at Bei Nuan, who had been leaning against the wall and carrying a knife.

    “I’m going to the bathroom! Can’t I go to the bathroom?!” Bei Nuan roared louder than him.

    I didn’t expect her to have this attitude at all, and she was immediately suffocated by her aura.

    Bei Nuan ignored him and strode straight to the women’s bathroom in front of the supermarket.

    Someone wanted to follow, Zhou Cang gestured to him and followed him.

    The bathroom is quite large, with a row of mirrors and washstands along the wall, and a window on the other side. Although it has no electricity, it is not dark at all.

    As soon as Bei Nuan entered the door, she first looked at herself in the big mirror.

    The cheeks were red and burned like ripe tomatoes.

    How could he be so dying that he suddenly kissed his lips? It’s all due to Lu Xingji. If he didn’t move suddenly, how could he kiss that kind of place?

    The point is, even if you kiss, you have to say something that is so shameful when you are done.

    Bei Nuan didn’t want to go out anymore in this life.

    You should stay in the bathroom until the world is old, the end of the world is over, and the world is in harmony.

    After looking in the mirror for a long time, Bei Nuan remembered to look at the taskbar.

    The Virgin’s Kiss mission (1/1), the little three had a word, and the Virgin’s progress bar was doubled.

    This is the only comfort in this tragic car accident.

    Bei Nuan was watching the progress bar, when the bathroom door was suddenly pushed open.

    The king of instant noodles swayed in with a gun.

    Zhou Cang closed the door with his backhand and smiled wickedly at Bei Nuan, “Aren’t you afraid to come in alone? Do you want me to accompany you?”

    It seems that he has eaten too much instant noodles and is full of warmth and lust.

    There is no need to talk nonsense with him, Bei Nuan turned around silently and climbed up to the sink with his hands and feet.

    Zhou Cang looked at the little girl struggling to climb up and standing high on the sink, feeling a little funny.

    Behind the sink is a mirror, and there is no way to go back up, but it is to increase the interest.

    She was standing on the stage, looking down at the bottom, her hair hanging softly on her chest, her eyes clear and her face soft, as if she would suddenly spread a pair of pure white angel wings behind her.

    The more beautiful things, the more people have the desire to destroy them.

    Zhou Cang licked his lips and didn’t worry, he walked slowly to the sink and raised his head.

    “Why are you standing so high? Do you want me to hug you?”

    Bei Nuan blinked innocently, and stretched out a pair of white hands.

    More than two hundred bags of rice fell from the sky.


    Boom boom.

    Like a large truck unloading, it smashed in one pass.

    Zhou Cang is gone, only the rice bags piled up in small hills in front of the sink.

    Bei Nuan was stepping carefully, and when he was about to step down on the rice, the door opened again.

    Lu Xingchi held a shimmering knife in his backhand, with cold eyes and a murderous look, standing at the door.

    He saw the Bei Nuan on the sink and the pile of rice bags, he was startled, as if the ice melted, a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

    He walked over, naturally stretched out his arms to embrace Bei Nuan, and with a light stroke, he hugged her from the sink.

    “I don’t seem to need me anymore?” he said.

    Bei Nuan pressed his shoulder and jumped to the ground, humming, and circled the pile of rice.

    With Zhou Cang’s upset, when facing Lu Xingchi, he no longer felt as embarrassed as before.

    Rice is very precious, and Bei Nuan puts the rice back into the space bag by bag.

    At the end of the receipt, Zhou Cang finally revealed himself, but he was still alive, convulsing every movement.

    Bei Nuan thought: You mute the elder, a god who is such a weak, dare to scream casually? You don’t cut anyone.

    Bei Nuan turned his head and studied it.

    “Lu Xingchi, you think he is so pitiful.” Bei Nuan’s face was full of genuine sympathy.

    Lu Xingchi: “…”

    It seemed as if she was not the one who killed him.

    Bei Nuan glanced at the progress bar, and the Virgin Mary moved forward slowly.

    The gun in Zhou Cang’s hand had just been smashed and flew to the other side of the bathroom, Lu Xingchai walked over there to pick up the gun.

    Bei Nuan bends down to take away the last few bags of rice, muttering in a low voice.

    “The weight is enough, but the height is not enough, and the bags fell down, not a whole piece, not crushed.”

    Lu Xing was too far away, probably inaudible, but Zhou Cang, who was lying on the ground, could hear clearly.

    Not smashed?

    Zhou Cang shivered involuntarily and looked at her in horror.

    She has a pure face, a sweet voice, and a sincere regret in her tone.

    Zhou Cang suddenly felt that this girl who looked like an angel was actually more terrifying than the man holding a knife next to her.

    “He’s not dead yet? That’s just right.” Lu Xing later picked up the gun, picked up Zhou Cang, and dragged it out of the bathroom.

    Bei Nuan found out that the field had been cleared outside.

    All Zhou Cang’s group collapsed, and they were all solved with a single blow. At first glance, it was Lu Xingchi’s technique described in the book, which was neat and tidy.

    Dr. Su and Du Ruo are working with them to appease the frightened crowd.

    Lu Xing dragged Zhou Cang out like a sack.

    Bei Nuan knew what he was going to do. As a soft-hearted Virgin, he didn’t want to follow him.

    She approached the crowd and took out a lot of candies and chocolates of various flavors from her pockets like a juggling, and distributed them to the crying children.

    Lu Xingchi dragged Zhou Cang out of the supermarket by himself, went up to the third floor, and continued to walk up the fire escape.

    The door to the top of the building was locked, but this metal door lock was a piece of cake for Lu Xingchi, and it opened as soon as it was twisted.

    The air on the roof of the building is fresh, and it is already evening, and the light pink and smoky purple sunset dyes the sky, beautifully.

    Under the beautiful scenery, Zhou Cang was shaking like chaff.

    Lu Xingchi carried him to the edge of the roof and looked down at his face.

    “Rebirth?” Lu Xing asked casually.

    Zhou Cang was told by him about rebirth, and his eyes were full of horror.

    Lu Xing said indifferently: “What’s the use of rebirth? The waste of rebirth or waste.”

    Then Lu Xingchi found out, and he silenced him again.

    Lu Xing thought to himself, if Bei Nuan was here, maybe he would say again: Don’t let me speak? I’m so scared.

    Can’t help but hook the corner of his mouth, and push Zhou Cang downstairs.

    The third floor fell down, and I don’t know if he died. In any case, the zombies walking at the door saw something coming down and swarmed up.

    When Lu Xingchi came down alone, everyone was cleaning the second floor, and it was almost back to normal.

    Lu Xingchi found Bei Nuan and took her to see Dr. Su.

    The first thing is to give him the gun in his hand.

    Doctor Su smiled, “I’m a doctor and don’t know how to use a gun. It’s more appropriate for you to keep this gun.”

    Lu Xingchi put the gun in his hand, “You will learn, you can keep it. We will have it tomorrow morning. gone.”

    Guns meant leadership. Since Lu Xing was going to leave late, Dr. Su did not refuse.

    “I have one more thing to trouble you.” Lu Xingchi pushed Bei Nuan forward.

    Bei Nuan knew that Shijun Lu wanted Jiangcheng to be alone.

    “This is my girlfriend, I want to keep her here temporarily.”

    Who did he say this is?

    girlfriend? ?

    Bei Nuan looked up at him in shock.

    Lu Xingchi didn’t change her face in her astonished gaze, “I have something to do now. It is not convenient for her. I want to keep her and come back to pick her up after a while.”

    Dr. Su nodded calmly, “No problem. , Don’t worry.”

    Bei Nuan didn’t recover until it was about to eat dinner.

    “He’s crazy? Isn’t it the same to say that I am his sister? What kind of girlfriend?” Bei Nuan whispered to Du Ruo and the others while Lu Xing was absent.

    Jiang Fei smiled and said nothing.

    Du Ruo touched his chin and replied with a non-compliance in the introduction: “Dr. Su is not married, right? It should be not, otherwise the person in charge will not stay here alone.”

    Dinner was very good.

    When Zhou Cang’s matter was resolved, everyone was relieved, and there were more warehouse and cold storage materials. Dr. Su decided to eat something good at night.

    There is some meat in the freezer that can’t be put in anymore and needs to be taken out to eat.

    There was a chef in this group. They took a few people up to the third floor to cook. They braised Dongpo elbows and steamed pot chicken, and divided them into portions for everyone.

    This is really fragrant for ten miles.

    Dr. Su pondered: “The power is out now. There is still so much meat in the cold storage. I don’t know how long it can be kept.”

    Bei Nuan was eating her elbows, her mouth occupied, vaguely, ” Well, peck and weak…”

    Du Ruo is definitely her confidant when it comes to eating, and said to her: “She was right. It can be made into bacon. In addition to bacon, you can also make cured chicken and sausage. It’s super delicious.”

    Dr. Su nodded. Yes, there are enough salt and seasonings in the supermarket. We can marinate the meat and hang it on the roof to air dry.”

    “Yes,” said the chef next to him. “Actually, it’s 30 to 40 years back. Who has a refrigerator? For thousands of years ahead, there is no electricity, so don’t you still have a good time?”

    Bei Nuan said, “It’s too much to be demolished…”

    Dr. Su understood this time: “Yes, so many fresh ones. The dishes can also be pickled. If the rescue won’t come for a while, it can last a long time.”

    Bei Nuan thought to herself, the author of “Hurricane Apocalypse” is a standard corpse victory party, and the rescue will definitely not come. By yourself.

    “There is meat, but it’s a pity that there is not much rice.” Someone said.

    Bei Nuan glanced at the rice in the space subconsciously, and when he raised his head, he saw Lu Xingchi’s beautiful brows slightly pressed down, his eyes full of threats.

    He was afraid that when she was happy, he donated all the rice.

    Bei Nuan did not speak obediently, and bit his last elbow.

    But in my mind, if this is donated, how much Madonna’s value will be increased?

    After eating the meat in the Bei Nuan bowl, take a look around.

    Du Ruo is holding a bowl of rice, and there is a perfect-looking elbow on the paper plate in front of him. It is fat and thin, with a layer of ruddy skin, which is very cute.

    Bei Nuan stretched out his chopsticks and swished away.

    Du Ruo: “…”

    “Can’t you be more generous?” Bei Nuan said hurriedly.

    The mission of “Magnificence” of the Voice of Our Lady finally jumped to (4/5).

    “I’m not magnanimous?” Du Ruo wondered, “If you want to eat it, just give it to you.”

    Suddenly there was a disposable plate in front of Bei Nuan. On it were two beautiful Dongpo elbows and a fatty chicken leg.

    “I haven’t touched it.” Lu Xingchi pushed the plate to Bei Nuan and said lightly.

    Why is the big boss so good suddenly?

    Bei Nuan thought to herself: Did you kiss him today and get the favor of the tall boss again?

    It is useless to brush high, the big boss resolutely refuses to take her away.

    Bei Nuan sighed, pinched an elbow, and glanced at Lu Xingchi secretly.

    Lu Xingchi had no expression at all, sitting dignifiedly, eating very elegantly, as if this is not a supermarket, but a Michelin three-star restaurant.

    Bei Nuan carefully studied his motionless expression, and felt that he probably hadn’t even increased his favorability value.

    He was just sympathizing with the poor little boy who was ruthlessly abandoned by him tomorrow.

    It was getting dark soon, the candles and batteries were limited and could not be wasted. Everyone fell asleep as early as a bird.

    Bei Nuan was assigned a thin blanket, wrapped herself in it, and lay on the ground with her clothes.

    At first, some people were talking quietly. Gradually, the surroundings became quiet, and after a while, some people started to snorting.

    Bei Nuan has never slept with so many people. It was still in the supermarket. If it weren’t for the virus raging outside, it would be quite interesting.

    Bei Nuan couldn’t sleep, closed her eyes to sort the things in the space, and suddenly noticed that someone was lying down next to her.

    He suddenly opened his eyes, and vaguely saw another person next to him in the dark. Just as Bei Nuan was about to scream, the person tightly covered her mouth with the palm of his hand.

    “It’s me.” It

    was Lu Xingchi’s voice.

    This sentence did not comfort Bei Nuan, but made Bei Nuan’s hairs stand up.

    It was dark everywhere in the middle of the night, what did he do when he lay down?

    Bei Nuan felt a little regretful in her heart.

    In the daytime, I really shouldn’t provoke him by hugging and kissing him.

    He is no better than Zhou Cang, and he can never be killed with a rice bag. The hero was killed, who would come to see her show the Virgin? How to raise the value of Our Lady?

    Bei Nuan tightened visibly.

    Lu Xingchi was a little funny in his heart.

    She took the initiative to hug it during the day, and kissed it-although it seemed that she wanted to kiss her face and accidentally touched her mouth, but after the kiss, she immediately said such an ambiguous sentence, and she was full of shame and angrily. ,

    I don’t really like him no matter how you look at it.

    Isn’t she persuaded to surrender, she intends to seduce?

    Lu Xingchi didn’t know what he thought. He lay down in the dark for a while tonight, unable to suppress the thought of coming over to find her anyway.

    I’m going to leave tomorrow, I want to tease her again.

    Sure enough, she was really shocked, like a cat with blown hair.

    Lu Xingchi smiled lightly and let go of her.

    “Give me a few packs of compressed biscuits, magazine spikes and a few bottles of water,” he said in her ear.

    It turned out to be here to get supplies, Bei Nuan breathed a sigh of relief.

    Bei Nuan touched it out of the space and handed it to him.

    During the day, Dr. Su had already returned his crossbow and bag to him. Lu Xingcha took it and put the things in the bag.

    Bei Nuan asked softly: “What else? I’ll put it out and put it in your off-road vehicle. You can take it away tomorrow.”

    “You don’t need anything else, you can keep it for yourself.”

    So he only needed a few packages. A few bottles of water on the biscuits, leaving all the other things in the space to her?

    Did Ningcheng give her all the medicines, food, supplies for survival in the wild, as well as his emergency cash and gold?

    Bei Nuan was a little touched.

    “I still have a lot of opportunities to get supplies outside. You stay here, there is only this thing in the space,” Lu Xing late said, “Don’t think it’s too much. It will be difficult to get it in the future. Keep it by yourself and don’t send it randomly. For others.”

    His tone was serious, but it was all for her good.

    Bei Nuan looked at him, he lay his head on his side, facing her, dark, only the outline of the broad shoulders could be seen, and his face could not be seen clearly.

    He continued with an agitated voice: “Tomorrow morning, I will find a chance to take you to the underground parking lot once and let you release the off-road vehicle.”

    “Okay.” Bei Nuan promised, “At least I will leave you a thick sleeping bag? It’s too cold at night. Tomorrow I’ll put it in the car for you.”

    Lu Xing chuckled and agreed, and finally confessed, “In short, be careful yourself.”

    He got up and walked away.

    Bei Nuan couldn’t sleep even more.

    Early the next morning, Lu Xingchi took Bei Nuan to the underground garage and put the off-road vehicle in the garage.

    Du Ruo and Jiang Fei suddenly changed their tunes during breakfast and wanted to go with Lu Xingchi.

    Du Ruo said, “Beinuan is safe to stay here for the time being. I have to follow you until you find a stable place so that you can come back and pick her up.”

    Jiang Fei reached an agreement with Lu Xingchi, and he left with Lu Xingchi. Lu Xingchi wanted to go to Shuicheng to find someone for him.

    Bei Nuan knew who he was going to look for. It was written in the book that he was the son of a fellow inmate in prison.

    When the zombies broke out that day, the entire prison was in chaos, and several people finally escaped. One of the loyal inmates was broken for everyone and was bitten by the zombies.

    The inmate has a son who talks about every day, and he is studying in Shuicheng.

    At the last moment before the mutation, he still took Jiang Fei’s hand and tried to say his son’s name, so Jiang Fei planned to go to Shuicheng once.

    The three men are ready to set off after breakfast.

    Before leaving, Du Ruo stretched out her hand to Bei Nuan, “We are all leaving now, don’t we hold it?”

    “What hug?” Bei Nuan flatly refused.

    Bei Nuan’s eyes kept falling on Lu Xingchi’s face, biting her lower lip, and her expression was like a little animal about to be abandoned.

    Lu Xingchi had been calm and unmoved at all.

    Du Ruo looked at this and then at that, “You two stared at each other and didn’t talk. Wouldn’t you want to kiss again? No?” He

    dragged Lu Xingchi away directly.

    A few of them went to the underground garage to look for a car, but Bei Nuan didn’t send them again, but stood far away, watching them go downstairs.

    Dr. Su accompanied Lu Xingchi to the garage with them.

    “You really don’t plan to stay? Where are you going?” Dr. Su asked.

    “Cross the river first and go to the university in Shuicheng to the west,” Lu Xingchi pointed to Jiang Fei, “Go and find someone for him.”

    “Shuicheng?” Dr. Su thought for a while. To prevent the virus from spreading, the bridges across the river were blown up privately, and you might not

    be able to get there .” Du Ruo interjected, “There must be a way before the car reaches the mountain. You can only take one step as one step.”

    Dr. Su seems to have a lot of words. I wanted to talk to Lu Xingchi, and went all the way downstairs, and discussed with Lu Xingchi about the long-term development plan here.

    It is necessary to consider strengthening several doors, selecting people to form a team of guards and searching for resources, and to make preparations in advance for the future stop of water and gas.

    A few people walked slowly to the underground parking lot. Lu Xingchi pretended to find a circle, and picked the off-road vehicle with its door wide open as if it had been hurriedly abandoned.

    Lu Xingchi went out to clean up the zombies outside before saying goodbye to Dr. Su and drove the car out.

    The three men were sitting in the car with the windows open, letting the cool morning breeze come in, and no one spoke.

    The off-road vehicle gradually left the range of Jiangcheng.

    “Don’t you feel uncomfortable to lie in it all the time?” Lu Xingchi suddenly said.

    Du Ruo: “…”

    Jiang Fei: “…”

    Under the last row of seats, there was a thick sleeping bag that Bei Nuan left for Lu Xingchi. The thick sleeping bag twisted like a bug and got up.

    Bei Nuan’s small head with a disheveled hair came out of it.

    “You know I said it earlier here, I’m almost suffocated.”

    Bei Nuan wrapped his sleeping bag and sat down on the seat, sucking in fresh air from the open window.

    Lu Xing turned the steering wheel late and stopped by the side of the road.

    No way? Bei Nuan was so desperate that he had driven so far, he still refused to take her away?

    Lu Xingchi leaned forward and opened the car door, but it was from the co-pilot.

    “Come here,” he said.

    Bei Nuan obediently got out of the sleeping bag, got out of the car and climbed onto the co-pilot.

    “Whose idea of ​​the three of you?” Lu Xingchi began to interrogate people.

    Bei Nuan raised his hand silently.

    Du Ruo was curious, “Lu Xingchi, how did you tell? The sleeping bag is so thick and she is so small, I think she hides well?”

    “The main reason is that your acting skills are too bad,” Lu Xingchi said rudely. “Only Bei Nuan is slightly better. Doctor Su and you are also in collusion?”

    Bei Nuan nodded with a guilty conscience.

    It’s easy to get Dr. Su to help, as long as you pretend to be reluctant to bear with your boyfriend, you just have to follow along.

    Dr. Su dragged Lu Xingchi to buy time, Bei Nuan went down another fire exit to the garage and got into the car and hid in a sleeping bag. The time was just right.

    “What’s the first thing that followed me?” Lu Xingchi asked Bei Nuan.

    “If you want to follow you, you must listen to your instructions, and you are not allowed to make arbitrary decisions about anything.”

    Bei Nuan answered very smoothly, and then sophistry.

    “But you didn’t let me follow you, so at that time, this one was temporarily invalid, right?”

    Lu Xingchi: “…”

    Bei Nuan whispered, “I just wanted to follow you, and it’s not a big deal. Wrong? You can’t… be more generous?”

    The Voice of the Virgin Quest (5/5).

    Seeing the countdown to the doubling of the Virgin’s value, Bei Nuan remained silent and made a small circle in his heart.

    However, on the surface, watch the landing delay carefully.

    Lu Xing did not speak any more and started the car.

    He didn’t turn around, and continued to drive along the road.

    So does this mean you can bring her? He doesn’t plan to send her back again?

    “Jiang Cheng is really not ideal,” Lu Xingchi finally said, “Look at what better place ahead, and then put you down.”

    Bei Nuan sighed. In any case, it was a temporary escape.

    Bei Nuan glanced at him secretly and found that he actually didn’t seem to be angry. Looking at his expression, he was quite happy.

    “Wait,” Bei Nuan said quickly, hurriedly taking out his phone.

    Lu Xing didn’t understand what she was going to do, then stopped the car and turned his head to look at her.

    “I also did one thing. I told Dr. Su that I would give them a mysterious gift. They should have discovered it by now.”

    Bei Nuan confessed honestly.

    “I left all the rice, right behind the shelf, a huge pile, enough for them to eat for several years. Anyway, I want to follow you, and I won’t be able to use it for the time being, right?”

    Bei Nuan held up the phone.

    There is a photo on the screen of the mobile phone, showing the sacks of rice piled up into a hill behind the shelf, and the half of Bei Nuan’s face exposed in front of the camera.

    Lu Xingchi was a little speechless, “You stay as long as you stay, why take a photo?”

    Bei Nuan replied leisurely, “I’m afraid you don’t believe it.”

    Bei Nuan leaned back comfortably on the seat back, and called up the progress bar of the Virgin.

    Sure enough, the Virgin’s value does not increase when the rice is left, and the Virgin’s value will only increase if the male lead knows about this.

    Bei Nuan wasn’t sure whether it was useful to speak in the vernacular. He was frustrated by hearing and believable by seeing, so he took a photo specially to show him.

    Moreover, Bei Nuan had already thought about it, and must finish the “Generous” mission of the Voice of Our Lady before showing him the photos.

    There is a double bonus reward for completing the “magnanimous” task, and the green Virgin Mary’s value has jumped so much, it has risen more than ever.

    When Bei Nuan rejoiced like a little miser, when he was happily holding the Virgin Mary, in the far away Jiangcheng supermarket, someone found a pile of rice behind the shelf and called Dr. Lai Su.

    Bags of rice piled up into hills.

    Everyone came to watch, everyone was very excited.

    “How come there is so much rice? How much does this have?”

    “There are hundreds of bags?”

    “This is good, enough for us to eat for a long time!”

    “Who brought so much rice? Yesterday? Nothing.”

    Doctor Su smiled slightly.

    He knows who it is.

    Bei Nuan said yesterday that he left them a mysterious gift behind the shelf for him to see after she left. Dr. Su is busy with other things and has not had time to come over.

    I don’t know how she conjured so many meters.

    That little face appeared in Dr. Su’s mind.

    His eyes are clean and pure, in this chaotic and hopeless last days, like a warm light that penetrates the darkness and soothes the heart.

    “It’s an angel.”

    Said Dr. Su, who never believed in miracles.

    He turned to find the underground tunnel engineer.

    “Let’s talk about digging through the tunnel. I think there is a power in the dark to help us, and we will definitely survive.”

    Lu Xingchi drove all the way, and when he reached the riverside, there was a light rain outside.

    The drizzle of spring fell on the ground, arousing the fresh and damp smell of soil, refreshing.

    This is supposed to symbolize the taste of hope. The barn is full of grains for a year. Unfortunately, the continuous fields outside the car window are destined to be barren this year and no one will cultivate.

    Da Jiang was right in front of him, but the road was broken.

    As Dr. Su said, the bridge across the river completely collapsed, and most of it sank into the rolling river water.

    Lu Xing drove the car along the river late, passing three or four bridges in a row, all of which were broken.

    Bei Nuan thought about the plot and suggested: “If there is a river, there will be a boat. Let’s find if there is a dock nearby?”

    In the original book, Lu Xingchi and the others found a black boat soliciting passengers at a riverside dock.

    In troubled times, there are still people who are busy making money and are willing to charge sky-high prices to send people across the river.

    In the book, Lu Xingchi and the others left the Jiangcheng supermarket warehouse, and immediately arrived at the riverside, only to meet the boat, but now because they entered the supermarket “wandered around”, they crashed into Zhoucang and killed people, staying one more night, and the time to reach the riverside is longer than The plot in the book is a full day behind.

    It was a day late, and Bei Nuan didn’t know whether he could find the boat.

    There is a dock not far away, but there is not even a ship.

    Lu Xing pulled the car over late.

    Du Ruo stabbed him and murmured in a low voice.

    Lu Xing turned his head and asked Jiang Fei: “Are you going?”

    Jiang Fei looked better, and sat up by himself, “Go, I drank too much water in the morning.”

    There is no toilet here, they are going to settle in the grass by the dock.

    Bei Nuan didn’t want to go, so Lu Xingchi handed her the car key, “Lock the car door and don’t open the car door.”

    Mother Rabbit , who seemed to be leaving home, told Little White Rabbit.

    Bei Nuan nodded obediently, “I know,’Mom hasn’t come back, no one will drive.'”

    Lu Xingchi smiled and got out of the car with a crossbow.

    The rain had stopped, they walked quite far into the grass, and their figures gradually disappeared into the tall, wet grass, probably because they were afraid that Bei Nuan would see it.

    Bei Nuan looked around boredly, and suddenly found a small spot on the surface of the river.

    Gradually approaching, it turned out to be really a ship.

    The boat is not too big, it has a square iron awning with a flag on the top and a motor at the stern.

    It is exactly the same as the black ship described in the book.

    However, the ship passed by the pier and did not mean to stop.

    Bei Nuan hurriedly put down the car window, and first shouted at the side of the grass: “Lu Xingchi, there is a boat! The boat is coming!!”

    There was no movement there.

    Bei Nuan poked her head out again and waved desperately at the boat passing by the pier: “Hey! Wait a minute! Wait for us!”

    It was too far away, and the people on the boat probably didn’t hear it. Drove away.

    Bei Nuan really couldn’t help but opened the door and jumped out of the car.

A Fake Holy Mother in the Zombie Apocalypse

A Fake Holy Mother in the Zombie Apocalypse

Score 9.4
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Chinese
Bei Nuan found herself in an apocalypse novel that didn’t have a romantic pairing and became the holy mother female supporting character that specialized in being a drag to the team. In the end, she sacrificed the team to save a city of people and was cursed out by the readers. Bei Nuan: I know the male protagonist and the plot. I’ll definitely be good at playing the female support character’s second chance. There was a ding in her head. The task of the Holy Mother has begun. Play the role of a holy mother in front of the male protagonist. You can leave this world when you get to 100%. Bei Nuan: “…” [Although I do good things every day, I’m really not a good person.] *** The male protagonist, Lu Xingchi, had a bug-level existence and easily crushed everything, but one small detail left his team being wiped out. The first thing he did after he was reborn was to plan on throwing that holy mother white lotus into a pile of zombies. But, as the days dragged on, he found it harder and harder to do so. *** System: New task unlocked: Within the next 24 hours, acting like a holy mother in front of the male lead will not give you any Holy Mother points. Acting like a holy mother in front of Male B, Male C, and Male D will get you double Holy Mother points. Bei Nuan: There was such a good thing? Lu Xingchi discovered that that girl, who had solemnly vowed yesterday, “I’ll follow you every step of the way. Every second that I’m separated from you is a waste of my life,” had disappeared.


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